The Bachelor 2012 Courtney Robertson’s mom says Ben Flajnik isn’t hot enough. Courtney’s mom, Sherry Robertson, has already spoken to various media outlets leading into this season, and now she has spoken to In Touch.

Hollywood Life shares the recap of her conversation, and this will really make fans wonder. At this point on the show Ben Flajnik seems head-over-heels for Courtney, and she had made it clear she is intent on “winning” at all costs. The Bachelor spoilers have led fans to believe Ben and Courtney are working on happily-ever-after together, but her mom’s latest words are raising eyebrows.

Sherry reportedly told In Touch, “She’s too good for Ben. Ben’s not hot enough.” As if that isn’t harsh enough, Robertson goes on to say, “I would not pick him out of a crowd for my daughter. Physically, he’s not as handsome as the guys Courtney dates.” Though Courtney has said she intends to keep Ben all for herself, many viewers question her motives. After Sherry’s words, fans won’t be able to help questioning those motives even more. “Me and Courtney’s dad… have been married for 32 years,” Sherry says. “But Courtney has never been the type of girl who always wanted to get married.”

Fans watched as The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s sister Chrystie Corns was rough on JP Rosenbaum during the show, but this seems to rise to new levels. If Ben and Courtney got engaged at the end of The Bachelor, as Reality Steve spoilers indicate, could they possibly still be together given Sherry’s take on Ben? If they are, many have to wonder if it will last much longer. Despite Reality Steve’s insistence that the two remain engaged, few if any fans think things are going very well at this point. Ben isn’t giving away the ending during media appearances, but he’s made it clear he’s seeing things during the full shows that shock him and give him a new perspective.


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