It is time for Donald Trump to make a big decision and which two from The Apprentice 2015 cast will be making it to The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 finale! He went wild last week and fired four celebrities, which left us with Leeza Gibbons, Vivica A. Fox and Geraldo Rivera, but only two of them can make the final task. Who will he pick and which celebrity will get fired? Check it out with us tonight during our The Apprentice 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Apprentice 2015 tonight!

Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

Last week on The Apprentice Season 14, things kicked off with the first challenge and the teams had to create photobomb campaigns for Kings Hawaiian. This lead to some major drama between Vivica and Kenya Moore, who may have stolen her phone and sent out a menopause tweet from her phone! Regardless, Trump was not impressed with their team’s concept and he fired the project manager, which was Kenya. In the second task, the teams created a 30-second jingle for Anheuser-Busch. This time it was Team Infinity that was not blending well and Trump decided to fire each one of them (Brandi Glanville, Johnny Damon and Ian Ziering)!

The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s new episode below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Apprentice 2015 Recap or see who went home on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

BOARDROOM: We have Leeza, Vivica and Geraldo in the boardroom and Trump is going to fire one of them and two move on to the finale! They each plead their case, but he ends up firing Vivica! Who didn’t see this one coming??? That means Leeza and Gerlado square off in the final task starting tonight!

FINAL TASK: The celebrities will be creating a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort and raising money by selling resort packages. The winner will be judges on overall job, which includes creativity, brand messaging, fund raising and presentation. For this task, they will get help: Geraldo gets Ian Ziering, Lorenzo Lamas and Vivica A. Fox and Leeza gets Brandi Glanville, Kevin Jonas and Johnny Damon.

The teams get started on their ideas and meet with the executives meet with them, but time to start on making the commercials! Team Leeza seems to be focused on the commercial and making that good, but Team Geraldo seems to be focused on selling the resort packages. Who is taking the better approach?

Now we see Geraldo and Ian working on the script and he wants a big name act, but they decide to keep it them as the entertainment. Johnny and Brandi are out shopping, but not doing a lot of shopping and actually riding the rides at the park!

Tonight is all about getting things ready and prepped, as both teams start the shoot for their commercials. Geraldo is giving up no control, but no shocker there. Team Leeza seems to be running smooth, but will Brandi and Johnny come back to hurt her?

We find out next week during the live finale!

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