While The Apprentice 2015 cast will be excited to see Joan Rivers tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015, I am not feeling the same way. She was an amazing lady and I just hope Donald Trump handles this situation in a classy way, but it is Trump and it is Celebrity Apprentice 2015, so I am not sure. Watch it with us tonight during our The Apprentice 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Apprentice 2015 tonight!

The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Spoilers - Joan Rivers Appreance

Last week on The Apprentice Season 14, we saw lots of shifting and drama happening. The first hour consisted of the celebrities having to create a fitness editorial for Cosmopolitan. We saw some Housewives drama and Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville both wanting to star in the campaign. Project manager Jamie Anderson picked Brandi, but then when the women lost the campaign she never brought Brandi into the boardroom! Needless to say, Trump fired Jamie. In the second hour, teams were switched up and it was a battle of fundraising and selling wedding dresses between Geraldo Rivera and Ian Ziering. It was close, but Geraldo won and it was Terrell Owens that was fired because of his lack of fundraising again!

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The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s new episode below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…

TASK #1 – In come Trump and Joan. For this task, the teams will create a marketing event using a mobile boutique for the new line of shoes for Ivanka Trump made for Nordstrom. Project Managers are Vivica for Team Vortex and Kenya for Team Infinity.

For Team Infinity, Kenya wants a piano at the mobile boutique, like at Nordstrom. No one likes the idea before her. For Team Vortex, Geraldo thinks he is amazing and smart and creative. Shawn comes up with a pampering session for the ladies and Lorenzo wants a barista there to feel like Nordtstrom.

The teams get to their trucks and it is way smaller than they thought, so Geraldo comes up with a coffee bar outside and they change the plans and Shawn, Kate and Sig are not happy as they are out shopping. Meanwhile, Kenya has a lot of ideas, but it is all over the place. Kate, Sig and Shawn get back from shopping and hate the new concept and the ladies feel like Vivica is shutting them out.

DAY OF TASK – The teams get their trucks setup and Team Vortex is a cafe with shoes. They actually have a lot of people in attendance, especially when Joan shows up and she said they did a great job. She then heads over to Team Infinity and she is liking their boutique and I am thinking she liked Team Infinity better. Ivanka and the Nordstrom executive come in to Team Infinity and it is a very classy place, but then they go to Team Vortex and it is more about the coffee and cafe and less on the truck and shoes.

BOARDROOM #1 – Ivanka makes the decision and she picked Team Infinity as the winner tonight on The Apprentice 2015 and Kenya gets money for her charity. Vivica brings back Kate and Shawn to the boardroom. Before leaving, Geraldo says that Vivica was the strongest player of the three. It all comes down to Shawn not stepping up as project manager and because of that, Trump fires Shawn Johnson!

TASK #2 – For this task, they will be making a viral video for Chock Full O’Nuts and their new single serve coffee. The project managers will be Lorenzo for Team Vortex and Leeza for Team Infinity and the winning manager will get $40,000 for their charity.

Team Vortex comes back and Geraldo is singing the song, so they go with him singing the song and going from old school to new school. For Team Infinity, Ian wants to do a gorilla on the Empire State Building, but Leeza wants more viral and goes with a fight between the Housewives! It will turn into this guy’s fantasy of girls fighting, which Leeza is a little worried about it crossing the line.

Time to shoot the videos and Kate wants to spend all day in the hair chair to get 40’s hair. Meanwhile, Ian is way to hands-on with his directing and wasting time for Team Infinity. Then we see the ladies record their fight and they do a good job, even though they both want to fight for real! Sig is feeling underutilized, but they get the video done and time to edit on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015! Then it is time for the pillow fight scene for the Housewives, but is it too risque?

Drama during editing, as Ian is being very demanding and not taking suggestions. He thinks it is perfect, but they are worried about it being too provocative and not enough brand messaging. Lorenzo loves the video for his team, so he is taking the blame if they lose.

PRESENTATIONS: To be honest, Team Infinity pulled it together and I liked it, but the executive did not seem that thrilled. Team Vortex’s video is lame and so, so boring and more informational than a viral video. The executive did not seem thrilled as well.

BOARDROOM #2 – They watch both the videos and they are polar opposites, but the winner is Team Infinity and Leeza gets $60,000 for her charity! The executives felt the video from Team Vortex was more of a commercial. Lorenzo felt it was a great video and they all did well with it, so he does not feel comfortable bringing anyone back. Because of that, Trump fires Lorenzo!

What do you think of the results on The Apprentice 2015 tonight?

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