The final two (Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette) on The Apprentice 2013 will put the final touches on editing their videos and their ice cream socials and finish up the guest list tonight on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and the winner of The Apprentice 2013 will be announced by Donal Trump! The Apprentice 2013 Finale will be two hours of intense battling between the big guys, so don’t miss a thing during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap later tonight and find out with us who won The Apprentice 2013 tonight!

The Apprentice 2013 - Finale Preview

The final task between Trace and Penn kicked off last week on Celebrity Apprentice 2013, as both created their new ice cream flavor for Walgreen’s, shot their video campaign and started editing it and tried to secure big names for the ice cream social. The final task is always about fundraising and who can bring in the most money.

We ended with Penn not sure if he could get his video under 60 seconds and not sure if Wayne Newton, the big name guest that could win it for him, would be able to attend. Trace was left wondering if he could bring in the big names like he knows Penn can. Trace has never had an issue up until this point, so I don’t see it being an issue.

Guests tonight on The Apprentice 2013 include: Gilbert Gottfried, Blue Man Group, Taylor Hicks, Wayne Newton, George Wallace, Teller, The Oak Ridge Boys, Tim Tebow, Billy Ray Cyrus, Wynonna Judd, Vinny Pastore and Joan Rivers as a boardroom advisor. To me, it sounds like they both got some bigger named stars to appear.

Check out The Apprentice 2013 Finale preview here:

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