The Apprentice 2013 kicked off last week and NBC and Donald Trump wanted us to believe that it was a big deal to be named the first All Star Celebrity Apprentice, but is it really that big of a deal? There were 14 celebrities that came back to win $250,000 for their charity and a lot more money along the way, if their tasks are successful. Celebrity Apprentice 2013 started off with all that drama we are used to, especially from Omarosa in the boardroom. Tonight it continues, so don’t miss a thing during out The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and find out who was fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

To sum up last week on The Apprentice 2013: the celebrities had to create meatballs and sell them in a shop and raise the most money. Donald Trump hated the fact that Bret Michaels came back, since he won his original season (Um, I think Trump is an executive producer of the show, so he could have said no to Bret being on the show, right)? That seemed to be the main topic of concern and no matter what Omarosa did or didn’t do with the money, Bret was screwed from the beginning and Trump fired him on the Celebrity Apprentice 2013 premiere!

Tonight on The Apprentice 2013, the stars will hop on Trump’s private jet and fly to Universal Orlando for their task, which is a first on Celebrity Apprentice for the contestants to leave NYC. The teams will have to create a 3-D photo experience for Universal Orlando that goes along with their new marketing campaign. Omarosa is project manager and she may have an approach as a team leader that turns her team off to her, but is that any surprise?

Check out The Apprentice 2013 preview for Episode 2 here:

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