It’s been quite an interesting season of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013, with the likes of Gary Busey and Omarosa both bringing the crazy drama that makes The Apprentice 2013 fun to watch. Both were fired and now we are left with seeing if Donald Trump will pick Penn Jillette or Trace Adkins as the winner of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 tonight. Find out during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and find out who won The Apprentice 2013 tonight with us!

The Apprentice 2013 Finale

Most of last week’s episode was focused on picking the final two contestants and then seeing them create their new ice cream flavor for Walgreen stores and shoot and edit a video promoting the ice cream and the brand. Which celebrity picked the better flavor?

Tonight we will see Trace and Penn finish up the final prep work before launching their ice cream flavor at an ice cream social, where the highest paying celebrities will be in attendance because both Trace and Penn want to earn the most money for their charity and be declared the winner of The Apprentice 2013.

It will be a star-studded lineup tonight, including Bill Ray Cyrus, Wynonna Judd, Blue Man Group, Teller and many more. My lady Joan Rivers will continue to serve as boardroom advisor along with Ivanka Trump and we go live tonight, so who do you think Trump will pick as the winner of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 tonight? Watch with us in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…does Donald Trump annoy anyone else out there? Him pretending to wear the harmonica is too much for me to handle, but we have two hours live with him tonight….ugh! We take a look back at some of the highlights from the season, including many shots of Omarosa. Does anyone miss her? This is going to be a long two hours!

We go back to Penn in the editing room and having to cut down his video. Lisa Rinna said to cut the Dennis Rodman part out, but Penn wants to keep the funny part in. He then decides to show that part at the party and give them all a look at what happened behind the scenes and still get to use the Dennis Rodman part. He saves the day!

We are back in the live boardroom and Trump is joined by Ivanka Trump, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump. Now back to the final task and it is the big party day! They have 50 tickets to sell and raise the most money. Trace is not getting any luck finding his friend to come in, but then he gets a confirmation from Tim Tebow, who will be bringing $200,000 with him! But can he get there in time for the event?

LaToya Jackson is setting up the decoration for the party and asking for input from Penn, but he is not feeling and said he doesn’t do this for his own shows. Trace and his team are setting things up and he has decided to let Gary Busey reprise the role of Buddy Holly, which he was nominated for an Oscar, but you never know what you are going to get with Gary Busey on The Apprentice 2013. Trace is feeling confident with everything though.

Back to the live boardroom and we bring out Dee Snider, Stephen Baldwin, Claudia Jordan, Omarosa and Brande Roderick. Looks like we will have a confrontation between LaToya and Omarosa, but we’ll wait on that. Claudia said that her and Omarosa are absolutely not friends…hmmm?

We all know we have a ton of airtime to waste tonight on Celebrity Apprentice 2013, but magic tricks from Penn & Teller before showing us more of the final task?

Back at the final parties and it is Nashville versus Vegas. The guests start arriving and Joan Rivers has arrived at Trace’s party. Penn starts getting some money coming in, including two $20,000 checks and a $10,000 check from American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. He then gets a check from former mayor for $250,000! He is getting a ton of money, but no one is going to Trace’s side! He then gets some big checks coming in and big stars, including Wynonna Judd and Bill Ray Cyrus.

Penn’s worries are done, as Wayne Newton has arrived and then we get Blue Man Group, George Wallace and Gilbert Gottfried. Trace has no sightings of Tim Tebow yet and only ten minutes to go! He throws in the towel and wants to get things started, but Marilu Henner wants to sit and wait. I would be waiting with that amount of money out stuck in traffic!

Trump now brings out the rest of the celebrities from the season: Gary Busey, LaToya Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Lil Jon, Marilu Henner and Lisa Rinna. Is that Dennis Rodman or is it RuPaul??? What is he wearing?

As the clock is ticking, in walks Tim Tebow and he brings his money and Trace thinks he has enough to be above Penn in money raised. Trace and Penn have a moment and Trace said if he is going to lose, he wants to lose to the best and Penn is the best.

Now Trump and Ivanka arrive to see what the two finalists have accomplished. The guests start eating the ice cream and Gary is certain they have the winning ice cream. Penn starts his presentation and introduces all the celebrities in attendance and does some tricks with Teller and shows his video. They seemed to enjoy the video, but then he shows the outtake and everyone loves it!

I just actually had someone go out and buy me both ice cream flavors and I am more of a fan of Trace’s! It is very creamy and thick though, so can’t have a ton of it. Did any of you try them?

Trace gets his time up there and shows his video and it was cute, but Penn’s video was definitely more informative. He then does some singing and gets the crowd pumped. Then he brings up Gary Busey to sing Buddy Holly and the crowd loves it! Who is your favorite?

The events are done and now time for them to head to the boardroom and defend their cases, but not live yet. Trace said being in the finals before it helped him be more calm this time around. LaToya gave Penn an A+ for being a project manager.

For the task, they loved Penn’s name of the ice cream and his presentation and magic, but they didn’t like the packaging and it didn’t pop, but they struggled to come up with cons. For Trace, they loved the star power of Gary singing, the name of the ice cream, but that maple as a flavor was too specific. Penn raised $503,655 and Trace raised $564,000, so total they raised over $1 million total. Trump then gives out $20,000 to all the celebrities who didn’t win, so Lil Jon, Gary, Dennis and LaToya all get that for their charities.

The other celebrities all leave the old boardroom and now it is time to go live and bring out the finalists: Penn and Trace! Apparently Stephen Baldwin doesn’t care, as you can see him in the background on his phone! Walgreen’s is going to donate $100,000 to the winning ice cream and it goes to Penn Jillete for his Swirtle!

Now a little look at Gary Busey being crazy, as usual, on The Apprentice 2013. Now a look at Omarosa being a bitch, as usual. Omarosa and LaToya get into an argument match, but does anyone care? Trump thinks the show is all about raising money for charities, so we look at Penn and his charity.

Marilu said she adores them both, but she thinks Trace should win. Dennis said that everyone there had a great charity and they all won.

Now a look at Trace Adkins and his charity, American Red Cross, who helped him out when his home burnt down and he was out of town. Then, like Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken did last season, Trace and Penn get up and perform together. Penn is on bass and Trace is singing and I am over it big time!

Let’s get down to business and they get to explain why they should win The Apprentice 2013. Trace thinks he raised more money and was the MVP of the season and he made a better ice cream and he beat him on this specific task. Penn said he came close with the money and he is better than Trace in real life. Joan said she identifies more with Penn and it kills her because she loves Trace. Ivanka, of course, picks Trace.

Trump said he took a lot of heat when he fired Lil Jon and he calls him up. He gives his charity, American Diabetes Association, a check for $100,000. Everyone is getting money tonight, huh? And it brings Lil Jon to tears, who lost his mom recently.

They both doa  little talking and then Trump announces that Trace Adkins is the winner of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013. I called it! What do you think?

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