During All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013, Donald Trump is bringing back previous season winners to serve as advisers for the teams on The Apprentice 2013 and tonight we get to see Joan Rivers make her return to Celebrity Apprentice 2013. How excited are you for this episode? I am beyond excited and think it will be a hilarious episode of The Apprentice 2013 tonight! Come watch it with us during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight with us!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Last week on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013, we saw the teams take on creating expos to promote travel to South Africa. Gary Busey was his normal crazy self and said inappropriate things to the executives, but a Plan B victory kept him out of the boardroom on The Apprentice 2013. Brande Roderick served as project manager for Team Power and with the loss Trump fired her.

Tonight it is all about Joan Rivers and designing a marketing campaign for LG. Will the technology be too much for Gary Busey, who is going to be in charge again as project manager of Plan B? It has him barking to the dogs, so who knows with him. Six celebrities remain as we get closer to the end, so don’t miss a thing with us during our Live Recap tonight starting soon!

Here we go…the celebrities meet Trump, who is with Ivanka Trump and Joan Rivers! They will be making a video for LG displaying how great their products are and smart technology. They will be judged on creativity, integration of product knowledge and overall presentation. Project managers will be Lil Jon for Team Power and Gary Busey for Plan B. For winning, they get $40,000 for their charity and up to $30,000 for every share they get on their video.

How does Gary get project manager on a task for technology??? Plan B meets with the experts and they are blown away by the TVs and technology. Gary is confused, but while the experts are there he walks away!!! I guess this will fall on Penn tonight, huh?

Team Power meets with the LG experts and Lil Jon wants all of these products! They look very cool and I want them all. How crazy for a refrigerator with WiFi and make a list on there? Trace Adkins wants his fridge to tell him to walk away and that the ice cream is not for him fata$$! They then meet with the executive for LG and he wants them to focus on life’s good and how their products can help people. For Plan B, Gary felt good with the meeting and he let his thoughts rise to the occasion. Did he really though?

Penn starts coming up with ideas for the video, but Gary cuts him off on all his ideas. Lisa Rinna starts giving ideas and Gary cuts her off and tells her not to talk. Gary comes up with saying the next product LG is going to make is a mechanical dog and he will be the dog in the video….WHAT?!?!?

Penn is having no confidence in Gary’s idea and thinks it doesn’t lineup with what LG wants, but Penn said maybe it will be genius when the video is done. There is then a confrontation between the team and Gary is being weird and acting like they don’t want to be a part of his team. He seems to be blaming everyone but himself. What is this all about on The Apprentice 2013? It’s like working with a child!

For Team Power, they are working well together and have come up with an idea of putting a twist on things and having a college kid come home and the mom have everything high tech in the house and the kid not know how to use any of the products. Sounds like a legit concept, but things seem too together for them!

Plan B runs through the ideas of his video and Gary is lost, but Lisa and Penn are trying to be supportive of him. Penn types up the ideas that Gary came up with, but there is not a sentence in there and him and Lisa are losing it. The video has no theme and just a mechanical dog! Will it come together?

Time for the videos to be made and Lil Jon knows Gary will fall apart on this, but he still wants to make the best video ever. Joan Rovers comes to check-in on Team Power. Joan thinks they are using their talent well, but thinks Lil Jon is wasting too much time on the little things, like all the lighting.

For Plan B, the actors come in and Gary has picked two women of the same age to play his wife and daughter! He then gives some crazy speech to them and how they don’t laugh is beyond me on The Apprentice 2013. Lisa feels that Gary has a lack of respect for her, but Gary is just Gary. The filming starts and he feels things are going well. He then tries to clear out the area so the products are seen and Lisa claims he pushed a crew member. We are focusing big time on Gary tonight, so will he be fired???

Team Power is shooting their video and the first scene is taking forever, but Lil Jon is doing retakes over and over and over and over again! Perfection might not be needed against Gary tonight! Trace then decides to head over to the editing booth while they are shooting still, so Lil Jon agrees and they can get a head start on things. Will this come back to help or hurt them? They seem to be getting a lot of shots at the products, which can be very helpful in the video.

Plan B is working on their video and it is a concept that Gary has and it is his little project, so does the video even show LG in it? They have two hours and Lisa yells lets shoot, but Gary said he will make the decisions. You can’t reel in crazy! Ivanka comes in to check on them and they tell her that they might not have a video, since they have a half hour and Gary has no idea.

Lil Jon and Marilu Henner are done with the video, so they head over to help Trace with the editing. Marilu is worried about how she looks and all these little details, but Lil Jon is being a little more laid back with it. Marilu is getting wound up on things and they are trying to bring her down a notch on Celebrity Apprentice 2013.

Plan B is now editing and there really isn’t much editing to do, since Gary just shot and didn’t get product shots. Penn and Lisa are worried about the video, but Gary likes it and there is no hope. Do you think Penn and Lisa should be more supportive or are they being rude with their actions? Penn tells Gary it is crazy, but Gary thinks the LG people will get it and he likes what they did.

Time to show their videos and Team Power is first. The executive is making no facial expression and Lil Jon is not happy. He did smile at the end and it was a cute and informative video. They showed a ton of products and I think this will be an easy win!

Here we go with Plan B and their video. I don’t even know how this video went, but if you watch closely we got a chance to see Gary Busey’s buttcrack! The video wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Who do you think wins?

Ivanka, Joan and the executive talk and it seems the mechanical dog did not work for any of them. Gary sold them on his speech before the video and Penn was spot-on with the products. They weren’t as impressed with Team Power, so who knows.

Boardroom Time: LG loved both of the videos, so they will be giving all the charities the appliances, which works out to be about $100,000 total! Lil Jon feels they went above and beyond what they wanted. Then we go through a whole talk of using Marilu as a card-counter at Vegas. Trace said that Lil Jon was a great leader, but then is questioned about him being under the radar lately.

Gary said he did the best he could, but he felt abandoned. He said he would fire Lisa because she would yell and confront him. Ivanka confronts Penn about him and Lisa checking out, but he said it was a bad time when she came. Penn said that Lisa could not share her ideas, but Gary said she could. He shushed her all day though!

Trump questions that Gary does not like Lisa and Penn and he said he loves them, but not on this task. Lisa said she didn’t understand the mechanical dog. Penn and Gary get into a little argument and Gary is just digging himself a hole. Penn is very intellectual and very good with his words.

They then watch Plan B’s video. Lil Jon thought it was alright and they hit some points they didn’t hit on. Trump and Joan said they were confused on it. They watch Team Power’s video and Gary said they are even, but Joan said she would buy a product from watching Team Power’s video. The LG executive agreed, as Team Power won and now it is Plan B fighting it out in the boardroom!

It seems pretty obvious that Gary will be fired, since the mechanical dog was the big reason why LG didn’t choose them and they lost. Gary said it was his idea, but he had no support from them. It looks like Gary will focus on the support and Lisa “yelling” at him. Now we will focus on the pushing of the cameraman. I think they should just let Gary talk and continue to dig himself a deeper hole. Gary keeps trying to play the poor guy and he was not supported, but it is serving no purpose. Lisa said it is non-truth coming from Gary and Trump asked if she wants to leave right now??? Like quit or go back safe????

Lisa stays, but Ivanka does say they did take a step back. Penn tries to explain his ideas he suggested, but Gary cuts him off, like earlier in the task, so it is pointless. Can we just fire Gary already??? Trump thought Gary has changed since his first season and he is a rock now, but he is the project manager and he didn’t highlight the products, so Gary Busey is fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight. Didn’t we all see that one coming???

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