For all you All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 fans out there, didn’t we already see Bret Michaels on The Apprentice 2013 and he was fired by Donald Trump and now he will be back tonight on The Apprentice 2013 serving as an adviser for the seven remaining celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice 2013? How is that even possible? Find out tonight during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

With Gary Busey serving as project manager for Plan B last week on The Apprentice 2013, everyone figured he would not make the cut when his team lost the task at hand. Nope, Trump wants to see more of Busey and he thought Stephen Baldwin deserved to go home more and he was fired!

Tonight it seems to be all about the return of Bret Michaels to Celebrity Apprentice 2013. We all remember that he was the winner of Season 3 of Celebrity Apprentice and Trump gave him major crap for returning to the show as a previous winner. That led to his firing during the premiere episode! Now he is coming back as an adviser??? Why? To show these celebrities that lasted longer on the show than him how to do things? So, is everyone getting fired tonight then? Find out during our live recap starting soon!

Here we go…the celebrities wait for the person to come back and Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette are not happy to see Gary come back. Then we see Trace Adkins deliver his winning check to the Red Cross again, so they are happy to see him.

Now back to find out tonight’s task and there is Bret Michaels, which is just awkward to me. They are in Times Square and for their task they will do an interactive travel expo for South Africa. The project managers are Penn Jillette for Plan B and Brande Roderick for Team Power. They can do either an Adventure Package and Romance Package and they both want Adventure, so they flip a coin and Brande wins, so Team Power gets Adventure Package and Plan B gets Romance Package, They will be judged on creativity, feedback and overall experience. The winning project manager gets $20,000 for their charity.

Team Power comes back and starts thinking and they don’t even have a safari on their list of adventures, so they are not happy. The executives come in and tell them people come for the safari, but they want to show what else you can do. They have some issues because they have to create adventures in a small room!

For Plan B, they have five areas to focus on: wine, art, food, dance and art. The executives come in and Gary said he has had a good time making a film in their country. He starts asking a lot of questions and Lisa is watching him. A little later, Gary said he was put up in a hotel and he heard murders right outside his hotel!!! Penn tries to shut him up, but the nail already in the coffin???

Team Power has to focus on: golf experience, surfing, zip-lining, shark cage and glamping (glamorous camping). Brande is relying on Lil Jon because he is original Team Power, like her, and he has been there before a few times. Gary is still nuts for Plan B and he seems to be lost on everything. He can’t even make a phone call and Penn is worried because this is a task of numbers and he has only a two-person team!

Trace is doing the golf and surf, so he gets on the phone and is trying to get some South African golfers for the expo, but none are in the country and a fail on The Apprentice 2013. Both teams are struggling with the experiences and how much work they need to do and do it with less people on the team.

Penn is over Gary, so he gets on the phone and works on the dancers and alcohol himself. He gets Paul Simon’s bass player and some dancers and bringing food, so he used his connections big time. Penn and Lisa are very excited, so did Penn knock it out of the park there?

Lil Jon wants to do a shark cage and have someone in a shark costume and talk crap to them. Then he comes up with a chair on a zip-line for Marilu Henner and Trace is over it all and thinks it is juvenile.

George H. Ross comes in and talks with Plan B and Gary starts rambling again and he brings up the murders again and they all want to put a muzzle on him! For Team Power, Bret Michaels comes in and Brande is in a middle of a chaotic moment and she finally gets a chance to show what their plans are and he thinks they seem a little discombobulated.

Over on Plan B, Gary is focused on eating chicken and Penn and Lisa are working with the graphic designers. Most deadly thing in the water: a shark fart (words of wisdom from Gary Busey).

Trace and Lil Jon head out to do some shopping while Brande and Marilu stay back to work on graphics and finish things up there. Trace gives his advice on how you properly shop and it was free advice on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Penn and Lisa have a moment of laughter, which Penn said they both needed from not yelling at Gary all day!

The props arrive for Team Power and they start setting things up and Brande is finally starting to feel better about things and finally wants to win money for her charity. Trace said at the end of the day he does not know what they have and if it is silly or good.

It is the day of the expos and they get things set-up. There will be the executives coming through the experience and then 15 travel professionals will also go through. They are in Team Power and they give tea to the executives and it seems to impress the executives. Lil Jon thinks the pamphlet will win them over. Not sure how it all went because it does seem a little too cheesy to me. What do you think?

Now time for Plan B and their expo on The Apprentice 2013. They have drums and dancers, but it is supposed to be about the romance and is this romance? Penn is a good speaker, but it is his profession so we expect that from him. Gary feels good because he has the romance running through him and gives some speech about being a virgin and probably makes one of the travel professionals feel awkward. The dancers did get the crowd going, but is it romance enough?

Boardroom Time: you know, there are 45 minutes left on The Apprentice 2013, so it should be boardroom time, right? Brande thinks they did good and liked it, but sometimes you work better with less people, which Plan B had. They think they did well and thought it was a difficult task. Trump asked if Brande is a leader or a stressed out bitch? Brande thinks sweating the details is important and it lets them have all the little details.

Penn thinks it sure seems likely that they won. Lisa said that Penn rocked it as project manager and what an experience. The big question of how Gary did and they are both hesitant on it and the same responses and everyone wonders why he is even there. Gary then says some poem and Trump thinks he is a poet.

This is all a hot mess and can we just out which team won tonight on The Apprentice 2013? For Plan B, the executives felt transported back to South Africa and they had legitimacy, but it did not offer specific locations to make South Africa a travel destination. For Team Power, they liked they went above the five aspects and the brochure, but they seriously lacked unique experiences and it was a juvenile exhibit at an amusement park. With that being said, the winning team tonight is Plan B and Brande loses again.

Now time for Team Power to fight it out and Lil Jon is running his mouth about he loved adventure, but now saying romance is easier than adventure. Trump is asking if he should be fired because of that. It all seems pretty obvious that it will be Brande Roderick fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013. No one seems to be blamed for anything and it falls on the project manager. Brande saves Lil Jon, so it will be Brande, Marilu or Trace fired tonight. Who is it going to be?

They come back into the boardroom and Trace thinks they could have come up with a better slogan, but then he is the one who came up with the slogan! Trace does mention that he thought the expo was juvenile. Trump questions that she should have brought back Lil Jon since he wanted adventure, but Brande has her loyalties to Lil Jon. She said she does find it hard to defend herself because she is with two people who should not be fired and Trump agrees, so he fires Brande. Trace adds that Trump should give her charity some money since she didn’t win and he agrees and gives $20,000 to her charity, which is very nice.

Who did you want to see get fired tonight on The Apprentice 2013?

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