Omarosa managed to do nothing last week on The Apprentice 2013 and be a distraction for her whole team, yet La Toya Jackson didn’t bring her back with her to the boardroom for Donald Trump to fire and she lives another week on Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Tonight looks like the same drama with Omarosa on Team Power, but will they win the task to avoid the drama in the boardroom? Find out tonight during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 with us!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

It was all about Omarosa last week and her lack of doing actual work and another session of her fake crying in the boardroom for her late fiance Michael Clarke Duncan. It worked, since she is still here and La Toya is home watching now!

The previews for The Apprentice 2013 have Omarosa even looking shocked in the boardroom, but for something Plan B did. Find out what it is during our Live Recap starting at 9/8c!

Here we go…Gary Busey talks with Lisa Rinna and asks her to tell him when he is screwing up. Omarosa is shocked she was not brought back, but she is glad to see Dennis come back. Stephen Baldwin then is able to present the winning check to his mom for $50,000 for her Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a nice moment. She then proceeds to talk about her love for Trump, which was awkward!

The contestants then meet Trump to find out about the next task: they will be doing an interactive marketing campaign in a glass truck promoting Farouk Systems Products. They will be judges on creativity, brand messaging and the overall experience. The teams discuss the project managers and Omarosa pushes Claudia Jordan to be the project manager for Team Power (so she can throw it under the bus in the boardroom) and no one wants to be it for Plan B, but Marilu Henner steps up. They will receive $20,000 from trump, $30,000 from Farouk and for every Facebook like they can get $1 more up to $50,000 more.

Lil John won a Farouk challenge in his season, so they might have an advantage. They meet with the executive and know they want American, which helped Lil John win. The team wants to use beautiful women, but Dennis Rodman wants to use homeless women or drag queens! Omarosa is saying Claudia is being the perfect follower and not a leader.

For Plan B, Gary will be the accountant and make sure all the money that is spent and on what for the task. They meet with Farouk and they decide to get beautiful women and Marilu is on the phone trying to get Miss USA people because she was a judge on this and then Stephen keeps interrupting her with some name.

Team Power is driving iver to their space and Claudia wants to do a rap as a team to get things going and pumped for them, but they still don’t have a concept and should be working on that!

Plan B gets working on their truck and Marilu has 80 million ideas and wants to do a premiere party-type event and red carpet and have hair stylist in them and then they get into a fight over the slogan: “Live Life Luscious” and Trace Adkins pulls his pecker out in front of everyone and changes it to “Experience Silk” and Marilu goes with that idea.

Claudia used to be Miss Rhode Island and the current Miss Rhode Island is the current Miss USA and Claudia is trying to get her in their truck tomorrow. Omarosa is causing some friction, yet again. Claudia sends her and Dennis out shopping. They take forever to get props and Lil John wants them back so he can get his Uncle Sam picture.

For Plan B, Gary Busey will be the Angel of Silk and work the crowd to get people in the truck. Trace, Lisa and Gary then head out to get props and stuff for the truck while the others will work on things in the shop. For Team Power, Omarosa and Dennis get back after four hours out and get four things on the list! They then each take photos for their brand messaging.

Gary is determined to do the accounting job right on The Apprentice 2013. He then loses the money bag! But it is under the seat and they are fine. We then go into some fart-making noise by Lisa Rinna in the seat in the van. Who knows?

Marilu is on the phone with Matt Rich, Stephen’s publicist, and he said they have Miss USA for the next day, but will she go to both or just one? I guess it is how it goes down, as Claudia finds out that Miss USA is working with Marilu and don’t think that Omarosa is going to work that into the boardroom. They have now decided to do celebrity impersonators, like Donald Trump, and now they find out that the one Donald Trump impersonator in town died that day! They are having no luck on Celebrity Apprentice 2013! Omarosa then gets on the phone and tries to find other beauty queens to cover her butt!

The day of the presentations have arrived on The Apprentice 2013 and the teams are getting their trucks ready. Plan B is working on their truck and Team Power has not even arrived yet! Plan B is doing Bio Silk and Team Power is on CHI. Team Power gets there and Omarosa and Dennis are out getting stuff still and nothing is getting done!

Miss USA arrives and Stephen thinks that Marilu needs to stop talking to her and pay attention to him! Omarosa notices that the other team is doing stylists in the truck and suggests they do that for Team Power…really, this late in the game??

The events start and Trace gets up on top of the truck and sings, Penn is juggling and the beauty queens are working it in front. Plan B gets a Joan Rivers impersonator instead and Omarosa is not a fan. The girls then drag Dennis Rodman over to the other team’s truck, which ticks off his team.

Donald Trump, Jr. and Arsenio Hall arrive to see how the teams are doing. They don’t say much to Plan B. They ask Claudia and she says Dennis and Omarosa are her weakest link. Farouk arrived to Team Power he seems to love that they used the celebrity with the products and they used the scan code to link to the Facebook page. He seems to enjoyed himself with Team Power on The Apprentice 2013. He heads to Plan B and it seems like chaos to me. He liked that they were attracting a lot of people, but I am more impressed with Team Power. What do you think?

They talk with the executives from Farouk and it looks like it comes down to the overall experience on who will win tonight and which guests enjoyed it more, so I am saying it will be Team Power that will win.

Boardroom Time: Claudia thinks her team should win and they had an advantage with CHI over Bio Silk. Omarosa said Claudia was great and Brande agrees. When asked, Claudia said that Brande was the strongest player and the weakest player was Dennis, but then Trump Jr. throws her under the bus and said she said both Dennis and Omarosa and of course Omarosa is shocked! She then looks afraid to say Omarosa did bad and took forever in the task. Why say it to Arsenio and Donald Jr, but now say nothing?

For Plan B, Marilu of course says Gary is the weakest player on Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Why is that people? Trace said the other team didn’t have any fire juggling, so they should lose. Stephen said that Marilu gets distracted sometimes and it is similar to Gary and his personality.

The executives loved Plan B and their experience was good and the beauty queens were good, but they did not like their slogan. For Team Power, they loved Lil Jon as Uncle Sam and loved the slogan and branding, but they did not like how they did not use the truck. The winning team tonight on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is Plan B, so Marilu gets $50,000 for her charity.

Plan B and Omarosa in the boardroom again…oh lord! Claudia said she is shocked and feels she should have won. There were many things that they loved, but he wanted his product to be the star and not using the truck is the big thing. Claudia mentions that Omarosa did want to do hair in the truck, but never mentioned it was right before the task started. Why is she afraid of her? And the shocker again…when asked who she will bring back is Dennis Rodman and Lil Jon! Why not Omarosa again???? Lil Jon was the star of it, so why waste his time??? Claudia then asks if she can change her mind, but she knows she can’t. I want to smack these people! Do you think producers say to not bring Omarosa back?

Claudia then talk to Lil Jon outside and said it is the marketing and they need to go against Dennis together. Smart or stupid?

We are back folks: Trump said he is surprised to see Lil Jon in there. Claudia said she relied on Lil Jon for marketing and she relied on him for that, so that is why he is here. Lil Jon said that Dennis might not do as much as others, but he is glad to see him sober and there every day. Claudia said she didn’t bring back Omarosa cause of the rapping in the van and Omarosa started it and Dennis didn’t participate. Dennis defends himself and Claudia was wrong for doing the salon outside and he is right! Trump said it wouldn’t have mattered if she did bring back Omarosa and Claudia is fired on The Apprentice 2013.

Who do you think should have been fired tonight on Celebrity Apprentice 2013?

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