The previews for The Apprentice 2013 tonight make it look like we are in store for another drama-filled episode and, without a doubt, the drama will involved Omarosa because we know she can’t stay away from the drama on Celebrity Apprentice 2013. The All Stars will take on a soap opera challenge, but someone must feel they were punked by a Jackson as the title states. Find out who it is during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap tonight and see who was fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 with us!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Last week on The Apprentice 2013, it was all about Omarosa being project manager and her Oscar-winning performance after being crowned the winner according to Dennis Rodman. Her team doesn’t even like her!

Omarosa and La Toya Jackson seem to get into it tonight on The Apprentice 2013 and La Toya doesn’t seem to be backing done…love it! Come see how it goes down during our Live Recap starting at 9/8c!

Things kick off with Omarosa handing the check over to her charity and a chance for her to give us some more fake tears!

The teams meet with Donald Trump to get the next task, which is to create a five-minute soap opera for Crystal Light. Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner will help them out. Stephen Baldwin steps up as project manager for Plan B and La Toya Jackson for Team Power. The winning project manager gets $50,000 for their charity.

Stephen said he will be running it as a dictatorship and Penn Jillette says that Stephen thinks he thinks he is the smartest one in the room and the people around him are not smart! Then on Team Power, Omarosa is trying to call the shots as they start planning because she has soap opera experience. La Toya is getting annoyed because she can’t get a word in on her own team she is supposed to be running!

Omarosa wants to do a Housewives concept and they do not like it, but they come up with over-the-top lines you always hear in soap operas and they will have a sound effect every time they say the a funky line and when that sound comes on the audience must take a drink of their Crystal Light, which Brande Roderick and Lil John come up with.

The other team comes up with using the Crystal Light as a mood enhancer…blah, blah, blah. The good stuff starts when La Toya checks Omarosa and tells her to be quiet, which then Omarosa proceeds to say she is disrespectful and says that word 1,000 times, but be respectful to your boss Omarosa! All because La Toya wanted her to stay and help with the script and not go out shopping, which she ends up sending her out shopping to get rid of her!

While shopping, Omarosa feels the need to call La Toya for some “direction” and it is just to cover her butt if they lose, Then Plan B has their plan and meets with Susan Lucci and the scene ends with Trace Adkins making out with Susan and he is ecstatic!

Arsenio Hall comes in to Team Power to check in and he feels the tension and questions Omarosa’s acting abilities. He meets with La Toya and is afraid she would be eaten alive by Omarosa, but she explains her hatred toward Omarosa and he is shocked. He then meets with Plan B and not sure how they are going to do this week.

For Team Power, they are rehearsing and Omarosa gets a call that they will be releasing the 911 calls from her late fiance’s heart attack and must take care of it and leaves, but her team thinks she plays a huge part in it and must be there. What do you think?

The next day arrives and Omarosa has not arrived for the day and Claudia will fill in for her…fill in for her for the role that she fought for! The team rehearses without her and they are having a good time and laughs without Omarosa there. Plan B practices and Gary Busey is nailing it, but Stephen keeps changing things and running it as a dictator and his team is over it.

Team Power is dress rehearsing and of course Omarosa arrives because she couldn’t let them down. Why does she arrive right then on The Apprentice 2013??? She only arrives to make face and say she was there, but then never do a thing.

Team Power is up first: the crowd seems to be enjoying it and the executives as well, but then La Toya struggles with her lines and Omarosa calls her out for screwing up the product name…yeah, that will come up in the board room on The Apprentice 2013!

Plan B is next: they do an excellent job and I think I like their show more, but it was a little too risque maybe?

Ivanka and Arsenio meets with the Crystal Light executives and they liked the show for Team Power, but it did become distracting drinking so much. For Plan B, they used the product as the central focal point and not as a prop. They will be judged on brand messaging, creativity and execution.

Time for the boardroom: La Toya said Omarosa was a distraction to the task. Her team likes La Toya and they all think that Omarosa was a problem. Stephen said that he is glad that Omarosa is not on his team. For Plan B, Stephen said that Gary was the weakest link and Penn had the concept, but the executives did not like they only used one flavor. Trace is asked who there weakest player was and he said Gary because he is Gary! The whole team agrees and I have no clue why. Gary is an evil genius and knows what he is doing and I think that is why he acts like he does on The Apprentice 2013.

Arsenio questions why Omarosa didn’t leave right away when she got the call and it seems fishy and then she brings out the tears and dram and Claudia and Brandi whisper about saying something, but they keep quiet…say it ladies! In the end, Plan B wins and Stephen gets $50,000 for his charity and we get to see the fireworks now!

Plan B gets back to the room and Gary is upset that he was thrown under the bus and gets emotional. He is hurt and it makes perfect sense and Trace calms him down.

Now to the drama in the boardroom: Omarosa won’t shut up and calls Claudia weak and then Brandi and then La Toya asks Trump as project manager if she can fire someone from her team. Do we think it will be Omarosa? Trump, of course, says no.

Trump asks who she is bringing back and she brings back Brandi and Dennis! So, Omarosa is safe. What is her reasoning there folks?

The three come back in and it seems clear that La Toya will be fired and should be for not bringing back Omarosa. La Toya said that she thought Trump was falling for the sympathy card, but Trump said he sees through it. On a sidenote, Trump talks up this show like everyone watches it and it is the best show ever on TV!

The whole boardroom is a joke because it is all about why Omarosa was not brought back and not on who will be fired of the three and, of course, La Toya is fired on The Apprentice 2013!

Trump claims he would have fired Omarosa if La Toya would have brought her back, but do you believe that?

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