For some reason, Donald Trump has brought back Omarosa for another season of The Apprentice 2013 and I loved two things about last week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2013: one was how Piers Morgan said that Omarosa was the biggest loser on The Apprentice history and La Toya Jackson questioned why Omarosa was even on the show since she was not a celebrity! Both were dead on, but here we are with Omarosa back for another season of The Apprentice 2013. Find out how she does tonight as the project manager during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and see who was fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

The teams will head to Florida tonight on The Apprentice 2013 and do some work with Universal Orlando, but one project manager runs their team like a dictator and one is very laid back. You guess which team is which!

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Here we go…La Toya and Brande come back from the boardroom and they are happy to see Bret gone, especially Omarosa. Trump comes in and surprises them with the next task, where they will be flying in his jet and go to Universal Orlando. Trace Adkins will not be working because he has to leave for a cruise he booked before. Dee Snider steps up as project manager for Plan B and Omarosa steps up for Team Power!

The celebrities head out the next morning for Florida. For the task, they will create a 3-D photo experience at Universal. They will be judged by creativity, integration of maketing for Universal and overall guest experience. The winning project manager gets $20,000 for their charity, which is a slim amount compared to the $600,000 Trace got last week.

The teams land in Orlando and they will get right to work. They meet with the executives and get some ideas from them. Omarosa is making it known that she is using her team, so that way if she loses she can blame others. She stays back with Rodman and sends the others out to get pictures in the park. Penn comes up with a great idea for Plan B, which they used for Penn & Teller show.

Gary Busey wants to take pictures, but has no clue on how to work a camera! Omarosa wants to put a Universal globe in the middle and a Spiderman, which the workers seem reluctant to do. Dennis says it is too much to do in a little amount of time, but she wants to push it because this is All Stars. Can I slap her?

Team Power gets back and sees that Omarosa was working on the Spiderman. Now she is questioning why they didn’t get any Spiderman stuff, but she sent them out to get Despicable Me and Harry Potter and the third was unknown. This lady is good at placing the blame off of her!

Dee is wanting to use the celebrity angle for their experience and the executives said no celebrity images, but Plan B never asked about celebrities. Dee cuts the magic idea and goes with life-size cutouts instead and Penn is not a fan of it on The Apprentice 2013.

Does anyone else puke a little in their mouth every time Omarosa opens her mouth on Celebrity Apprentice 2013? The workers tell her they can’t get everything done, which they initially told her and she goes off on the workers and is rude to them. The guy looked like he wanted to slap her!

The next day arrives and Team Power arrives and their globe is not painted and they are not happy. Two people have to run out and get Spiderman stuff, so the rest will be finishing the globes and the booth. Plan B gets there and they see their cutouts and love them. Penn is still not liking the idea.

Omarosa is making all the decisions, but acting like she is asking for input from her team and then she just shoots it down. Her team knows how she operates and they will get blamed if they lose on The Apprentice 2013!

The gates open and people start coming for the photo booths. For Plan B, Gary is cooky and Marilu can remember any day of her life and she shares it with everyone. Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. arrive and Dee can’t get a reading from them, but he is positive on their booth.

For Team Power, their booth is cool and they will probably win, which makes me upset! The executives arrive for Plan B and Dee is talking to them, but then Gary comes up and takes over and Dee is worried. They then head to Team Power and it seems like they thoroughly enjoy it.

Boardroom time: Dee is first and he said they all worked well together. Marilu said the time element was a weakness. She said Gary is the weakest player. Lisa Rinna said Dee was a great project manager. Penn said Dee was a star. For Team Power, Omarosa said Lil’ Jon was a huge asset for her. Brande said it was a tense atmosphere with Omarosa as project manager. Claudia Jordan said that Omarosa cracked the whip.

They get to look at each other’s booths and Omarosa said she is underwhelmed by Dee’s booth. For Plan B, Universal liked the family fun part of it and the celebrities got into the role, but it was simple and lost some of the staying power once the celebrities left. For Team Power, Universal liked how creative they were and people could enjoy it for a long time to come, but they could not see Orlando in the Universal Orlando sign. When all is said and done, Team Power wins and Omarosa breaks down in tears. She won $20,000 from Trump and $20,000 from Universal Orlando. Rodman calls her out for faking with the tears and she is a good actor and I so agree!

We now get to see Plan B fight it out in the boardroom on The Apprentice 2013. Penn said the blame should be placed on the project manager. Dee said Penn’s idea was strong, but they had nothing to incorporate the park in with it. Trump said their booth was too simple. Dee said his weakest player was Gary because his skill set is low. Dee decides to bring Stephen Baldwin (no trust in him) and Gary Busey (low skill set).

Out in the lobby, Dee said Trump fired Adam Carolla and another member because Adam said to fire him as project manager. Dee feels he should be fired, but didn’t want anyone else to get fired also.

The guys head back to the boardroom and Dee tells them he is the marked man and he should be fired on The Apprentice 2013. Trump is quick to agree and no real fights tonight, so Dee is fired!

Do you like his decision?

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