Tonight the teams raced around Shanghai, China trying to be one of the three teams left standing for the million dollar prize.  The first stop seemed to be the hardest to find and the teams struggled with the language barrier looking for the Garden Bridge.  Dan and Jordan and the detectives searched for it together and the brothers were out there for over two hours while the cowboys and the models each took cabs and found the next clue fairly quickly.

Roadblock:  teams must enter a hall in the Longhua Temple and count all the gold statues and there were a lot of little buddhas to count, 523 of them.  Brent and Caite arrive first and Caite decides to do this because they want America to see that she is not the dumb pageant queen she was portrayed in Miss Teen USA.  If they get the count wrong they must wait ten minutes before trying again.  Caite is on her fourth try when the cowboys arrive and complete the count before her but she does get it right by the fourth try. 

Detour:  All team choose pork chops which are stamps.  They must pick up 100’s of stamps to find the one with a pig and their name on the bottom.  Brent has to pee so badly and Caite won’t leave the detour to find the bathroom until he all but drags her out of there.  Even with this small delay they find theirs first and are on the way to the pit stop.  The cowboys are right on there hills but come in second for this leg.  Brent and Caite win a trip for 2 to the coastal beaches of Spain. 

Louis and Michael perform their speed bump which was tossing a coin into the top of a giant incense burner and they do this quickly.  They meet up with Dan and Jordan in the stamp shop but unfortunately they find their stamps last and are eliminated from the race.

Get ready for the finale next week and see who wins the million dollars.

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