I’m so disappointed in this race.  Is there anyone out there who didn’t think the Cowboys would win?  After winning the vast majority of each legs the cowboys came in second. 

The teams are at the airport waiting to head to San Francisco.  Dan and Jordan broke in front of the cowboys which put them closer to the front of the plane, a definite advantage.  They make a smart move while on the plane and ask a stewardess to allow them into first class which she does.  This allows them to be the first ones off the plane and they manage to stay one step ahead of the others the whole way through.  Even if they hadn’t broke in line they still would have been in the lead with this move so even though I wasn’t pulling for them, they bring it. 

The final task was a memory challenge.  The teams have 11 psychedelic posters with eliminated players and non elimination legs that they must put in order.  Jordan knew this was coming since he has been a faithful watcher of the show and has been writing all this stuff down.  They easily put the posters up in the correct order and solve the riddle of Candlestick Park and are on their way to the pit stop.

Third place was Brent and Caite who had a cabby that didn’t know the way to the first clue.  Caite was incredibly rude to this man and I felt so sorry for him.  She was also the dumbass who left their money behind and they had to turn around to get it.  Definitely didn’t deserve to win.  She and the lesbian couple exchanged words at the final pit stop.  I think Carol and Brandy were sore losers. 

The Cowboys came in second and played an awesome game.  They had positive attitudes the entire way and overcame some amazing odds including coming from last place to first within one leg.  They may not have won the million but they came out with their integrity in place.

Dan and Jordan are the million dollar winners.  They may have pulled some tricks to get there but they did it.  Congrats!

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