Tonight on The Amazing Race 22, it looks like the teams will be making their way to Vietnam for what will be an interesting leg of the race for the eight remaining teams, as The Amazing Race 2013 preview below says that one team quits and it is time for a Double U-Turn! We’ve been teased with teams quitting before and it not happening, so will it actually happen tonight on The Amazing Race Season 22? Find out during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap tonight and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 with us!

The Amazing Race 22 - Episode 5 Preview

Last week was an interesting week on The Amazing Race 22, as Jessica and John struggled with the challenges of the leg, but John refused to use the Express Pass they won during the first leg of the race. Who knows why, but John is an ass and that might just be enough of a reason. They ended up checking in last with host Phil Keoghan and were eliminated from the race!

Tonight on The Amazing Race 2013 the teams will head to Vietnam and it will be a crucial leg because it features a Double U-Turn, which can really show where true alliances stand in this game. Also, The Amazing Race 22 spoilers state that one of the teams gets some devastating news and the preview below says one team quits. Could it go hand-in-hand? Or does one team quit a part of the race and take the penalty, like the three teams did in the premiere but they hyped it up as three teams quit!

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