The Amazing Race 22 ended last week with “To Be Continued…” on the screen, which made me very upset and wondering whether or not Dave will continue the leg of the race on The Amazing Race 2013. While most of us would have to wait until tonight to find out the answer, these The Amazing Race 22 spoilers seem to show that Dave and Connor will continuing the trek, but how far can they go with Dave in a boot and on crutches? Find out tonight during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013!

Amazing Race 22 - Episode 4 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race 22the teams headed to New Zealand and we were left with not knowing where Meghan and Joey were at! They were lost their trek around New Zealand, but they were the only team not to make it to the final obstacle course. While they may seem to be behind, the episode ended with Dave and Connor contemplating whether to continue on this longest leg in Amazing Race history.

In the preview below, we see that Dave and Connor appear to be in Bali, so I guess that is your answer, huh? We have a breakdown from one of the country singers and Mona and Beth say there is no crying on The Amazing Race 22! Who will survive and who will be eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 22 during this long leg of the race? Check out the preview here:

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