Will he or won’t he is the question fans of The Amazing Race 22 have been asking all week, as last week’s episode of The Amazing Race 2013 ended with Dave thinking he ruptured his Achilles and that would definitely put him and Connor out the race, right? Well, from The Amazing Race Season 22 preview below, it looks like he will be continuing in the race, but how long can he last? Find out tonight during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 with us!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 3 Preview

Besides the Dave and Connor drama last week, we did see a team eliminated. Idries and Jamil were terrified of the water going into the season, so in the second leg of the race the teams had to go underwater and either find some pearls or create an underground restaurant. Both of them  sounded like hell to the twin brothers and it ended up being a huge struggle for them. It put them way behind the other teams and they were the last team to check in with host Phil Keoghan and were eliminated.

Tonight the teams head to New Zealand on the next leg of the race and it looks like they will be having some kind of car race and some kind of challenge involving sheep and feathers. Dave is involved with the challenges, as he hops along on some crutches with the boot intact. I don’t think they will survive long on The Amazing Race 22, but that is my call. Check out the preview here:

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