Whether you like the show or not, you have to admit that the teams on The Amazing Race 22 go to some amazing places and places none of us would ever get a chance to go to in our everyday lives, especially the spot where The Lion King was made according to Chuck and Wynona tonight on The Amazing Race 2013! You didn’t think there were much brains underneath that mullet did you? Find out how the teams do in Africa tonight during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 22 with us!

The Amazing Race 22 - Episode 6

Last week on The Amazing Race 22, we saw Dave and Connor quit the race, which allowed for Chuck and Wynona to be saved for one more week, but can they survive tonight?

Scorpions, safaris and Chuck and Wynona confronting Meghan and Joey for giving them the U-Turn will all take place tonight on The Amazing Race 2013. Don’t miss a thing during our Live Recap starting at 8/7c!

**Update – The NCAA Basketball tourney put us way behind tonight, so we will be back when the show starts at 8:45pm EST!

Here we go…and an apology from Phil Keoghan for the episode last week in Vietnam and an apology to the veterans. Does that make it better?

Pam and Winnie kick things off tonight and will be heading to Botswana, which is over 6,000 miles away! They will then fly to Makgadikgadi Pans National Park for their next clue! They head to a hotel to use the internet to buy tickets. Max and Katie go to the same hotel and buy their tickets, even though they are further behind them. Beth and Mona get started and then Bates and Anthony, but they have to figure out what country they need to head to in order to get into the travel agent.

Caroline and Jen get there and say Kenya, but they are wrong and Katie helps them. All the teams are out now and on their way to the travel agent. At the airport, Joey and Meghan are confronted by Chuck and Wynona about the U-Turn, but no big drama.

They all take the same flight, but then for the second flight there are three separate flights. On the first one are Bates and Anthony and Caroline and Jen. The second flight is Joey and Meghan and Max and Katie, On the last flight, it is Mona and Beth, Chuck and Wynona and Pam and Winnie. They went from first to last on The Amazing Race 22?

Caroline and Jen and Bates and Anthony are doing some major flirting on their flight. They going to hook up after this? The first flight lands to get their next clue. They have to get in their cars to get to their next clue. They get to the next clue and it is a Road Block on The Amazing Race 2013: they will dig for scorpions with the help of a Bushmen and then get their next clue! How scary is that people?

The BUshmen are out with Caroline and see a lion and start climbing up a tree, but Caroline doesn’t see it and thinks everything is fine! Bates it out looking for a scorpion and Joey does it for Team YouTube and Max also. Bates finds a scorpion first and gets it in the jar and start heading back.

Bates and Anthony get the next clue, which is to continue heading down the road they were on. Wynona and Pam are doing it. Caroline is next and they head out down the road with the three bushmen! Max is digging and digging and not finding one. Wynona is nervous and can’t understand the Bushmen. Mona gets hers next and they are in third place now and Max and Katie are right behind them! Joey is being extremely afraid of touching the scorpion and is going insane! I am over him and he annoys me! After all the drama, he finally gets it into the jar.

Bates and Anthony get to the next clue, which is a Detour: Fire, where they will learn how to make a fire and light the elder bushmen’s pipe, or Fowl, which they will create a trap and try to catch a fowl. They choose Fire and Caroline and Jen do the same. They are struggling with the fire though. The next two teams do fire as well.

Meanwhile, Pam finally finds a scorpion and in jar and starts heading back. Wynona is right behind her! Bates and Anthony finally get their fire started and get the next clue, which is to make their way by foot with the bushmen to the Pit Stop and the last team may be eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race Season 22!

Bates and Anthony check in with Phil as the first team tonight and they win a trip to Thailand! No one is getting the fire started, but Pam and Winnie come in and decide to do Fowl since they know it is hard to start a fire from scratch and Chuck and Wynona do Fowl as well, so this might get these two teams to the Pit Stop quicker! Do you think?

Chuck is feeling confident in building the trap for the fowl. Meanwhile, everyone at the Fire switches to Fowl except Max and Katie, so now the last two teams have a little lead if they can get these traps built correctly. Pam and Winnie get it done and they are heading to the Pit Stop! Max and Katie keep trying the Fire and have nothing going on and will be in trouble unless they get flames!

Max and Katie decide to switch it up and they are way behind now! Pam and Winnie check in as team number 2! Chuck and Wynona get the Fowl down and they head to the Pit Stop and check in as team number 3! Joey and Meghan get it done next and are team number four. Caroline and Jen are next and check in as team number five!

Max and Katie thought they had it done, but it was not tied properly and must re-tie it! Beth and Mona get done, but then think they have to drive and go to the cars, but then start running by foot. Max and Katie get it done and now it is a foot race! Beth and Mona get their first and check in as team number six.

Max and Katie check in with Phil as the last team, but it is a non-elimination night and they are safe! They will face a Speed Bump in the next episode though! Did you want them to go home on The Amazing Race 22?

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