We saw some firsts last week on The Amazing Race 22, as Jessica and John were eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 while holding an Express Pass in their hands that they were saving for another leg on The Amazing Race Season 22! Well, they still have that Express Pass now, but they are back home in the United States and the other teams are making their way to Vietnam tonight for an intense-filled leg of the race, including one team that quits! Find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap tonight!

The Amazing Race 22 - Episode 5

While in Vietnam, it looks like the teams will be facing their first Double U-Turn of the season, so alliances will shine bright for that one, and it looks like things get so hard that one team quits on The Amazing Race 22!

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Here we go…Dave and Connor will start things off, as they head to Vietnam and then make their way to the center of the city to Rap Cong Nhan Theater for their next clue. Pam and Winnie and Max and Katie get to the travel agent and find out that Dave and Connor will have to quit, which sucks but good for them. Max and Katie and Pam and Winnie agree to not U-Turn each other.

All the teams take off and the first flight includes Dave and Connor, Pam and Winnie and Max and Katie. The rest of the teams are on the second flight. The teams get to the theater and it closed at 6pm and it was after 6:00, so they all arrive and have to wait until 9am the next day. Pam and Winnie don’t tell the other teams that Dave and Connor have gone to the doctor to make them think they are behind them and are safe, but Dave and Connor go check in with Phil and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 and such a sad moment!

The teams are at the theater and they are waiting for it to open and they decide to all use the U-Turns on both Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan, if they can all get there before them. The theater opens and it is a Road Block, where they will watch a show of a famous song. They will be given a political quote at the end and then have to go to the lobby to find that quote on one of a thousand pictures out there.

First one to get it right is Pam, so they head out to Cong Vien Thong Nhat for the next clue. Chuck is right next and then Jen and then Katie. Beth and Meghan team up to find the right one, but only find one poster and the time runs out. They sit through another performance and get it right and so does Anthony, so all teams are done.

The next clue is a Detour: Make Your Move, where they will set up a giant chess game using human pieces, or Make Your Meal, where they will make a traditional Vietnamese dish but only after shopping for the ingredients.

Pam and Winnie do Make Your Move, but Max and Katie and Joey and Meghan do Make Your Meal. Bates and Anthony do Make Your Movem, but Chuck and Wynona are struggling with the dance to get the clue and Caroline and Jen are lost in a taxi. Beth and MOna do Make Your Move and Chuck and Wynona do Make Your Meal and then Caroline and Jen do Make Your Move.

Pam and Winnie are wrong on their first attempt. At the market, Max and Katie find an English-speaking person to help with their shopping and they screw up the basil and peppers and have to go get more. Pam and Winnie get the second attempt right and head to the B-52 Memorial for the next clue! Chuck and Wynona are lost trying to find the market.

At the memorial, Pam and Winnie arrive and it is a U-Turn and they U-Turn Joey and Meghan and head to the Pit Stop. Bates and Anthony are correct on the chess and they head to the memorial. Joey and Meghan are next and then Max and Katie get their meals correct.

Meanwhile, Pam and Winnie check in first with Phil Keoghan and win a trip to Canada. Then Meghan and Joey get to the U-Turn and discover they have been U-Turned and they are upset on The Amazing Race 22! They then U-Turn Chuck and Wynona to make sure they can beat them, but then Caroline and Jen have no clue what they are doing at the chess. Bates and Anthony get to the U-Turn and are shocked they didn’t get U-Turned but head to the Pit Stop. Max and Katie and then Beth and Mona head to the Pit Stop.

Caroline and Jen finish the chess and get to the U-Turn and head to the Pit Stop. Joey and Meghan go shopping and they find the same lady that helped Max and Katie and they get all the ingredients for them! Then Max and Katie check in as second team, Beth and Mona as third team and then Bates and Anthony as fourth team.

Both Joey and Meghan and Chuck and Wynona are struggling with the ingredients, but Chuck and Wynona will have to do both challenges thanks to Joey and Meghan! Chuck and Wynona has no chickens though and have to go get baskets. Caroline and Jen check in as team number six.

Meghan and Joey get their meals cooked and head back the U-Turn. Chuck and Wynona get their meal cooked and get to the U-Turn to find out they have been U-Turned and then go do the chess. They finally check in with Phil, only to be safe because Dave and Connor quit!

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