Phil Keoghan threw a wrench in the mix last week on The Amazing Race 22 and the leg of the race continued from the check-in with him, but things were left up in the air as Dave battled his ruptured Achilles tendon and unsure if he could continue on in The Amazing Race Season 22. The teams are about to take on the longest leg in the history of the race tonight on The Amazing Race 2013, so prepare yourself for tears and breakdowns! Watch it all happen during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated from The Amazing Race 2013 with us!

Amazing Race 22 - Episode 4

The teams, once they all complete this current portion of the leg, will head out to Bali for the continuation of this long leg. Will Dave and Connor be on that flight to Bali?

 Come back at 8/7c for our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and find out with us! See which teams will crack under pressure and see if Dave can handle the heat of Bali!

Here we go…the teams will now head to Bali, where they will go to Monkey Forest for the next clue. Dave and Connor will be moving along and Dave will deal with the pain. Jessica and John finish in second and move on. Bates and Anthony are third, Pam and Winnie are fourth, Joey and Meghan are fifth, Caroline and Jen are sixth, Mona and Beth are seventh and Max and Katie are eighth.

Max was able to purchase tickets on the phone and pick up at the airport. Dave and Connor bought their ticket. The other teams are making their way to the travel agent to buy tickets. Pam and Winnie were able to get their tickets online.

The teams are now flying to Bali: Max and Katie, Dave and Connor, Caroline and Jen and Pam and Winnie are on first flight to land in Bali at 8:35 am. Mona and Beth, Bates and Anthony and Chuck and Wynona are on second flight and will land in Bali at 12:05 pm. Joey and Meghan and Jessica and John are on third flight that will arrive in Bali at 12:05 pm, but then found a new flight to arribe earlier.

The teams start arriving in Bali and take taxis to the Monkey Forest for their clue. The teams will get a coconut and take to a monkey and the monkey will open it with the clue inside. Dave and Connor get their clue first. They can either do Sandy Bottom, which they will collect sand in the water and transport it up 200 yards and must get a certain amount before getting the clue. Or they can do Fruity Top to create a religious symbol out of fruit.

Max and Katie are next then Pam and Winnie, Caroline and Jen and they are all doing Fruity Top. The teams arrive and start working on the fruit and building it. All the teams have arrived in Bali now. Now Bates and Anthony’s taxi driver is lost and must ask for directions, so they will probably go down to last place now!

Chuck and Wynona get their clue next and are in fifth! Beth and Mona are next. Winnie and Pam get approved first and then Dave and Connor and then they head over to get it blessed on The Amazing Race 22. They get the next clue, which is to head to Uluwatu Surf Beach for the next clue.

Max and Katie finish the fruit and then Caroline and Jen and go to get it blessed. Jessica and John go to the wrong place and start building some flower thing in someone’s backyard. They put skirts on and realize they are in the wrong place…I love it! They head to the right place and meet Joey and Meghan there and get started.

Bates and Anthony are at the monkeys and Beth and Mona are doing the Sandy Bottom. Bates and Anthony get their clue and do Fruity Top, since the driver knew where it was.

Pam and Winnie get to the clue, which is a Road Block, and they must find a surf board shop and get a surf board with a proper picture on it. Surf and pick up their partner and go to the check-in, but with a correct surf board on The Amazing Race 22.

Pam gets a correct board, but Connor is struggling to find a picture. Jessica and John do not get their fruit approved, which they claim they would do great and have to start over. Bates and Anthony get to the fruit. Connor gets a clue from Pam’s board and they head out. Pam can’t find a way out and is lost. Connor passes them and they check in with Phil first and they won $5,000 each on The Amazing Race 2013. How crazy is that?

Pam and Winnie check in second, Max and Katie third. Back at the fruit, Joey and Meghan get approved and Jessica wants to use the Express Pass, but John says no! Do you think they should?

Jessica and John decide to switch Detours and go to the Sandy Bottom. Chuck and Wynona get their fruit approved. Caroine and Jen try to check in, but have the wrong surf board. Beth and Mona finish the Sandy Bottom and try to find the surf board shop. Joey and Meghan go to the wrong beach!

Caroline has a mini breakdown and must cry, but then gets another surf board. Chuck and Wynona get to the surf shop next and then Joey and Meghan. Caroline is right this time and check in as team number four. John and Jessica are working on the sand and Bates and Anthony get the fruit done.

Chuck has a surf board, but gets lost.

The others are finding a board and Joey and Meghan check in as team number five, but Beth and Mona are wrong and Joey tells them the correct board. They get it and get it right that time, so are team number six. Bates and Anthony are team number seven.

Chuck comes back and they have the correct board and they are team number eight, so John and Jessica will finish in last place. We get to see John struggle with the boards He finally gets the right one and they check in as the last team and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 2013! Phil said they might be the first team to be eliminated with an Express Pass they didn’t use and then John says he feels no regrets and they don’t need the million dollars! Jessica, however, looks pissed! I love it!

How do you feel about their elimination?

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