We are back tonight with another episode of The Amazing Race 22 and we were left last episode wondering if Dave and Connor would be able to compete in The Amazing Race 2013, seeming Dave may have ruptured his Achilles on the sprint to check-in with The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. Was it worth it to finish in second place for them? We will find out tonight how it all goes down during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 with us!

The Amazing Race 22 - Episode 3

Two big things happened last week on The Amazing Race Season 22: Dave hurt himself and Jamil and Idries were eliminated.

The twin brothers came into the race knowing they were afraid of the water, so how did CBS producers allow them on the show is my question? Don’t most challenges on The Amazing Race feature water? It all seems silly to me, but they struggled finding pearls in the water and Idries wanted to skip the task and move on and take a penalty. Jamil talked him into trying and eventually they quit and tried the other option of the Detour. They successfully completed that and finished the leg of the race, but well behind everyone else and were eliminated. Do you think if they took the penalty would they still be there?

Tonight, it looks like Dave straps on a boot and some crutches and will continue his way through The Amazing Race 22. How long can that last though because he will have to compete in some challenges, which would be hard in that boot. Find out as the teams head to New Zealand tonight for the next leg of The Amazing Race 2013!

Here we go…we pick up with Dave and Connor from last week, where he will need a specialist to check out his Achilles.

To start things off, Bates and Anthony kick things off and they will be flying to Christchurch, New Zealand. The teams head to the airport and purchase tickets. John and Jessica hand over the Express Pass to Dave and Connor. The teams now sit and wait in the airport.

Dave goes to get his leg checked out and it is a torn Achilles tendon, so they go and get a boot and hope for the best. At the airport, alliances are forming, as Caroline and Jen seeming to be aligning with Bates and Anthony. The other alliance is Jessica and John with Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth.

All the teams get the flight to their next destination, which they must take another flight to New Zealand. The first flight lands and they all rush to get tickets. On the first flight out is Pam and Winnie. Second flight is Max and Katie, Joey and Meghan, Jessica and John, Mona and Beth and Dave and Connor. Chuck and Wynona are stuck in the airport waiting for their flight!

The first flight arrives in New Zealand and now they must drive to Rakaia River Gorge to reserve a jet boat and drive to their next tour. The other teams get in their cars and Pam and Winnie are lost, so maybe losing their lead? Dave and Connor find it first and get the first boat. Then Jessica and John are second, Joey and Meghan third, Max and Katie fourth, Pam and Winnie fifth, Mona and Beth sixth, Caroline and Jen seventh, Bates and Anthony eighth and Chuck and Wynona ninth. No boats leave until 6:00 am the next day, so they camp their overnight.

The teams take off the next morning and it is a Detour, to either Rev It Up and Reel It In. For Rev It Up, they will get behind the wheel and navigate through a set of cones in a set amount of time. For Reel It In, they must each catch a fish at least 12 inches long.

The first four teams all choose Rev It Up and get on their four-wheelers to head to it. All the teams choose Rev It Up, but Chuck and Wynona who Reel It In. Dave and Connor are forced to do Reel It In after learning the vehicles have a clutch, so now they must head to the other Detour and are behind schedule.

At Rev It Up, the teams must each complete the cones in 83 seconds total. John and Jessica, Max and Katie, Joey and Meghan all fail on their first attempt of the cars. Dave and Connor are getting no bites, so they use their Express Pass and head to Mt. Hutt Station for the next clue.

John and Jessica get it their second attempt and head out for the next clue. Joey and Meghan get it done also. Katie gets her time under, but Max is the slow one. The other teams arrive to start their first run while Chuck and Wynona get to fishing.

Bates and Anthony fail on first attempt and try again, but Beth and Mona finish on first attempt and head out! Bates and Anthony get it done on their second attempt. Max and Katie finish and then Pam and Winnie complete it and are in seventh place. Wynona catches a good fish, so now up to Chuck. Caroline and Jen finish on their fourth attempt.

Dave and Connor get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, where they will be competing in an obstacle course. They must deliver 12 unbroken eggs at the very end to get their next clue, so of course Connor does it. John and Jessica went in the wrong direction. Connor gets five eggs on his first attempt, so he goes through again. He gets five more on the second attempt and goes back for two.

Max and Katie are lost and arguing and then pass the hockey boys, but they follow along and both lost now. They find a local and ask for directions and must go back and way behind schedule, but who will make up the time on The Amazing Race 22?

Connor gets the other two eggs and now they head to the Pit Stop, which is at Terrance Downs. More teams get to Mt. Hutt Station and John, Winnie, Chuck, Mona and Jen do it. The last teams get there and it a race now. John gets the 12 eggs and they head to the Pit Stop. Pam and Winnie get done third and Caroline and Jen get done fourth.

Meanwhile, Dave and Connor check in with Phil Keoghan and they win a trip to Bangkok. Phil said the race is still going on and hands them the next clue. Are you ready??? Dave is not sure and needs to focus on recovery and that is where it ends!!! To Be Continued….until next week!

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