We start The Amazing Race 22 tonight with eleven teams, but the hard conditions are going to force three teams to quit The Amazing Race 2013, so we will be down to eight teams before the premiere episode even finishes! That is just crazy to think about. These people know what The Amazing Race Season 22 is all about, right? It isn’t like this is the first season of The Amazing Race, so what makes them quit? Join The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan tonight as we meet the new teams during my The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013!

Amazing Race 22 - Premiere

Last season on The Amazing Race, we had some interesting teams between the Texan lovers, the gay goat farmers and those damn twinnies! Josh and Brent shocked everyone when they won The Amazing Race 2012. They were at the back of the race most of the season, but they hung around long enough to win that final leg and the $1 million prize and left the twinnies in their dust, which made me very happy!

Tonight the teams start the first leg of the race in Los Angeles, but then will head out to five continents and nine countries total with the hopes of winning $1 million. I am excited to see why anyone would get the chance to compete on The Amazing Race 2013 and then quit during the first leg of the race. I want to see what forced them all out so early. Is this first leg tonight on The Amazing Race 22 that hard?

Here we go…the teams meet Phil Keoghan at the Griffith Observatory, where they kick off the first leg of the race! A permed mullet on Chuck? Max and Katie have been married for three weeks and I am annoyed already! Who looks like an early favorite for you on The Amazing Race 22?

The teams head out in their Ford Fusions to head to the airport for their first destination. The teams will head to Bora Bora, but there are two flights going there and the first flight only has room for five teams and will arrive an hour earlier! Let the fun times begin!

The teams get on shuttle buses to head to buy tickets. Chuck and Wynona are first team there. Pam and Winnie are second, Idries and Jamil are third, David and Connor are fourth and John and Jessica are fifth, so they all get the first flight. The rest will be an hour behind!

Pam and Winnie are working it to get the Express Pass if they don’t win this leg, so they want to be friendly. Katie is annoying and Max needs to tan some more, right?

The first Road Block is for one member of the team to jump out of a helicopter while the other one watches. Six helicopters will head up with two teams, so a mad dash to sign up for the flights: John and Jamil get first flight then Connor and Winnie on second one and then Chuck on third.

John and Jamil jump and get the next clue, which is to head to Eden Beach. We then have to hear the sob story of Connor and his cancer and I am over it already. John and Jessica get the next clue and have to find the next clue buried under all these sand castles. They must rebuild the castle if the clue is not there!

The other teams arrive and get on the list for flights, which are Caroline and Anthony on fourth, Matt and Max on fifth and Mona and Meghan. Mona screwed up and signed up on the wrong line, so she put them behind the pack!

Caroline and Anthony head up to jump, as the other teams are sweating in the sun trying to find the clues in the sand castles. The teams are sweating when Chuck, with his permed mullet, arrives and tells us he is a manager at Walmart. Anyone shocked?

Jessica finds the clue first and John and her head to the next clue, which is to build a canoe and paddle one mile to the pit stop for tonight on The Amazing Race 22. The last teams jump out of the helicopter, as John and Jessica head out and the canoe is not sturdy and they keep tipping!

While the other teams work on the sand castles, Bates and Anthony and Caroline and Jen arrive and start searching. Bates finds one right away and now the hockey brothers are in second place!

John and Jessica make their way across the waters and check in with Phil Keoghan and they are team number one and get the two Express Passes, which they must give out to one of the other teams by the fourth leg of the race and they are thinking of nixing the idea of giving it to the second place team in their alliance.

As all teams work on the sand castles, Bates and Anthony find the clue and head out on the canoe. Following them are David and Connor in third, Mona and Beth in fourth, Pam and Winnie in fifth, Joey and Meghan in sixth, Idries and Jamil in seventh and Chuck and Wynona in eighth.

David and Connor check in as the third team, so they are hoping to get the Express Pass from Jessica and John. Pam and Winnie check in as the fourth team and Mona and Beth in fifth. Idries and Jamil fall in the water and lose their glasses!

Joey and Meghan check in sixth, Chuck and Wynona check in seventh and Jamil and Idries check in eighth. That leaves Max and Katie, Matthew and Daniel and Caroline and Jen out there still searching, which they have been doing for over three hours. Would you be dying in that sun?

The teams have given up and they decide to all take the penalty and quit the sand castle and make it a race in the canoes. Matt and Daniel were confident they could win, but they keep falling out of the canoe and falling further behind. Max and Katie check in ninth and Caroline and Jen check in tenth and will get the four-hour penalty added on when starting the next leg of the race.

Matthew and Daniel check in as the last team and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 22. Did you see that one coming?

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