With only six teams left in The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21, these next few legs are crucial for the teams wanting to win it all this season. Abbie and Ryan remain in The Amazing Race 21 after winning the first leg, so they are closer and closer to winning the $2 million prize if they win the final leg of The Amazing Race Season 21, which I hope they don’t. Tonight the teams travel to Moscow, but it looks like a huge mistake is about to be done by one of the teams on The Amazing Race 2012, but which team was eliminated on The Amazing Race 21?

The teams get started on the next leg of the race and off first are Trey and Lexi. The teams will now be flying from Istanbul to Moscow, where they will make their way to Zurab Tsereteli Sculpture Park and receive their next clue. They claim their relationship has gotten stronger over the season, as they have almost been dating for three years but barely spend any time together?

Abbie and Ryan take off next and then James and Abba take off, even with Abba and his bad knees. Trey and Lexi get to the airport to get information on tickets and they have no clue where to go to purchase them and are having no luck, so they decide to eat some lunch. Now Natalie and Nadiya take off to the airport. While Trey and Lexi are eating lunch, Abbie and Ryan arrive at airport and start looking up tickets on the computer. They find a connecting flight that they think will get them there sooner, so they book that one…it gets them there at 3:40 am.

Jaymes and James take off as James and Abba book their tickets to arrive in Moscow at 2:00 am, so they think they have scored. Josh and Brent take off as the last team heading out. Trey and Lexi finish lunch as Natalie and Nadiya arrive at the airport and they all head to the ticket counter to find tickets. The twins seem shocked they don’t have tickets yet, but they find a flight that gets them there at 4:00 am, so the first place team will arrive there the latest right now on The Amazing Race 21.

The Chippendales get there and they get the same flight as James and Abba, so will arrive at 2:00 am. Abbie and Ryan walk past Trey and Lexi and it is awkward and Ryan bitches about them not being able to get from point A to point B without them and to grow up. Josh and Brent get to the airport and they choose the same flight as Abbie and Ryan, but with only an hour transfer time.

They all get on the planes to head out of Istanbul, but the flight for Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent gets delayed an hour, so they land and have three minutes to get their connecting flight. They both start running to the connecting flight and both teams missed it!!! I feel bad for Josh and Brent because I like them, but not bad for Abbie and Ryan!

Jaymes and James and James and Abba arrive in Moscow on the same flight. Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan find out they can’t make it to Moscow until 3:10 pm now, which has them both screwed and pretty much a battle between them for not last place. The Sculpture Park is closed, so the Chippendales and James and Abba have to wait out for it to open at 9:30 am.

Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent finally take off on their flight as the other teams all are at the Sculpture Park as it opens and they get their next clue. They will now make their way to Moskvoretsky Most and find the Terrible Gods, who will give them their next clue. Trey and Lexi, the twins and the Chippendales all work together to find it as James and Abba do their on thing on The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21, which they have done all season and done quite well.

James and Abba get to the Terrible Gods first and get the next clue, which is a Detour. They can either Alphabetize, which is to go to the library holding 24 million books and find four books written in Russian. They will have to find the location by sifting through the card catalogs and then locate the book. Or they can do Synchronized, which is learning a synchronized swimming routine with the Russian swim team and be in sync with them.

Because of Abba’s knees, James and Abba choose Alphabetized. Trey and Lexi also decide on the library, but the other teams all choose Synchronized. James and Abba arrive at the library to start looking for their books. They are struggling and not understanding the alphabet and Abba said he would rather drown. James and Jaymes arrive at the swimming pool and they are lost with the moves and all the rolls and spins with their floral swimming caps.

The twins finally get a taxi, but are an hour behind now and trying to decide if they should use their Express Pass or save it. Jaymes and James try the routine and after four tries they are still not having any success. James and Abba are still struggling with the alphabet and have no books found. Trey and Lexi arrive at the library and start looking for their books. They struggle, but then find the card for one of their books as James and Abba give up and head over to swim.

Natalie and Nadiya get to the pool as Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan land in Moscow. The twins can’t understand their instructor, but then Trey and Lexi have found the location of all their books and start looking for the actual book. Natalie and Nadiya are struggling with the routine because they aren’t speaking English, so considering the Express Pass again. Jaymes and James tell them to stay and not use it, but they are worried about Abbie and Ryan. The twins feel like losers and stay to swim.

Back to Trey and Lexi on The Amazing Race Season 21 and they find all four books and get them checked in and are correct, so they get the next clue: head to The Luzhkov Most and the “Trees of Love” to find their next clue. Jaymes and James try their routine again and get the approval and head out to the Trees of Love.

Trey and Lexi get to the Trees of Love and find the Road Block: they must find a race ribbon on one of the trees and then find the key to unlock all ten of the locks on the race ribbon. They will find the clue in the race ribbon once it is all unlocked and it will reveal their next destination. Trey starts working on the locks as James and Abba arrive at the swimming pool. Since they are in last place, Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent make a pack to run the remainder of the race together…will that come back to hurt either of them? Will they both keep the pact?

James starts working on the locks as Trey gets his first and second lock undone. Natalie and Nadiya complete the routine and head to the trees. Trey get the hang of things and starts unlocking the locks quicker and quicker. Now James and Abba arrive at the pool and the coach is afraid after seeing them. Trey gets all ten locks unlocked and they get the picture of their next destination, which is The Bolshoi Theater and the Pit Stop of this leg of The Amazing Race 21.

James and Abba work on their routine as Trey and Lexi arrive at Phil Keoghan and check in as team number one and have won a trip to Maui. James gets the last lock unlocked and head out. Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan arrive in Moscow together and head out as Jaymes and James check in as team number two. James and Abba finally get the approval of the coach as the last place teams head to the pool because the library is closed.

Natalie and Nadiya unlock the locks and head to the check in. They check in as the number three team. Ryan is picking up on the swimming quickly, but Josh and Brent are not doing good. James and Abba start on the locks, but then realize they told their cab driver to stay and now go out to find him and he is gone with all their stuff! They don’t know if they will get their stuff back, but Abba keeps going on with the locks. They get all the locks, but now they have enough money to finish the leg, but then Abba doesn’t have a passport continue. They go and head to check-in to see if they will be able to move on.

Abbie and Ryan get the routine done, but they sit and wait for the boys to finish, which is very admirable. Brent is struggling and doesn’t know if he will ever finish since he can’t really even swim. James and Abba check in and are the fourth team to arrive, but in order to continue they must produce his passport. Now they must find the cab in a  city of ten million people, but can they find it before the last place teams catch up on The Amazing Race 21?

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