We have seen seven team eliminated on The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 and now we are at the two hour season finale of The Amazing Race 21. Four teams remain: the Chippendales, the Goat Farmers, the Dating Texans and the Twins. One more team will be eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 21 before we get to see the final three teams compete for that $1 million prize. Who will win The Amazing Race 21? Check out my The Amazing Race 21 predictions and then come back tonight to watch who won The Amazing Race 2012 during my The Amazing Race 21 live recap!

Here is the deal: we have four teams left, but three of the teams have an alliance, so it is Josh and Brent, who have spent most of this race in the last two spots but have managed to fight their way to the finale, up against the other three teams (Trey and Lexi, Jaymes and James and Natatlie and Nadiya). The twins were the last team to check in with Phil Keoghan on the last episode, but of course it was a non-elimination challenge and they will face a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race. That is a huge disadvantage for them, but I was hoping to see them go home on The Amazing Race 2012. Will their alliance help them through it all tonight?

We have a two-hour season finale and I am excited for it. For me, I am rooting for The Beekmans to win it all. They have played a fair game and have been in last place most of the time, but they have held their heads high and finished. Will they win? Doubtful, but I can hope and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see them in the winner’s circle. I do think they will make the final three teams and the Speed Bump will do in Natalie and Nadiya. I think tonight on The Amazing Race Season 21 it will be a battle between Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James.

I don’t mind either of those two couples, but in an odd twist this season, I have come to like the Chippendales. I thought I would not enjoy them going into the season, but they have made me question that. They are two good guys with funny personalities and Jaymes is doing this for his Dad who is fighting cancer, which brings a tear to my eye. Trey and Lexi have won three legs of the race and are very strong, but I think Jaymes and James will work it out during this final leg of the race and take home the $1 million. Trey and Lexi come in second and Josh and Brent finish in third while we forget about the twins in the first hour!

What do you think of my The Amazing Race 21 predictions? Who are you picking to win this season? Who are you rooting for to win though?

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