The time has arrived on The Amazing Race 21 for us to find out who won The Amazing Race Season 21! We have four teams left: Jaymes and James (The Chippendales), Natalie and Nadiya (The Twins), Trey and Lexi (The Dating Texans) and Josh and Brent (The Goat Farmers). In the two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race 2012, we get to see who wins the $1 million prize after we have seen seven teams eliminated so far. It should be an intense two hours, so don’t miss a thing and come watch with me during my The Amazing Race 21 live recap and find out who won The Amazing Race 2012!

Last week on The Amazing Race 21, we were down to four teams and Josh and Brent were starting out with a huge disadvantage, as they have spent the past few legs of the race hours behind the other teams. Thanks to flights to Spain they were able to make up that time. The other three teams have a strong alliance, but eventually that alliance has to be cracked and it was last week. We saw Jaymes and James get lost and decided to do their own thing and not follow Trey and Lexi. Then we saw the Twins get lost as they struggled with driving the car and they fell way behind, which allowed Josh and Brent to pass them! The Twins finished in last place on The Amazing Race 2012, but of course it was a non-elimination challenge and they survive another week.

Tonight Natalie and Nadiya will face a Speed Bump along the way, which could take them completely out of the race. With only four teams left, this will be an intense episode and after two hours of racing and fighting and sweating, we will see who won The Amazing Race Season 21. Come back later and watch with me during my The Amazing Race 21 Live Recap!

We get things started and Trey and Lexi get started first and will fly to Barcelona, Spain where they will then catch a train to Loire Valley, France to find the next clue. Jaymes and James take off next with Josh and Brent taking off next and Natalie and Nadiya are last. The Twins are hoping the other two teams help them to get past this Speed Bump. All of the teams are on the flight to Barcelona.

They arrive in Barcelona and take the train to France and Natalie and Nadiya keep yelling about how Josh and Brent are coasting through and don’t deserve to be there and they overhear that there is officially an alliance and I think that will motivate them to win this thing…watch out Twinies!

They get to France and arrive at their cars on The Amazing Race 21. They must get crates and load them into the Fird Escape and then head over to Chateau de Villandry and find the Stone Dog and their next clue. They must take eight crates and kick open the back end of the car. The three teams are working together, so Josh and Brent just stick with them and follow, which is so smart!

Josh and Brent are just going to let Natalie and Nadiya let their nerves get to them and the Twins are determined to loose the Beekmans, but they are standing strong. They all start looking for the Stone Dog. Josh comes up and starts speaking French, which scares the other teams. They all race to the dog and they are a little worried about them…I love it!

The teams get the next clue on The Amazing Race 2012 and they now must head to Leonardo da Vinci’s final resting place, Chateau D’Amboise, to find their next clue. Natalie and Nadiya have their Speed Bump though they must do, which is to find the princess and lace up a corset and once it is properly done they can move on. The Twins start running their mouth and telling the other two teams to lose the Beekmans and Josh is faking his ankle injury and blah blah…god, they are such bitches. The Beekmans are riding their coattails and lose them…kind of like the Twins have done all season on The Amazing Race 21?

Natalie and Nadiya get to the corset and start lacing them up. The other teams start working with Josh and Brent, even though the alliance is broken up. Josh and Brent are leading the pack because Josh can speak French. The twins get the corset right and head back out. Josh and Brent get lost and they pull over to get directions and the twins are heading out now.

The three teams get to da Vinci’s tomb and get the next clue, which is a Detour. They have two options: Chow or Plow. They can either make the daily meal for a pack of hungry hunting hounds (Chow) or use a horse to plow a field (Plow). Jaymes and James do Plow and Trey and Lexi and Josh and Brent do Chow. The Beekmans asked Trey and Lexi to wait, but they leave them in the dust as the twins get to the tomb. The Twins decide to do Chow. Trey and Lexi change plans to do the plowing and they are the first team there.

They chose a plowing lane, horse and plow and get to work on The Amazing Race Season 21. Lexi has horses on her ranch in Texas, so she is feeling good. They start plowing, but not staying in a straight line at all. Jaymes and James and Josh and Brent meet at Plow, but can’t find the right location. Natalie and Nadiya find Trey and Lexi and decide to do the plows. Jaymes and James now find it and Josh and Brent are right behind them, so the twins are happy.

Natalie and Nadiya do Chow and Josh and Brent are right behind them. They start cutting the meat and the Twins start running their mouths. It is the Evil Twins against the Evil Gays. The Chippendales now start doing the plow, so it seems all even right now. Josh and Brent try to talk to the twins and distract them from cutting the meat…too funny. The gays have a good system going with the meat, so hopefully they can get ahead.

Josh and Brent de-bone the meat and then get 20 kg of dog food to add to the meat and the twins are ticked. Trey and Lexi finish the plowing and get approval and get the next clue, which is to find La Cave Des Roches. Jaymes and James finish and start heading out in second place. Josh and Brent feed the dogs and get the next clue as the twins are still cutting meat!

Trey and Lexi get to the next stop and they must find ten varieties of mushrooms in the unique farm and load them in the crates from earlier. Lexi heads in to the cave to find the mushrooms. Jaymes and James arrive and Jaymes starts looking for mushrooms. The twins finish feeding the dogs and head out, but Josh and Brent are lost yet again. I want to root for them, but they just can’t get directions down at all!

Lexi thinks she has the ten mushrooms, as it goes dark on all of the cave. Lexi is confused and can’t get out of the cave. Jaymes comes out first, but he does not have it right and he has to go back in. He thinks he has one wrong. Lexi is done and she has them correct and they get the next clue, which is to drive to Chateau de Chenonceau, which is the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race 21.

They start heading out as Jaymes tries again to check his mushrooms. He is right the second time and they head out to the Pit Stop, so it looks like it is down to the Twins and the Gays…come on Josh and Brent! Trey and Lexi find the wrong castle and must go up 15 minutes. The twins get to the mushrooms first, but Josh and Brent are behind them. Jaymes and James get to Phil Keoghan first and are the number one team tonight and they each have won a Ford Escape! Trey and Lexi check in second, so down to the other two teams.

Brent is searching for the mushrooms and Natalie is right there with him. Josh and Brent are farmers, so can they do this? Natalie comes out first and Brent can’t find the exit. Natalie got it right, so they head out and Brent is lost! They frustrate me so much!!!!

Brent finds the exit and he gets the mushrooms right, so they head out to the castle. Now it is a battle to the Pit Stop and Josh and Brent suck at directions, so they will probably lose. They left like ten minutes ahead, so will they keep the lead. There is a detour, but Josh decides to head to the river. The Twins get out and ask for directions and they are going in the wrong direction. Josh and Brent get stuck in the detour and must head back. It is a race against each other and I am shocked, but Josh and Brent check in as team number three!!!! Natalie and Nadiya check in as team number four and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 2012!!! Twinies, Twinies, Twinies!!!

It is down to Jaymes and James, Trey and Lexi and Josh and Brent on The Amazing Race 2012! Stay tuned…we have another hour!

Jaymes and James take off first and the final destination in New York City! The get a postcard for Coney Island Boardwalk, which will be the location of the next clue. Josh and Brent are from New York, so they might have an advantage here!

They all get to the airport and it is a battle now. No more alliances and it is on, but who wins The Amazing Race 21? Josh and Brent have never won a leg of the race, so this would be their first victory is they win it all.

They all arrive in NYC and start heading out to Coney Island. Jaymes and James get there first and Trey and Lexi are next. They can’t find the clue, but keep searching for it as Josh and Brent get there. Jaymes and James and Trey and Lexi head into the park to find the clue, but no luck.

Lexi finds some clues on the signs and writes them down and Josh and Brent see them and write it down too, so the Chippendales are stuck still looking. It is tricky because it is located on the posters. Come on Chippendales!

Jaymes and James finally find the clue and start heading to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Trey and Lexi get there first and it is a Road Block. They will have to escape Houdini-Style. They will be put in a straight jacket upside down up in the air fifteen stories and if they get out of it, they will then be dropped down on the bungee rope and will get the next clue. trey does it, even though he hates closed areas and heights! Brent does it for them and Jaymes and James arrive.

Trey is getting hoisted up first and starts getting out of the straight jacket and he is doing very well. He gets out of it very quickly and then drops quickly and he is scared out of his mind! It is funny to see. Brent heads up next as Trey and Lexi take off to the first pizzeria in NYC. They find out it is Lombardi’s, but are they correct?

Brent gets up there and is quick and gets out of the jacket as Jaymes gets started. Josh and Brent head out as Jaymes finishes. They all find out it is Lombardi’s, as Trey and Lexi arrive there. They will now have to deliver ten pizzas to three different loyal customers. They have to remember the addresses and the orders for each location and deliver by foot!

Trey and Lexi head out and Josh and Brent start delivering. Jaymes and James finally get their taxi and start heading to Lombardi’s. Trey and Lexi and Josh and Brent both make a successful first delivery. Trey and Lexi get their second delivery correct. Josh and Brent deliver their second, but give them the wrong order as Trey and Lexi finish their last correct delivery.

Trey and Lexi finish correctly and get the next clue, which is a symbol of the United Nations, but they must figured that out. Jaymes and James arrive and start going through the pizzas as Josh and Brent arrive back and they are told they screwed up the two locations and must re-do them!

Both Josh and Brent and Jaymes and James head out to deliver the pizzas. Josh and Brent get it right this time and head back to the pizza shop. Jaymes and James finish their three deliveries and are heading back. Josh and Brent get the clue and head to the U.N. Brent keeps blaming Josh for the error, but in reality it was him that made the error!

Trey and Lexi get to the United Nations and get the next clue, which is the Road Block. They must figure out the flags for all of the nine U.N. countries they visited and figure out how they say hello and goodbye at the Pit Stop in each country. Lexi gets started on it. Josh and Brent arrive and Josh has to do it.

Lexi has two flags done as Brent finished his flag. Jaymes and James arrive and it is time for them to catch up. James will be working on this Road Block. It is a battle now for who can guess the languages right with the right flag! This is a hard challenge on The Amazing Race 2012. Once they get past Spain and France the teams don’t have a clue. Lexi is freaking out and starts crying…suck it up!

Josh gets his third flag correct and they take an early lead. He has turned it into a math problem and he does it combination on each pole and he now has four flags down as James gets his third flag done. Josh gets the fifth flag. Lexi has three flags and keeps crying. Two and a half hours have passed now and they are still going at it. Josh needs one more flag as James gets down to one flag as well. They go back and forth on the flags with getting them wrong.

Josh gets the final flag right and they can raise the U.N. flag and get the final clue, which is to head to Gotham Hall. Josh and Brent head out and try to find Gotham Hall and ask a taxi driver as James finishes and they head out. Both are in taxis, but what team will finish first? Lexi is having a breakdown, so they pretty much are out of it on The Amazing Race 2012!

We get to the check-in and I got chills. Checking in first are…Josh and Brent and they have won The Amazing Race Season 21. I love the fact Abbie and Ryan are there and jumping and screaming for them. I am so happy! Jaymes and James come in second and Trey and Lexi finish in third. What a touching moment!

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