The teams head to Amsterdam tonight on The Amazing Race 21 and it looks like they are in for a game-changing leg of the race on The Amazing Race 2012. With only five teams left, these remaining couples are going to have to do whatever it takes to take home the prize at the end of it all. You won’t want to miss The Amazing Race Season 21 tonight because you never know what will happen, especially during a Double U-Turn! Come watch with me during my The Amazing Race 21 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2012!

Last week we saw the tough times and luck run out for James and Abba, which I was so upset to see. They have played a very good game all season and won a few of the legs along the way. They kept quiet and didn’t even start drama when their money was stolen in Bangladesh. These were some class acts and I was rooting for them to win it all this season, but when the taxi driver drove off with their bags and Abba’s passport, it was nearly impossible for them to continue in the race. Find the taxi that contains Abba’s passport in a city of 8 million people…not so easy to do!

Not only is it getting to the end of The Amazing Race Season 21, but another reason to tune in tonight is because it looks like Jaymes and James put on their Chippendales outfits to earn some money on the streets of Amsterdam. Enough of a reason to get me to tune in! Their will be a Double U-Turn tonight, which could change the game around completely. You won’t want to miss it, so come back for my The Amazing Race 21 Live Recap!

Jaymes and James start out this leg of the race and get a flag to show which country they will be heading to next. They figure out they are going to Amsterdam and once there they will make their way to the rail station to find their next clue. Lexi and Trey start next and they ask the taxi driver and he tells them they are going to France. They meet the strippers at the airport and tell them it is Netherlands and they are headed to Amsterdam.

Natalie and Nadiya arrive at the airport and start to try and work out a flight. Jaymes and James take an earlier flight, but it has a 45 minute connecting flight. The twins take a flight with an hour connecting flight and Trey and Lexi take the later flight. Abbie and Ryan are worried about the U-Turn because they will all use it on them on The Amazing Race 21. The twins, Jaymes and James and Trey and Lexi decide that the first team U-Turns Abbie and Ryan and then the second team will U-Turn the first team, so it is too late and it ruins Abbie and Ryan from doing anything.

The flights take off and the twins have a connecting flight to arrive in Amsterdam at 11:30 am, Jaymes and James have a direct flight to get there at 12:15 pm, Trey and Lexi have a connecting flight to arrive in Amsterdam at 1:05 pm and Abbie and Ryan have two flights booked (since they missed the connecting flight before) for either arrival in Amsterdam at 12:45 pm or 2:05 pm. Josh and Brent now arrive at the airport to purchase their tickets. 

Natalie and Nadiya arrive in Amsterdam first. Josh and Brent take off to arrive in Amsterdam at 4:35 pm. The twins find the first clue. They find a Fast Forward, where they must make their way to the Van Gogh Cafe and find The Floating Dutchman. If they can complete this, they will bypass all the tasks on this leg. Jaymes and James touch down in Amsterdam and wait to head to Central Station as the twins get on The Floating Dutchman.

Abbie and Ryan get to their connecting flight and miss it again on The Amazing Race 2012! They get the other flight, but it puts them behind schedule. The connecting flight has mechanical problems and they won’t take off as scheduled! Do you feel bad for them? The de-icer can not be fixed, so they have to switch planes!

The twins get in the water on The Floating Dutchman and they will have seven minutes to eat five herring each before it returns to land. If they don’t do it, then the bus returns to the cafe and they must wait ten minutes before they can try again. They start eating and are gagging on it. Nadiya has one complete, but they are struggling and probably won’t get it done in time.

Jaymes and James and they decide to try the Fast Forward as well. Somehow, someway the twins eat five herring each and they get to head to the Pit Stop! They see Jaymes and James, who will now have to go back and do the leg of the race. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ryan are trying to get a flight to make their way to Amsterdam.

Trey and Lexi arrive in Amsterdam and get the next clue and they forget the Fast Forward and go to . So, Natalie and Nadiya meet Phil Keoghan and check in as team number one. For winning, they each win $5,000 in cash! That would be a nice treat.

Jaymes and James arrive at Poffertjesboot and get a nice little treat and get the next clue for The Amazing Race Season 21. It is a Detour and they can either do Back In Time, where they will recreate a Rambrandt artwork, or Organ To Grind, where they have to find one of three organs on the street and one player will play while the other tries to collect 30 euro.

Jaymes and James decide to do Organ To Grind. James does the grinding and Jaymes tries to collect the money. He is struggling a little, but has collected a couple euros. Trey and Lexi get their treats and decide to do the organ as well. There is a U-Turn ahead, so they hope Jaymes and James do it to Abbie and Ryan.

The Chippendales get half way there and it dies out, so they put on their Chippendale outfits and do some dancing to earn the money. They get up to 20 euro and then a cute little grandma comes up and gives them ten euro and they are done! Now they will make their way to Museum Geelvinck to find the next clue.

Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent both arrive at the airport at the same time, so they decide to do the leg of the race together again. Jaymes and James get to the garden and get the clue, but it is a Double U-Turn. They don’t want to play a dirty game, even though they said they would. Will the good or bad side prevail?

The bad prevailed and Jaymes wanted to go home with the money, so they U-Turn Abbie and Ryan and head to Ransdorp for the next clue. Abbie and Ryan will now have to do both of the Detours. Jaymes feels terrible and knows they will hate them.

Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan arrive to the Central Station and head out to Poffertjesboot as Trey starts grinding and Lexi starts collecting euros. Jaymes and James get to the next spot, which is a Road Block. They will be Ditch Vaulting! James takes it on and he is successful in his first try and grabs the next clue and vaults back and they are headed to the Pit Stop.

Trey and Lexi get the 30 euros and head to the next clue as Jaymes and James check in as team number two. Jaymes hopes he didn’t lose any friends, but he did this for his parents and wants to go home and present them with $1 million. Trey and Lexi get to the garden and are excited to see that the Chippendales did U-Turn Abbie and Ryan, so they U-Turn Jaymes and James, so it looks like we could be saying goodbye to Abbie and Ryan tonight on The Amazing Race 2012.

Now Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan decide to do Back In Time and they are trying to recreate the masterpiece all together. Trey does the ditch vaulting and he does it in one try and they are headed to Phil to check in. Meanwhile, both of the teams do the painting correctly and they are now headed to the garden as Trey and Lexi check in as team number three.

Now the drama starts as Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent arrive at the garden to see that Abbie and Ryan have be U-Turned. Will Josh and Brent stick with them or move on??? Ryan and Abbie head back to the the grinding and Josh and Brent are trying to decide what to do. Josh wants to go stay with them, but Brent said let’s prove everyone wrong and win this.

Abbie gets to collecting money and gets to 30 euros. Josh and Brent get to the Ditch Vaulting and Josh takes on the vaulting and he gets over in one try, but does hurt his ankle. They head to the check-in as Abbie and Ryan head to the Ditch Vaulting. Josh and Brent check in and they are team number four. Ryan struggles with the Ditch Vaulting, but he gets it done and they go check in with Phil Keoghan. They are in last place and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 21 and they have lost out on their chance of winning $2 million!

Would you be mad at Jaymes and James for what they did?

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