We were left wondering what would happen last week on The Amazing Race 2012 when James and Abba left a bag in the taxi and the driver left them and now Abba is without a passport. Phil Keoghan wouldn’t let them check in without a passport, so will they be able to finish The Amazing Race 21? We will find out tonight who was eliminated from The Amazing Race Season 21 during my The Amazing Race 21 live recap.

We also were left watching Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent way behind all the other teams after missing a connecting flight and decided to complete this leg of The Amazing Race 2012 together. Will that work? It was down to those two teams and James and Abba, who were sent out into Moscow to somehow try and find the taxi that left them without a passport. It is now a battle between the three teams to see who will be eliminated, but we were left with “To Be Continued…”

Tonight on The Amazing Race Season 21 we will see the teams head back to school and get tested on Russian geography, which most of them look like they don’t know too much about it. They will also be learning a Russian dance, which seems right up the alley of the Chippendales, right? I am very interested to see how it ends with James and Abba, so come watch with me during my The Amazing Race 21 live recap. It would be kind of amazing if they found the taxi driver, but I am doubting it will happen.

James and Abba head out to make some phone calls to the police to try and find their bags. Meanwhile, Josh and Brent were trying to finish the swimming and they have one more attempt to get it done before the pool closes. They are not successful and get the next clue, but also get a four-hour penalty. They all head over to work on the locks as James and Abba talk to people to find their bags.

Josh and Brent finish their locks right away and then they go and help Abbie, who is struggling with the locks. Abba has contacted for a new passport, but that won’t be done in time. Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan arrive at Phil and they are shocked to learn that they are team four and team five and Josh and Brent will have a four hour penalty to start the next race.

James and Abba come to check in and this is a non-elimination challenge, so they still have a chance on The Amazing Race 21 and have to do a Speed Bump. So, until they need to produce their passport, then they can remain in the race. Once they need to produce the passport then they will be eliminated. Can he get the passport in time before they leave Moscow?

Trey and Lexi start off the next leg of the race and the teams are headed to the Agricultural Academy where they will find the next clue. Their taxi driver drops them off at the wrong place and now must get another driver to go to the right location. Jaymes and James get started on the next leg. Trey and Lexi are still lost as Jaymes and James arrive at the Agricultural Academy and have to wait for it to open at 8:00 and their taxi driver waits with them. Trey and Lexi arrive and they all go in when it opens.

It is time for the Road Block and the teams will given the time in Moscow and then have to calculate the time in five different Russian cities. Once they complete it all, they will get their next clue. Jaymes and Abbie take it on. They are not successful in their first attempt. They keep failing as Natalie and Nadiya take off and have an Express Pass that they must use this leg. Abbie and Jaymes start working together and at Test #11 they finally figure it out and get their next clue.

It is time for the Detour and their two choices are either do a Russian soldier dance or they can identify seven historical figures at a cocktail party. Both of them decide to dance. Jaymes and James help Trey and Lexi get a taxi because they helped them out. They arrive at dancing and James sprained his ankle a while back, so they are worried about him dancing on it for The Amazing Race 21. James is having issues and in a lot of pain.

The twins get to the Academy and decide to use their Express Pass and move on to do the dance as well. After a failed attempt, Jaymes and James pass the dance and now move on to Sokolniki Park, which is the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race 2012. Trey and Lexi finish the dance and head out as well. Jaymes and James are trying to get their first first place finish.

Natalie and Nadiya are practicing their dance and Natalie keeps ripping her pants and must change them, which wastes some time. Abbie and Ryan finally head out to the Academy as Jaymes and James check in as team number one and win a trip to Costa Rica. Trey and Lexi check in as team number two.

The twins get the dance done and head to the Pit Stop. Josh and Brent are waiting out their penalty and James and Abba are waiting to start. Ryan works on the time zones and he is confident that he is right with his answers after the first test that he is packing up his stuff, but he is wrong! So, he continues to get it wrong over and over again as the twin check in as team number three. Josh and Brent and James and Abba head out, but Abba is trying to find a way to get a quick passport.

Meanwhile, Ryan is on Test #22 and he thinks the file is corrupt and something is missing and he is getting angry. Finally at Test #25 he figures out the secret and he gets the test correct and they move on to do some dancing. James and Abba head to the police station to see if the passport was turned in. Josh and Brent get to the time zones test and Brent takes it on. Brent figures it out right away and he gets it right on the first try and they head out to do find the historical figures.

James and Abba do all they can do to find the passport and try to finish this leg of the race. Abbie and Ryan get the dance done and now are headed to the Pit Stop. Josh and Brent get to the cocktail party and enjoy themselves and get it all correct and head to the Pit Stop. Abbie and Ryan are team number four and then Josh and Brent are team number five.

We get a quick look at James and Abba as they go through the leg of the race and they check in and they are the last place team and are eliminated from The Amazing Race 2012 season 21. I don’t like that at all. They were a strong team and lost because of this error, which sucks for them.

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