The Amazing Race 21 remains in Bangladesh tonight, as the teams are taking on one of the most grueling challenges in The Amazing Race history. With such heat and people and buses everywhere, these are challenges that can break these teams down on The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21. Come back tonight to find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 21.

Last week on The Amazing Race 21, we saw James and Mark take a big chance and did the Fast Forward when all the other teams did the Road Blocks. It paid off, as James and Mark finished in first place after collecting rats all over town. The other teams struggled through their challenges, but super fans Gary and Will ran out of luck and finally finished in last place, a spot they often frequented but somehow managed to avoid the bottom spot every week in the end. Abbie and Ryan remain a strong team and will win $2 million if they win it all in the end, so they have some motivation!

Tonight it looks like the teams will be put to the pressure and it even brings the Chippendales (Jaymes and James) to their knees. A lot of people get annoyed by the twins (Natalie and Nadiya) and their constant cheering, but I think it is nice to see them cheering each other on and not arguing and yelling like the other teams on The Amazing Race 21. Come back and see who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2012 in my The Amazing Race 21 live recap.

Two hours before the pit start James skypes with his wife and finds out that his Dad has stage 4 cancer and now he has motivation to do this for his Dad, which is awesome. They get started first and will travel to the Jatrabari Market and they must find a vendor selling eggplant, who will have their next clue. They head out and hope to never see another team the rest of the way. They find the vendor right and get the next clue, which is to head to Ferry Ghat Road to find the next clue.

Abbie and Ryan head out and are looking to be the strongest team in The Amazing Race history and win nine legs of the race and they have two legs won so far. The twins start out as James and Abba get to the next clue and it is a road block. They must use sticks and ropes to build and balance a scale. They must balance four heavy stones on one side with the same amount of sticks on the other side. Once they get it balanced they will get their next clue. James gets started on building the scale and is struggling. He has the pyramid built and is attaching the scale and thought he had it, but he does not get approval and must figure out what he is missing on the scale.

The twins and Abbie and Ryan are stuck in their taxis with traffic not moving and they are sweating big time. They both find the vendor and head out for the next clue. Josh and Brent head out to get started on the leg and then Rob and Kelley get started and then the Chippendales.

James gets approval on the scale and now must get the stones and wood to be in balance and he gets it right away and they get their next clue. It is a Detour on The Amazing Race 2012 and it is a choice between Straw Dogs or Bamboo Jungle. They must either help manufacture a bag or collect bamboo and transport it to a local construction site. James and Abba pick the Bamboo Jungle.

Abbie and Ryan get to the Road Block and Abbie starts building the scale as the twins are right there with them and Ryan is annoyed with the twins and their cheering. The others are struggling to find the vendor as Trey and Lexi, the last team, gets started. Josh and Brent are lost and a mess right now and falling behind.

James and Abba get to the Bamboo Jungle and get their bike ready and find the bamboo and start loading it up. Natalie keeps cheering on Nadiya and gets the kids involved and it is so funny and I love them! Anyone else? Nadiya gets approval for her scale and gets to start on balancing, but Abbie has to redo the scale. Meanwhile, the Chippendales and Rob and Kelley find the vendor and get the next clue as Lexi and Trey and Josh and Brent get taxis to find the vendor. James and Abba are getting tired carrying all the bamboo in the sun, but they get it loaded and start heading to the construction site.

The twins get it completed and head out to Bamboo Jungle and Ryan is not happy they are behind them now. Abbie gets approval for the scale as both the Chippendales and Rob and Kelley get started. Abbie must now move the scale higher and must restart it. James and Abba are going through town with their bamboo as Abbie gets approval and they head to Straw Dog. All the teams arrive at the scales now and Kelley is starting to get hot in the heat.

Jaymes gets approval for his scale and then gets it to balance, as they get their clue and they are in fourth as they head to Bamboo Jungle. The twins struggle and finally find the right bamboo in the jungle on The Amazing Race 21. James and Abba get the next clue, which is an image of Lok Shilpa Jadughar and they must figure that out. They figure that out and find it and that is the next pit stop, so James and Abba are in a good spot to win this leg, as they get in a taxi headed there.

Natalie and Nadiya are struggling carrying the bamboo through the jungle and Abbie and Ryan get to the factory for Straw Dog. Trey gets approval for the scale and gets them ahead of the other two teams. Brent can’t get approval, but then Kelley gets approval. Trey gets it to balance and they take off for Bamboo Jungle in fifth place. Kelley gets it to balance and they head to Bamboo Jungle in sixth place. Meanwhile, James and Abba get to Phil and they are team number one again (and they did not see another team along this leg like they wanted) and they win a trip to Malaysia for the victory and he gets emotional for his Dad, so of course I do too…I’m such a girl!

Abbie and Ryan try to get approval for the straw and none of them are right, so they must redo them all. Jaymes and James get to the Bamboo Jungle and are happy to have a heavy challenge, but then try too hard in the heat and must take a break for some water. Rob and Kelley start carrying a ton of the bamboo at one time, as Rob is throwing a ton on his shoulders. Abbie and Ryan get the straw right this time and continue manufacturing the bags on The Amazing Race Season 21.

Brent can’t get his scale figured out and he has the stick in the wrong place, so he keeps getting it wrong and is getting more and more weak, which has Josh concerned. What do you think of this weather? Josh gets some water in him and he gets past the dehydration and finally notices the stick and then he gets to work on the balancing. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ryan get to Phil and they are team two, which Ryan is pissed about. He is such an ass and I am over him. How do you all feel about Ryan on The Amazing Race 21.

The twins bike breaks as they carry their bamboo and finally get it there and get the next clue. Josh and Brent get the scale balanced and they head to Bamboo Jungle. Rob and Kelley are heading to the construction site and getting in fights with each other. The Chippendales and Lexi and Trey have a mixup with their bamboos and I think that is going to come back to hurt one of them. The Chippendales head out and leave three bamboo sticks behind, so they will have to come back to get them and don’t realize they forgot them. The twins check in at the pit stop as they are team number three.

Lexi and Trey notice the three sticks the Chippendales left back, but they head out. Jaymes and James push through the sand and get to the checkin, but they don’t have the sticks and must go back to get three more. Jaymes falls on the ground and is not sure how he can go back. Would you be able to? Josh and Brent may have a new life on The Amazing Race Season 21.

They down some water and are determined to do this and the Chippendales head back to get three more pieces. Josh and Brent are fabulous and working on gathering bamboo as Trey and Lexi get approval and head to the pit stop as Rob and Kelley are team number four and the Trey and Lexi are team number five. Jaymes and James head back to get the three pieces and get them and head back and get approval and check in as team number six.

Josh and Brent know they are in last place, but cheer through the streets as they go to check in. They finally get to Phil and check-in to be the last team. However, it is a non-elimination week and they are safe! They will encounter a speed bump in the next leg of the race they must complete, but they are still alive on The Amazing Race 2012. Did you see that one coming? I called it!

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