There are only two more episodes left of The Amazing Race 21 and the teams are going to be fighting even harder to try and win that $1 million prize for winning The Amazing Race 2012. We are down to the Final Four on The Amazing Race Season 21 and it seems the Top 3 teams (Jaymes and James, Trey and Lexi and Natalie and Nadiya) have a strong alliance together up until this point, but will that be tested tonight on The Amazing Race 21? Come back tonight for my The Amazing Race 21 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2012.

We finally saw Abbie and Ryan get outmaneuvered by the alliance, as they were gunning for them all season to get them out of the competition. Abbie and Ryan were a strong team and had a chance to win $2 million, so everyone wanted them gone. They had some bad breaks with flights and fell further and further behind, but formed a strong relationship and Josh and Brent. A Double U-Turn put an end to their dreams, so they lose out just two episodes from the end on The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21.

Tonight the teams head to Spain and have some athletic challenges in front of them, which often have been a struggle for Josh ans Brent and with them so far behind, will we finally see the end of Josh and Brent? I think they may surprise people and somehow make it to the final episode. You can find that out tonight during my The Amazing Race 21 Live Recap.

The twins won the last leg of the race, so they kick things off first tonight. The teams will hed to Barcelona, Spain. They will then head to Mallorca once in Barcelona. They head to the airport and get a good lead on everyone else, as they take off on a quick flight. Jaymes and James and then Trey and Lexi take off to the airport. The three teams are all making their way to Barcelona.

Natalie and Nadiya arrive first and head to check out the ferry to get to Mallorca, but it is closed until 10:00 am. Josh and Brent finally take off to the airport for Barcelona. Josh hurt his ankle on the last challenge, so it is all wrapped up and he is pain, but hoping to get through it. Jaymes and James arrive at the ferry and run into both Natalie and Nadiya and Trey and Lexi, so it is a happy reunion. They have 12 hours before the ferry takes off, so they are hitting the beach. Will this give Josh and Brent a chance to catch up on The Amazing Race 21?

It definitely does, as they all arrive at the Ferry Station and there are Josh and Brent, so it is an even race now. Josh and Brent finally feel like they could win this again, after being alone or with Abbie and Ryan for most of the race. They get off the ferry and start heading to Mallorca. Josh and Brent, of course, go to the wrong place and behind again.

Their all these devils and flinging fire around and the teams must get the clues from them. The three teams all get the clue and Josh and Brent are left in last place again. They now must drive to Centro de Alto Rendimiento for the next clue. They all head out together, which is starting to tick me off. Anyone else?

Josh and Brent get to the devils and get the clue and head to the car for the next clue. Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James are driving together, but Natalie and Nadiya get lost in the dust, because Nadiya can’t drive a stick and have lost the group and don’t know where they are going on The Amazing Race 2012! This makes me happy!

Josh and Brent are happy with the driving and reading a map, so they may pass the twins. Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James get to the next clue and it is a Road Block. The challenge is to return 20 tennis balls all in play. Trey and James take on the challenge, which Trey used to play tennis. Trey is doing good, but James is struggling. Trey gets the 20 quickly and they head out with the next clue.

The teams must now drive themselves to the Coves do Campanet and find the music, which will lead them to their next clue. James runs out of balls in the basket, so must start all over. He finally gets all 20 balls and they head out for the next clue. Josh and Brent arrive as Jaymes and James are leaving. Josh does the tennis challenge, even with his hurt ankle. He said in the car it was feeling better, but he rolled it again early on and is trying to work it out. He only gets four balls on the first basket and must start over on The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21.

Trey and Lexi get directions and then Josh tries again and gets only ten that time and must restart as the twins arrive. Nadiya does it for the twins. She fails the first try and gets only eight balls. Josh is sitting and drinking water and bitching about his ankle. Why the hell did he sign up to do it when he knows his ankle is bad and why did Brent agree to it?

Josh starts again and seems to be doing it a lot better and Nadiya is still struggling a little. Josh completes it and they head out just as Nadiya finishes, but they can’t drive the stick shift, so might fall behind them more? Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James get to Coves de Campanet and they start searching for the music. They can’t hear anything, but then finally find it and get the next clue, which is a Detour.

The teams have two options for the Detour on The Amazing Race 21: Spin It or Bull It. For Spin It, they will prepare a 400-year-old windmill. For Bull It, they will enter a 1,000-year-old bull ring and become a bull themselves. They will have two minutes to hit the capes of eight matadors and then hit the bullseye. Both the teams decide to do Bull It. Josh and Brent are moving along, but the twins are moving slowly.

Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James head out and get sent on different paths, so they leave each other and Jaymes and James end up by the windmills, so they do Spin It instead. They start working on fixing the windmill and feel they have the easier task now. Trey and Lexi get to the bull ring. They get a bull and start running towards capes. Lexi can’t see a thing and Trey is guiding her and it is chaos right now. They run right into the final bullseye and Lexi slices her finger and it is bleeding. Anyone else want to slap her?

Lexi is still crying about her finger as we see Josh and Brent in the cave and they find the music and they get their next clue, so they head out to do Spin It. jaymes and James finish fixing the windmill and get approval and get their next clue. They will now head to Castell de Bellver, which is the next Pit Stop!

The twins are now in the caves on The Amazing Race Season 21 and they find the music and get the next clue, so they decide to do Spin It. Trey and Lexi try to do the Bull It again, but this time with Lexi leading them. They get through it with 45 seconds left and will now head to the Pit Stop.

Both Josh and Brent and Natalie and Nadiya arrive at the windmill about the same time and Josh and Brent are feeling more competitive once seeing the twins. Josh feels this challenge was meant for them and they work with tools, but think this is the chance for them to make up some time. The twins are struggling though, so can the goat farmers get done before them?

Now both Jaymes and James and Trey and Lexi are trying to find the Pit Stop. Trey and Lexi get to Phil Keoghan first and for winning this leg of the race they get another trip. Jaymes and James are next to check in, so they are team number two and it is down to Josh and Brent and Natalie and Nadiya on The Amazing Race 2012.

Both teams are trying to get their windmill done and it is a close race, but Josh and Brent finish first and head to the Pit Stop as the twins are finishing up. Josh and Brent check in with Phil as team number three, so time to say goodbye to Natalie and Nadiya? They complete the windmill and check in with Phil. Of course, this is a non-elimination leg of the race and they are still safe, but will have a Speed Bump in the next challenge! Are you as pissed as I am???

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