It is do or die time on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight, as the final four teams on The Amazing Race Season 26 are fighting for a spot in the finale next week. Will three Blind Date couples make it in or will Mike & Rochelle stop that from happening??? We will find out tonight, but all we can say is Hayley could have gone home weeks ago and we would have been fine with that! Check it out tonight with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams made their way to Peru and it started out with Hayley being Hayley….annoying! Blair never seems to listen to her (according to her), but she never seems to shut that trap of hers! After the rough start, they pulled it together and easily won this leg of the race. In the end, Matt & Ashley let their nerves and inability to calm down and think hurt their chances (plus the Speed Bump they had to do made it even worse). They were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated.

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Here we go…the teams are sticking in Peru tonight and will head out to find a magnifying glass and then search a crazy mural for the next clue! Hayley & Blair get it done first and get the next clue, which is a Detour: Shake Your Hips, which has them learning a traditional dance, or Make Some Bricks, which has them making 12 bricks and then deliver 12 bricks.

Jenny & Jelani have a little more trouble, but they find the clue and head out to do some dancing. Mike & Rochelle are in a taxi that sounds like it is about to break down! It definitely does, as they are broken down on the side of the road and waiting for someone to come pick them up.

Hayley & Blair try out some bricks, but only get three approved. They watch the guy show them how to do it again and it looks like they have the technique now. Laura & Tyler find the tile and move on to build bricks. Hayley & Blair finish building their bricks and deliver them in two separate trips, but get it done and head out to the next clue. Jenny & Jelani fail their second dance attempt. Mike & Rochelle get to the clown and find the tile pretty quickly.

Hayley & Blair get to clue and it is Road Block, which has them riding a reed boat out into the waves and retrieve a clue. Mike & Rochelle start the bricks and they can’t figure it out and think they are racing against Laura & Tyler, so they switch to the other Detour.

Jenny & Jelani get the dance and head out to the Road Block. Hayley & Blair get the boat out there and he wakeboards and thinks he can do this, but he starts out and is falling off every time! Tyler & Laura try their bricks and only get eight approved, so they have to redo four of them. Blair gets it together and gets out to the clue buoy and is heading back. Tyler & Laura get their bricks approved and start to try and deliver all 12 of them at once!

Mike & Rochelle are trying their dance, but fail the first time.Blair finishes and they head out to tonight’s Pit Stop on The Amazing Race 2015! Tyler & Laura deliver the bricks, but Laura breaks one at the very end and now they have to go back and get one! Mike & Rochelle fail again at the dancing. Jelani is getting his butt kicked on that reed boat.

Tyler & Laura get the last brick and head out to the Road Block. Mike & Rochelle try the dance again, but fail. Jelani gets some light water and lays on that boat and gets the clue and now they head to the Pit Stop. Mike & Rochelle finish the dance and head to the Detour. Laura gets the clue and heads back and head to the Pit Stop. Now Rochelle is trying to do the Road Block. She does get it done after some troubles, but they head to the Pit Stop.

PIT STOP – Hayley & Blair win it again, as they check-in first and win a trip to India and a trip to the finale. Jelani & Jenny are Team #2. Laura & Tyler are Team #3. Mike & Rochelle are Team #4, but no elimination tonight and the race continues right from the Pit Stop! Phil gives them the next clue and all four teams are heading to Dallas for the finale! However, one of the teams will be eliminated at some point during the next leg of the race.

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