We have some teams on The Amazing Race 2015 not happy with a certain person (Justin) and it looks like they might be working together to take them down on The Amazing Race Season 27! So, Justin better watch his back tonight on The Amazing Race 27! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Recap

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 27, the teams headed to Buenos Aries and it was time for some interesting challenges. During the Detour, most of the teams decided to dumpster dive and get enough cardboard to move on to the next clue. Kelsey & Joey were the only team to do the other Detour, which had them transporting this weird mannequin in the back of the truck down a bumpy road and keep it all in place. From there, the teams had to learn how to tango while dancing on the walls! This was a tough one and the teams struggled, but it ended up being a footrace to the finish line and Alex & Adam fell short and were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated!

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Here we go….the teams will be going to Argentina and will take a bus there and then get in a pickup truck to head to the next clue. We see Tanner is hurt from pulling his hamstring while sprinting to the mat last week. He is going to have to watch that. Tanner & Josh talk to Kelsey & Joey about working together to get rid of Justin & Diana and whoever U-Turns them will get the Express Pass from them.

Justin & Diana get to the clue first and it is a Road Block, which has them have to mount some meat properly for smoking. Justin, Joey and Josh are working on the meat! All of the other teams but Ernest & Jin were on the bus, but they have arrived at the bus now. They are very behind right now!

Justin and Joey both try to get their meat approved, but are not correct. The other teams (besides Ernest & Jin) arrive in Argentina and start working on the meat. Josh, Joey and Justin are struggling with getting the meat in the exact position. Josh gets it right, so Tanner & Josh head out to the next clue, which has them bringing some lamb with them! Justin is being loud and obnoxious and I am annoyed, so can’t imagine the teams around him!

Joey gets the meat right, as Justin continues to struggle and is going to start from scratch! We now have Rick getting it done, so Cindy & Rick head out. Justin finally gets it correct, so him and Diana head out.

Tanner & Josh get to the next clue and it is Detour: Horse, which has them grab a polo mallet, get into uniform and then properly equip a polo horse or Carriage, which has them grabbing a buggy whip and then detailing a carriage and deliver it to some horses and harness it to them.

This one is all in the details, as the teams must grab a mallet or a whip right after getting the clue. Cindy & Rick did not grab the whip as they headed out to do carriage, so they are going to be hurting! Meanwhile, James is wrong with the meat and his mother starts giving hints from the sidelines. It works, but will they get a penalty? Chris and Tiffany are both struggling with the meat as Ernest & Jin arrive!

James & Denise and Jazmine & Danielle are both doing Horse and grab their mallets. We see that Cindy & Rick get to their spot and finally realize they forgot the buggy whip and have to run all the way back! Tiffany & Krista get the meat approved and head out. Ernest is working on the meat and the only team there, so he needs to move fast on The Amazing Race 2015!

Tanner & Josh struggle, but finally get the horse correct and head out to deliver it to the market. Logan & Chris get to the Detour and do Horse and grab the final mallet. Tanner & Josh deliver the horse and get the next clue, which is the Pit Stop at Museo Gauchesco. Justin & Diana get the horse approved and start delivering it.

Ernest gets it right on the first attempt, so they head to the Detour now! We see Tanner & Josh and Justin & Diana have a footrace to the finish line! Phil Keoghan mentions that the next leg will have a Double U-Turn and Team Texas mentions using it on Justin & Diana and they need to slow them down. Justin said play dirty and it will get dirty! We have a lot of teams finishing the Horse and Cindy & Rick and Tiffany & Krista are working on Carriage. We see that Tiffany & Krista delivered the carriage, but forgot the whip when detailing it and have to go back to get it!

They run back to get it, as Cindy & Rick get the clue for Pit Stop. Cindy & Rick see Pit Stop, but not sure how to get there! Tiffany & Krista deliver the carriage and get the clue to the Pit Stop and do do Ernest & Jin, but how much of this is edit to make it look closer?

PIT STOP – Tanner & Josh barely got there first, but they did and for winning this leg of the race they get a trip to Cambodia! Justin & Diana are Team #2. Kelsey & Joey are Team #3. Jazmine & Danielle are Team #4. James & Denise are Team #5, but get a 30-minute penalty for Denise giving James clues during Road Block! Logan & Chris are Team #5 now. The penalty is done, so James & Denise are now Team #6. Cindy & Rick are Team #7. Tiffany & Krista are Team #8. Ernest & Jin are Team #9 and have been eliminated from the race!

Two weeks in a row and two teams I liked went home! What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight?

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