Dumpster diving is not something I would normally do, but if I am competing on The Amazing Race 2015 and trying to win $1 million, bring on the trash! That is what the teams on The Amazing Race Season 27 will be dealing with tonight, which will be interesting to watch! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 27, it was premiere night and we had 11 new teams, so it was pretty much a night of trying to figure out who they all were! Phil Keoghan kicked things off in Venice Beach and had them take part in a water bike race to win the only tickets on the first flight to Rio de Janeiro! From there, the teams had to take a helicopter ride and answer a question about their ride and then their first Detour of the season, as they either did a puzzle or played volleyball. We saw Team TMZ struggle big time with the puzzle and finally got it after almost four hours, but it was too late and Phil walked up to tell them they had been eliminated!

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Here we go…the teams are at the airport and getting flights to Buenos Aries, where they will search for the place where Pope Francis was baptized. Denise & James know the location and some of the teams get the info from them. It seems like Justin is rubbing people the wrong way and they want Justin & Diana gone.

The teams get to the church and have to wait until morning to enter and they get numbers for when they can enter. Justin & Diana are Team 1. They enter and it is a Detour, which has them picking up cardboard from around the city or delivering a model across town and keeping it in place while riding in the back of a big truck on bumpy roads!

The teams have to gather 100kg of cardboard, which you would think would be a lot of cardboard! Tanner & Josh bring some cardboard and it is only 27kg! It seems like everyone is doing the cardboard except Kelsey & Josh doing the mannequin. Jazmine & Danielle get to the cardboard, but it looks like all of the carts are in use and they might have to go do the mannequin instead!

They do decide to do mannequin to try and get that done faster. Justin & Diana and Tanner & Josh finish and they run into Jazmine & Danielle and Josh tells them where their cart is, so they head back to do cardboard instead.

Justin & Diana get to the next clue and it is a Road Block. They will be doing a Tilted Tango, as they have to learn the steps on the floor and then get rigged up and perform them on the wall! Diana, Tanner and Logan will be doing it.

Everyone has finished the Detour on The Amazing Race 2015 and heading to tango! We have Jazmine & Danielle in last place and Kelsey & Josh in sixth after being the only team to do the mannequin. All of the teams are struggling with the dance on the walls, but can you blame them?

Diana gets it done and Justin’s voice is so annoying and he is way too excited and comes off as arrogant. They get the clue and it is for the Pit Stop, which is at the Polo Stadium. Logan gets the dance done and Logan & Chris head to the Pit Stop, but Tanner is definitely struggling. Can they just let him pass with his cuteness?

It took him four attempts, but Tanner passes and they head to the Pit Stop. We hear how Krista is a dancer and even this was hard for her and she annoys me. The nuggets are struggling with the dance, but James gets it and Denise & James head out.

Ernest & Jin are dancers, so they should do well on this. We have Jazmine dancing and Alex is really struggling. Krista is a little too much for me to handle, but she gets it and they move on. Ernest & Jin get the dance and they move on.

That leaves us with Jazmine and Alex at the dance. I really like both these teams, so that sucks! Alex gets it and they head out, but them and Ernest & Jin are struggling to find someone to take them there! Now Jazmine & Danielle join in the fun! All three teams trying to find a cab to take them to the Polo Stadium!

They all get their cabs and now it is a race to the Pit Stop! They get there, but don’t know where the entrance is! Jazmine & Danielle get there first and then Ernest & Jin get there second. We see Alex & Adam are the final team to check-in!

PIT STOP – Justin & Diana are the first team to check-in and they win a trip to Morocco! Tanner & Josh are Team 2, but Tanner did pull his hamstring racing to the finish! Denise & James are Team 3. Logan & Chris are Team 4. Cindy & Rick are Team 5. Tiffany & Krista are Team 6. Kelsey & Josh are Team 7. Jazmine & Danielle are Team 8. Ernest & Jin are Team 9. Alex & Adam are the final team to check-in and they have been eliminated!

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