The fall season was in full swing this week and it all ends with The Amazing Race 2015 premiere tonight on CBS, as our Friday nights will now consist of Phil Keoghan and the new teams on The Amazing Race Season 27! We kick things off tonight with a bike race to win the only early flight to Rio de Janeiro! Then the first leg kicks off and the teams fight for that Express Pass on Amazing Race 2015! Watch it with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Season 27 Premiere Recap

No more dating couples on The Amazing Race, as we have a wide variety of teams this season. The teams that stand out to me have to be Tanner & Josh, as they are very easy on the eyes and look athletic and could do well this season. I am loving the vibe from Ernest & Jin and I may like them. I notice that Chris only has one leg, so that will be interesting to see him compete this season. I mean, Bethany Hamilton kicked butt with only one arm, so Chris could do it with one leg!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…we are kicking things off in Venice Beach tonight and the teams are running on! Tanner & Josh said they will use flirtation this season with the girls. Alex & Adam are some nuggets and I may love them! Team #ChacAttack annoys me at first. James came out to his mom, Denise, and she did not take it well. Things have gotten better, but hoping the race will help them. The Cheerleaders will probably annoy me!

The teams are in front of Phil now and he has the winners of Season 1 with him! The teams are heading to Rio de Janeiro and will take cabs to another beach and take part in a bike race. The winner of the race will get tickets on the first flight to Rio. The other teams will take the second flight, which leaves 30 minutes later!

The teams head out and Kelsey & Joey and their “reporting” may annoy me too. The teams get to the bikes and they are water bikes!!! They head out and Tanner & Josh seemed to break their bike! Justin & Diana get to Phil first, so they get on the first flight and everyone else gets second flight. Kelly & Shevonne work for TMZ and seem a little too catty for me, but we’ll see.

All the teams are heading to Rio and when they get their, they will sign up for a helicopter ride. They get to the clue and there is a Fast Forward, which is weather permitting, and Justin & Diana head to try it. The other teams head to the helicopter ride and will get a ride atop Rio and have to keep an eye out. Once they land, they have to answer a question from the guard in order to get the next clue.

At the Fast Forward, they are supposed to fly these hand gliders. However, the wind is not strong enough and they can’t fly! Now Justin & Diana have to head back down and they are way behind everyone else (or at least in last place now)! Yeah, Justin is losing it in the taxi ride back. Like Diana said, there is still a lot to do…get it together!

Cindy & Rick get the helicopter ride done and the question right, so they get the next clue and are in first place. It is a Detour: Sand, which has them play foot volley against some pros and they have to score six points before the pros get to 18, or Sidewalk, which is putting a puzzle together that mimics the sidewalk.

The teams get into their bikinis and short shorts and Cindy & Rick work on the puzzle, which looks very hard on The Amazing Race 2015! Tanner & Josh and Jazmine & Danielle are playing foot volley and these people are great playing with just their feet and bodies! They both struggle a little bit to start, but get it together and both get their six points. Tanner & Josh get done first (and looked good in the short shorts).

The clue is for the Pit Stop, which is at Arpoador Lookout. They are told to walk, but Jazmine & Danielle get in a taxi. James & Denise get their puzzle done and head to the Pit Stop. Justin & Diana finally get to the helicopter and are in last place now!

Kelly & Shevonne try volleyball, but they suck and head to the puzzle. Cindy & Rick get the puzzle done and head out. Kelly & Shevonne are not doing well with the puzzle. We know has Alex & Adam, Logan & Chris and Ernest & Jin playing volleyball.

Tiffany & Krista are having cab issues and they are lost, so he tells them to get out and they are miles away from the beach! Justin & Diana are heading to the beach in a taxi, so they might make up that Fast Forward error. They start running down the beach to find their spot.

Kelsey & Joey give up on the puzzle and head to volleyball. The Cheerleaders and Justin & Diana get to the puzzle and happy to see other teams. Alex & Adam get the six points and the little guys are heading to the Pit Stop. Tiffany & Krista say they are athletic, but they suck at this and switch to the puzzle. Kelsey & Joey kick butt on volleyball and head out. Justin & Diana do well at volleyball, so they head out and it is Tiffany & Krista and Kelly & Shevonne are both working on the puzzle and both struggling BIG time and emotions riding high!

So, it is a battle in who can finish this puzzle first. Tiffany & Krista get the puzzle down and are heading to the Pit Stop and more tears from them. Meanwhile, Kelly & Shevonne took 3 hours and 45 minutes, but they finally finished the puzzle! Just as they finish, Phil walks up and all of the teams have checked in and they have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 2015!

PIT STOP – They went from last to first after the bike race, but Tanner & Justin check-in and win the Express Pass, which they have to use by the fifth leg. From there, they will give it to another team and they have to use it the next leg! Jazmine & Danielle check-in as Team 2, Cindy & Rick are Team 3 and James & Denise are Team 4. Logan & Chris are Team 5. Alex & Adam are Team 6. Ernest & Jin are Team 7 and Kelsey & Joey are Team 8. Justin & Diana are Team 9 and more tears from him! Tiffany & Krista are Team 10. Kelly & Shevonne don’t even make it to the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

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