While the Survivor 2015 premiere has happened, it is now time for The Amazing Race 2015 premiere and time to meet the new teams on The Amazing Race Season 26! Yes, we have 11 new teams ready to compete to be the winners of The Amazing Race 2015 and it looks like we start things off with some intense pressure: a U-Turn on the first leg of the race! Watch it with us tonight during our The Amazing Race 2015 spoilers and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

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For this new season, it will be a season of dating duos traveling the world to be the winners of The Amazing Race Season 26. While there are eleven teams this season, they are not all on the same level: six of them are couples that have been dating and in a relationship and five of them are meeting for the first time at the starting line! If the “blind date” goes bad, I guess there is not getting out of it until they check-in with Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan last!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…is it possible to find love in a race around the world??? The couples meet Phil Keoghan and we see Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block! We meet the six couples that have been in relationships and now we have five single guys waiting to meet their blind date! The ladies (and one guy) come out to meet their partners and they all seem to be happy….for now!

We kick things off, as the teams will race for tickets to Tokyo, Japan! It is a crueling mud run and the first eight teams will get the first flight to Tokyo and the other three teams start out behind! The winner of this leg will get an Express Pass to use later on and there is a U-Turn this first leg!

The teams get started and Hayley said she is high maintenance and I am annoyed. Rochelle does roller derby and has broken a girl’s femur! The teams are finishing up the course and getting their flights and it looks like Hayley & Blair, Mike & Rochelle and Libby & CJ will be on the second flight and Hayley is a hot mess.

The teams shower and get in their cars and head to the airport. Jackie is a showgirl in Vegas and wants to show dancers are tough. The blind dates are learning more about each other and Blair is clearly over Hayley, as am I! The first flight takes off and they’ll have a 45-minute lead.

The teams land in Tokyo and will now be on the lookout for a shrine. We have teams taking taxis and trains, so who knows which will be faster! The other teams have now landed and are heading out. Jelani & Jenny are the first to the clue and it is a Detour: Syncing Steps, which has them learning dance moves of a pop group, or Samurai Sake, which they have to memorize the bottles of ten sakes.

Jeffrey & Jackie get to the sakes and I have no clue how they are going to memorize these! They start taking drink orders and this is too confusing! Jelani & Jenny have started learning the dance moves. I am shocked, but the boy band member chooses the sake! Jackie has a good body, so she can deal with having a bad mind! They finally get it right and head out to the next clue!

Matt is pretty confident they can do this dance, so they aren’t practicing much. Jonathan & Harley get it right with the sake and they are heading out to the next clue and in second place. Libby & CJ are not enjoying Tokyo and out of their small town element. Laura & Tyler get the dance moves and head out and Matt is still confident they are going to be great at this. Now Jelani & Jenny get the dance moves correct.

Jeffrey & Jackie get to the U-Turn and don’t do it, so they get the clue and will head to a parking space to find Phil for the first Pit Stop! Matt screws up again, but he is so good! Aly & Steve get the dance moves and head out! Jelani & Jenny and Tyler & Laura get to the U-Turn and they do not use it. Harley & Jonathan are lost! Jeffrey & Jackie are there, but can’t find Phil!

At the Pit Stop, which is outside and not inside, we see Jelani & Jenny check-in first and they have won the Express Pass! Now we see Jeffrey & Jackie check-in as Team #2, so the Blind Dates are winning right now, as both are new couples!

The other couples are working on their dance moves and Bergen & Kurt get it done. Laura & Tyler check-in as Team #3 and another blind date couple! Harley & Jonathan finally get to the U0Turn and they don’t use it and Aly & Steve don’t as well. The dancing continues and Hayley & Blair are the next ones done!Matt & Ashley finally get it done and they head out.

Kurt & Bergen get to the U-Turn and don’t use it. Aly & Steve are Team #4 and the first dating couple to make it! Harley & Jonathan are Team #5! Libby & CJ get the dance moves and it is down to Mike & Rochelle and Jeff & Lyda to get them correct! Mike & Rochelle work it out and they get the dance moves done! We have a lot of lost couples, but Kurt & Bergen check-in as Team #6.

We see Mike & Rochelle get to the U-Turn and they U-Turn Jeff & Lyda, because they know they are behind them and it is a good move. Then Hayley & Blair and Matt & Ashley get to the U-Turn and don’t do it. Jeff & Lyda finally get the dancing done and very emotional, but they’ll have to do the other Detour! Now we see Mike & Rochelle check-in as Team #7.

Jeff & Lyda get to the U-Turn and one team is still behind them, so they guess it is Jeffrey & Jackie and only hope! However, it is CJ & Libby completely lost! Now we have Hayley & Blair check-in as Team #8 and Matt & Ashley are Team #9.

They spent so long trying to figure out how to dance, but Jeff & Lyda do the sake very quickly and they head out and who knows where CJ & Libby are right now! They are both in taxis and who gets there first? CJ & Libby get to the U-Turn and get the clue and then Jeff & Lyda are next. Now to the parking ramp and who can find Phil first??? CJ & Libby go inside first, but then head outside to see. Jeff & Lyda are searching also, but CJ & Libby get there first and they are Team #10. I think they made it look a lot closer then it was, but Jeff & Lyda are the last team to check-in tonight and have been eliminated!

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