The time has come and we find out who won The Amazing Race 2015 tonight, as the final four teams on The Amazing Race Season 26 will make their way back to where it all began this season: the United States! We find out the winners of Amazing Race Season 26, but after a lot more action tonight! Watch it with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and find out who won The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Finale Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams stuck around Peru for that leg of the race. We actually saw both Hayley and Jenny have a pretty calm night, which was a shocker! The reason was because they both were ahead of the other teams and Hayley never came close to losing the lead, which is when she starts freaking out. We saw Mike & Rochelle struggle big time with the traditional dance and then Rochelle struggled riding the reed boat, but they kept trying and finished the race, but were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan. However, the race continued and no teams were eliminated and the final leg had them heading to Dallas tonight!

The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our Live Recap beginning shortly! In the meantime, check out our predictions for who we think wins it all tonight!


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Here we go…the teams are heading to Dallas and will find their next clue at AT&T Stadium. All four teams are at the airport and on the same flight!

For a change, Mike & Rochelle find the clue first and it is a Road Block, which has the guys flying 300 feet into the air to get their playbook. Then they must catch a touchdown pass and kick the extra point to get the next clue!

They all get their playbook and Mike is struggling with the touchdown pass, but Tyler gets it on the first try. Mike then catches his touchdown and Tyler gets the field goal on the first try and they head to the next clue! Blair gets the field goal and they head out. Tyler & Laura’s taxi doesn’t know where to go, so they wait for Blair & Hayley and want to follow their taxi. They are ticked and want to lose them, which I agree! This is for $1 million and not friends right now! You don’t play together!

Jelani and Mike struggle, but they both get the field goal and it is a big mess in the parking lot with the taxis. Why is everyone sitting and waiting??? Mike & Rochelle’s taxi would not wait for them, so they have to find a new one. They do and everyone is heading to the next clue.

For this task, the teams will ride some horses and have to gather up cattle (they must get six in the pen). Of course, Mike & Rochelle get the taxi and it is running out of gas, so the driver has to go in the opposite direction to get gas! They have had no luck this season!

Hayley & Blair get the cattle in the pen and head out to Reunion Tower for the next clue. Jenny’s horse flings her in the water, which I like seeing! Laura’s horse is a little crazy! Jenny & Jelani and Laura & Tyler finish rattling up their cattle and move on to Reunion Tower. We see Mike & Rochelle get to the cattle and there is Phil Keoghan and all the cattle have been rounded up, so they HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED!

Hayley & Blair get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, as they will propel down the tower and search the area around it for the next clue. That is scary enough, but then they have to look for a clue on the way down! Hayley goes down first and thinks she finds the clue, but it is definitely not right! This is why Blair never listens to her because she is an idiot! They head out to the wrong spot for the next clue and now Laura and Jenny wait to repel down!

So, Hayley is lost and has no clue, but blaming Blair! I just want to slap her!!! Laura and Jenny repel down together and find the right area. Don’t work together people!!!! Hayley wants to know if she should repel down again or not and she is yelling at Blair because he needs to help her. Yes, coming from the same girl that yelled at him all season long to listen to her. Now is her time to shine and she is failing big time!

Jenny & Jelani and Laura & Tyler head out to find the flags, but they lose each other and Laura & Tyler find the right direction. The next clue is to drive a big monster truck. Hayley is repelling down again and finds the flags this time. Laura & Tyler and Jenny & Jelani do their mud bogging and they have to unlock a lock. They have four stops along the way and must use that stop number to get the code to unlock the lock. Laura & Tyler are struggling, but Jenny & Jelani get it unlocked!

Inside the shed are selfies they have take along the race. They must now put them in chronological order from when they took them along their race around the world on The Amazing Race 2015. The thing I am confused on: most people take notes along the way and use them at this point. Why would Laura & Tyler not do that to determine the numbers for the lock?

Laura gets the lock undone and now they work on the selfies. Jenny & Jelani are losing patience and Laura & Tyler seem to be working well together, but they are not correct with their order! Tyler put one photo at the end instead of the beginning and they get it checked again and are correct and head out to the next clue!

Hayley & Blair get to their shed and work on the lock. Jenny & Jelani get the order correct and head out. Laura & Tyler’s taxi driver doesn’t know where he is going, so they ask another driver and get directions and head out. It is a race to the finish, but Laura & Tyler get their first and they win The Amazing Race 2015!!!

Tyler said they fell in love with the world and got a lasting friendship, which was cool to hear. Jenny & Jelani finish in second, which means Hayley & Blair finish in third and Hayley lost it for them, so karma came back to bite her and I love every second of it!

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race Season 26 tonight?

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