The previews for The Amazing Race 2015 tonight sure make it seem like the teams on The Amazing Race Season 26 will all be lost in Germany, so will anyone finish this leg of the race??? I am sure they will and I am sure it won’t be as dramatic as it appears to be on Amazing Race 2015. Check it out with us tonight during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 5 Preview

Last time on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams made their way to Bangkok and we saw some interesting events happens. Jenny got a little crazy and bossy, which is probably how she always is, but they were leading the pack all the time and nothing to worry about. They slipped to the bottom teams and now she is freaking! They fed some cats and ate some 1000-year-old eggs, which looked like jello shots! In the end, Jonathan & Harley were too far behind and had the Speed Bump to deal with, so they never caught up and were eliminated!

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Here we go…we see Kurt & Bergen kick things off and they’ll be heading to Germany tonight. They all get the same flight to Germany, so everyone is even to kick things off. They head to a shop and have to get lederhosen and get them approved. They then head up a tower to find their cars and then head out. Laura & Tyler get in a car and have trouble getting out of the spot, so they switch cars! However, Tyler forgot his fanny pack in the car!

The chemistry has ended, as Jeff & Jackie are arguing and fighting about where the car is and Jeff wants to go back up the tower, but Jackie doesn’t and finds a car. It is the car with Tyler’s fanny pack and they head out. However, they get into a huge argument and the love is gone!

Aly & Steve get to the clue first and they have to drive backward in their Ford Focus and gather letters to find out the clue from the challenge. They nail it and will now drive to the place they spelled out. Tyler & Laura get there and realize his fanny pack is gone. They decide to do the task and then wait for the blue car to get there. They get the task done and now will wait.

We see Kurt & Bergen give up with driving the stick and will take a penalty and take a taxi. All the teams seem to be struggling with driving a stick and not happy. Lots of drama and fights tonight.

Aly & Steve get to the next clue after rowing to it and it is a Detour – Stein, where they have to carry 22 steins at one time without dropping them, or Stack, where they have to stack 15 crates on top of each other and stand on it. We see Matt & Ashley and Blair & Hayley both get through the maze and no blue car with Tyler’s fanny pack.

Aly & Steve complete the Detour and move on to the next clue, which is a Road Block and having to sing and woo each other. Kurt & Bergen get to the maze and can’t complete it since they don’t have a car, so they have to take a two hour penalty. Jeff & Jackie get to the maze and they don’t act like they know about the fanny pack, but Laura looks and finds it and they head out.

Kurt & Bergen have to wait at the maze for two hours! Don’t they usually add it at the Pit Stop? Jelani & Jenny complete the maze. Blair & Hayley are at Stein and he carries 14 and makes it, but she has 8 and drops them! I would kill her! Aly tries to woo Steve and gets it wrong, so she gets dumped with water! Meanwhile, Mike & Rochelle are completely lost and stopping to get snacks for the drive!

Now Aly gets the singing right and they get the clue, which is to head to the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race 2015. We see Hayley drop them again and wants to switch Detours, as Matt & Ashley come and get it done on the first try. Now Blair tries to give Hayley some advice on carrying the steins and she does not want it and says he is being Captain Obvious and being a total b****. I would have slapped long before that. She tries again, but can’t even get started and they head to the other Detour.

Ashley tries serenading Matt and fails on first try. Jeff & Jackie and Jelani & Jenny are trying Stack now. Laura & Tyler and Hayley & Blair arrive there also. Mike & Rochelle are still putting along in a car he can’t drive, but they are still driving! Teams struggle with those crates. Mike & Rochelle get to the maze and complete it and head out for more driving, but Kurt & Bergen are still waiting on their penalty.

Mike & Rochelle get to Detour and they get the Date Night and will try Stack, so not a good choice for them. Now we see Jackie, Jenny and Laura all get the singing wrong and get soaked! They get it right the second time and Blair comes in and nails it on first try. Now Mike & Rochelle are struggling with stacking the crates. Kurt & Bergen are on a train to stacking crates and Rochelle is struggling with being afraid of heights and she is not far off the ground and has a harness on to stop from falling!

Rochelle gets it together and gets the crates stacked, so they head out. Mike then nails the singing on the first try. They head out to the Pit Stop and Kurt & Bergen are lost trying to find the crates, so they go back to the train station.

PIT STOP – Easily the first team tonight, we see Aly & Steve win this leg of the race and each win a 2015 Ford Focus! Team #2 are Matt & Ashley. Team #3 are Jeff & Jackie. Team #4 are Jelani & Jenny. Team #5 are Hayley & Blair. Team #6 are Laura & Tyler. Team #7 are Mike & Rochelle. There is no point for Kurt & Bergen to continue, so Phil goes to find them and tells them they are eliminated! Bergen is pissed!

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