It looks like the love and the blind date couples on The Amazing Race 2015 will be tested tonight, as the teams on The Amazing Race Season 26 will be heading to Bangkok and the honeymoon phase is over! While producers are trying to make us think that love is blooming on Amazing Race 2015, that may not be the case and it will shine through tonight! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 4 Recap

Last week on The Amazing Race 26, the teams headed to Thailand and we saw Jonathan & Harley fall behind from the very beginning. They got a flight that had them landing in Thailand the next morning! However, the other teams had to wait until the morning to start, so they were only a few hours behind. After zip lining to deliver food and dancing as part of a cabaret group, all the teams hit the Pit Stop and it turned out to be a non-elimination leg of the race! No one went home, but we did see something special on that mat: a marriage proposal from Matt to Ashley and she said yes!

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Here we go…the teams take off tonight and will head to Bangkok, as Mike & Rochelle are the first team off. Blair is over Hayley putting the blame on him all the time, so it is all on her this leg and she can shine or fail. The teams all get the same flight, but where are Harley & Jonathan??? Well, the teams lands in Bangkok and head to the temple and now Harley & Jonathan are getting on their flight!

Jenny is not a happy camper tonight, huh? Laura & Tyler get to the clue first and it is a Detour: Wheel or Water and they must choose which is the fastest way to get to the next clue. Blair tells Hayley to lead, but she tells him to do it. He starts to, but she pipes up to go another way….she just can’t shut up, huh?

Mike & Rochelle and Kurt & Bergen work together to get to Water. There are only five boats to use and five teams get ahead of Hayley & Blair and she is freaking out and can she go home tonight??? Now Jelani & Jenny are there and didn’t even get the clue yet! The blind date couples are falling apart tonight!

The other teams head out on Wheel and still now sign of Jonathan & Harley on The Amazing Race 2015 in Bangkok and they have a Speed Bump tonight. The traffic is crazy in Bangkok for the Wheel teams. The Water teams get to the market and must now eat a thousand-year-old egg….yummy, huh? Like Tyler said, it looks like a Jello shot! The Wheel teams get to their first stop and must play a little pool and sink a red ball!

Tyler & Laura finish up and now will head to the next stop of the Detour. Matt & Ashley get to the market and eat eggs and she is about to barf, but they eat the wrong eggs! They find Kurt & Bergen and now they are all eating the correct eggs and get the clue. Jelani & Jenny are stuck in traffic, as Jonathan & Harley land in Bangkok head out. Aly & Steve finish the eggs, but Mike & Rochelle struggle finding it and finally do and they head out.

Jeff & Jackie and Hayley & Blair sink the red balls and they head out to the next stop on the Detour. For the Water teams, they will take part in a traditional prayer. For the Wheel teams, they will feed cats at the Caturday Cafe! Laura & Tyler are done first and heading to the next clue and leading the pack. Jonathan & Harley get to the first clue and they have their Speed Bump, which has them creating a Thai Grasshopper from plants!

Kurt & Bergen and Matt & Ashley finish the prayer. Jenny continues to yell at Jelani for no reason and they are getting no where tonight! They finally get to the pool and Jenny sucks at it! Hayley & Blair feed the cats and head out to the next clue. Jeff & Jackie are done too and head out. Jonathan & Harley finish their Speed Bump and head out and do Wheel.

Laura & Tyler get to the next clue, which is a Road Block: they will dissemble an engine and find a screwdriver in the transmission, which will have the next clue! Tyler’s family works on cars, but he does not! Jelani is deathly afraid of cats, so she is freaking out while feeding them, but they get it done and move on.

Tyler struggles, but he gets it dissembled and finds the clue. They are heading to a Metal Castle for the Pit Stop and they also get the Date Night card for this leg! We have Steve, Bergen, Matt and Blair working on the engine now. Steve is done and they head out and are told it is within walking distance, so they head out. Tyler & Laura are brought to the wrong place, so now everyone is racing to the Pit Stop.

Jonathan sinks the red ball and they move on to the next part of the clue. We now have Jelani, Jeff and Rochelle working on the engine. The guys have no clue what is going on and Rochelle kicks their butt and heads out….too funny right there! Jonathan & Harley get to the Caturday Cafe and Jonathan is allergic! They get the cats fed and head to the Detour!

Matt & Ashley and Jelani & Jenny work together to get the clue and figure out what it means, but they are walking there and Jenny decides they need a cab and can’t beat them in a footrace! They grab a taxi and try heading out, but no one knows where they are going and Matt & Ashley are pissed! Meanwhile, Jonathan is working on the engine. It didn’t work, as they are still lost.

Jonathan finishes and they are heading out in the taxi. Matt & Ashley finally figure out where they are going and head to the temple and this was probably not that close, as Matt & Ashley get there first. That means Jonathan & Harley are the last place team and they brought tears to my eyes, as they truly love each other and it is so nice to see!

PIT STOP – No clue how this happened, but Kurt & Bergen get to the Pit Stop first and win this leg of the race and for winning, they win a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Hayley & Blair are Team #2 and Aly & Steve are Team #3. Laura & Tyler are Team #4. Jeff & Jackie are Team #5. Mike & Rochelle are Team #6. Jelani & Jenny are Team #7. Matt & Ashley are Team #8. Jonathan & Harley are the last team and have been eliminated tonight!

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