The teams on The Amazing Race 2015 will be packing up and heading to Thailand tonight on The Amazing Race Season 26 and it looks like the third leg of the race could end with a marriage proposal??? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap tonight and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 3 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, we had the two-night premiere and on Friday night, the teams stayed in Japan and it featured some weird tasks, like feeding each other noodles while sitting in front of a fan??? To be honest, this episode showed us that CJ & Libby seemed to be in their own world and not knowing that they were actually competing on The Amazing Race 2015! They were busy talking to the camera and taking selfies and missed their freaking train! Then they were eating the noodles and starved and really enjoying them. I get that, but speed it up a little, people! Needless to say, they were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated.

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Here we go…the teams kicks things off and they are heading to Thailand tonight and we see Jonathan & Harley are relaxed after their date night. Bergen & Kurt are one of the blind date couples and they decided they are better as friends and too much alike to possibly date! The teams all get to the airport and the ticket agents are closed, so they have to wait until the morning to find out.

Flight 1 – Matt & Ashley, Aly & Steve, Hayley & Blair, Jeff & Jackie and Mike & Rochelle and arriving at 4:50pm.

Flight 2 – Laura & Tyler and Jelani & Jenny and arriving at 9:50pm.

Kurt & Bergen got a connecting flight to get there at 11:59pm, but Jonathan & Harley got a flight to get there the following morning at 9:35am. So, are they out of it already???

The first flight lands and they head out to the clue. The teams get there and they have to find a street walker that has their selfie stick with their depart time the next morning! Now they get to party all night until they depart the next morning. Um, there are going to be some hungover teams??? And this puts Jonathan & Harley not that far behind.

The teams get started in the morning and will be heading out in stages to the Upside-Down House! Jonathan & Harley have finally landed, but not their taxi driver stops and gets gas!

The teams get to the clue and it is a Detour: Ski, which is to surf the wave park one lap successfully, or Tree, which is to zip line and deliver a full meal along the way. No shocker, by Aly & Steve try Ski. However, the athletes are struggling as they get started. Jelani & Jenny, Hayley & Blair, Mike & Rochelle and Matt & Ashley do Tree. We see Jelani & Jenny do it wrong, but Blair follows suit even with the objection of Hayley thinking it is wrong. Meanwhile, the other two teams grab all the items.

Jelani & Jenny are wrong and don’t know why. Blair & Hayley get down there and she is pissed and I don’t blame here. Jeff & Jackie are trying Ski now also and both team struggling. Matt tries the Tree, but spills it. We see Kurt & Bergen and Tyler & Ashley join Tree. I did not mind Hayley, but let it go right now! Mike & Rochelle get it correct and they are first one done and heading to My Way Cabaret now.Hayley & Blair finish next. We see both teams at Ski switch, as Jonathan & Harley are heading there too!

At My Way Cabaret, the teams will be dressing up as cabaret dancers, makeup, heels and all and do a dance! This is going to be fun for the guys! Mike & Rochelle get the makeup done, but not happy to see another dancing challenge. Matt can’t get this food down at all!

Aly & Steve get it done on the first attempt. Kurt & Bergen get the clue and get the Date Night card, which they will enjoy as friends? Mike & Rochelle are struggling big time with the dance. Everyone is done with the Detour as Jonathan & Harley arrive there. On their eighth attempt, Mike & Rochelle get it done and no other teams have attempted the dance! They get the clue and will head to the Baba Nest Rooftop Bar for the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race 2015!

Lots of fails for the dancing, but Hayley & Blair get it done. Matt & Ashley are done and heading out, but realize Matt forgot his fanny pack and they have to go back and get it! Everyone is done dancing but Jeff & Jackie (and she is a dancer) and Jonathan & Harley haven’t arrived yet. Jeff & Jackie finish as Matt & Ashley grab his fanny pack. Now Jonathan & Harley arrive at the Cabaret Bar. We get a quick view of their dance and they head to the Pit Stop!

PIT STOP – Mike & Rochelle are the first team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and win a trip to Prague! All the other teams arrive shortly around each other: Hayley & Blair are Team #2, Jelani & Jenny are Team #3, Laura & Tyler are Team #4, Aly & Steve are Team #5, Matt & Ashley are Team #6, Kurt & Bergen are Team #7 and Jeff & Jackie are Team #8! I guess Matt needed that fanny pack, as he gets down on one knee and proposes and she said yes! In a nice gesture, Kurt & Bergen give them their date card for the night! Harley & Jonathan get to the Pit Stop and it is a non-elimination leg of the race and they are still in the race, but will have to complete a Speed Bump next week! I am so happy for them!

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