The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 are staying in Malaysia tonight on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 and it looks like some fun times will be had, as we see them dancing, being the deejay in a club and making drinks for everyone at a bar! It looks like an eventful night for the teams on The Amazing Race Season 24, but is also looks like we see a big breakdown for Luke during the drink making detour and his mother Margie is not having any of it! Check out the sneak peek of The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 below in photos and video in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

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The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 Preview 4

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 24, the teams left China and headed to Malaysia. It was time for some crazy weather conditions as the teams tried to race down the rapids in homemade rafts! Brendon & Rachel were not having fun and fell in the water a couple times, but they still survived the crazy rapids and checked in second to last with Phil Keoghan. We saw Joey & Meghan make a big mistake at one of the challenges and let their taxi go! This lead to them walking and waiting on a taxi for too long and they were the last team to check-in with Phil and were eliminated from The Amazing Race 2014!

The teams stay in Malaysia tonight, but have a night of fun planned for them! Check out some photos of Week 4 on The Amazing Race 2014:

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Now check out the preview video for tonight and see what we are talking about with these fun times in the club:

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