We are back with The Amazing Race 2014 tonight and the teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 will be making their way to London and they all know that the Express Pass will be there at the end of this leg for the first team to check-in with host Phil Keoghan. We saw The Save come into play during the first leg of the race, but now we have the Express Pass tonight on The Amazing Race 25. Check out a sneak peek at Week 2 below in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Season 25 Premiere Preview 9

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams started the 25th season from where it all began during Season 1: Times Square. They then headed to the Virgin Islands and the real fun began. They all knew The Save was up for grabs and they wanted that safety for future legs of the race. The Road Block stumped all of the teams and how to properly use the compass and then find the hidden treasure in the sand. The final three teams worked into the darkness and gave up, so they made a pact to all give up and take the penalty and race to the finish line to see who would be eliminated. Karma is a bitch, as we saw Lisa & Michelle eliminated from the race!

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Now they head to London on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight on CBS and they’ll be working on guards at the palace and they all want that Express Pass that is up for grabs! Check out some sneak peek photos here:

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Now check out the preview video for tonight on The Amazing Race Season 25:

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