It looks like Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan and producers of The Amazing Race 2014 were tired of searching for new teams on The Amazing Race Season 24, so we are seeing another All Star edition for Season 24. We have 22 familiar faces back in the game and on the hunt for that $1 million prize that eluded them in their other attempts on the show. To keep it fresh, CBS is giving us a new dramatic twist to start the show. but how dramatic will it be? Check out The Amazing Race Season 24 cast below in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Season 24 All Star Cast

I am excited about this new season of Amazing Race 2014, as we see some familiar faces that annoyed the hell out of us (we are looking at you Twinnies), but then there are teams that we will be rooting for (go Dave and Connor)! Yes, All Star versions of shows can be lame, but I think this will be an exciting one. They have all done this race before (some more than once), so they know what to do and what to try and plan for. Hey, maybe even John and Jessica will win the Express Pass this time around and use it!

The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 will be traveling to nine countries, which includes Malaysia, Rome, China and Sri Lanka. They will be competing for that $1 million prize and a chance at finally being named the winner of The Amazing Race Season 24. However, with the new twist, CBS says one of the teams won’t even get to the starting line!

Check out your The Amazing Race 2014 All Stars here:

The Amazing Race 2014 premiere kicks off next week at 8/7c on CBS!

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