Time for some drama on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight, as the teams head to Singapore and face the Double U-Turn again, which should see people actually using it this time around. Who is the most dangerous team on The Amazing Race Season 25? We might find that out tonight when they start using it! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams went to Malta and we saw the teams have some big time struggles and make some bad decisions along the way. The big issue of the night was the Detour and the contestants trying to run up some greasy poles and capture two flags. They had no issues with the first one, but getting that second one was pretty much impossible. This was the downfall for Tim & Te Jay, as they tried to do the flag way too long before switching to the other Detour. They finally did, but were too far behind and found themselves as the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…we start things off with the teams heading to Singapore and a Double U-Turn is ahead. Bethany & Adam arrive at the agent and get a flight, which they think is the fastest way there. Jim & Misti get the same flight, but then Kym & Alli get there and find a flight that arrives 40 minutes earlier and Jim is pissed because they all planned to U-Turn the Cyclists. Kym & Alli tell Amy & Maya, since they think they can beat them. So, it is them, Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie.

They get to the clue and there is a Fast Forward, which is some surfing. If they do it and get it, they can move right to the end. Kym & Alli do it and Brooke & Robbie and Amy & Maya agree to U-Turn Bethany & Adam. The other teams get to the clue and it is a Road Block and will be walking the tight rope 600 feet in the air! Kym & Alli are worried about the Fast Forward, but then Bethany & Adam see it and now consider doing the Fast Forward.

Maya gets through the tight rope and they head to the next clue and Brooke starts walking. The Cyclists are starting their surfing and Bethany & Adam are heading to try the Fast Forward. They could be committing race suicide on this one! Kym & Alli start and have to do it for two minutes, but fall like 20 seconds into it! Brooke finished the tight rope.

Kym & Alli start the wave again and make it a minute, but fall and Bethany & Adam arrive and are trying it now. Amy & Maya get to the clue, which is a Detour: China Cups, which is a massage using cups with candles, or Chili Crabs, which is cracking crabs and get two pounds of it.

Amy & Maya are going to do China Cups and then see Brooke & Robbie and they ask for clues of where to get the clue, but they kind of blow them off. Jim does the tight rope and falls off! Bethany & Adam are trying to start and Adam can’t even stand up on this and falls! Jim gets the tight rope the second time and they get their clue.

Amy & Maya start their massage and it is so painful and they haven’t started the cupping! It is hilarious!!! Kym & Alli try the surfing again and fall. Bethany & Adam try again and get it, so they now head to the Pit Stop. I am so torn because I liked both of them, so it sucks! Now Kym & Alli head back to the hotel to do some tight rope walking.

Bethany & Adam get to the Pit Stop and are the first team and win a trip to Bali on The Amazing Race 2014. Back at the massages and Amy & Maya are in pain. Brooke arrives and says she is loving it, but Amy is freaking bruised all over her back. How is this allowed??? I don’t want this massage!!!!

Jim & Misti are doing the Chili Crabs and arrive there. Kym & Alli get to the hotel and Kym is doing the tight rope. Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie discuss and they say they need to u-turn The Surfers and The Cyclists. So, Amy & Maya finish and head out to the next clue. They do U-Turn Bethany & Adam. Brooke & Robbie get to the clue and they U-Turn no one!!! They are all searching for one of like six lions and one of them has the clue. Jim & Misti finish their Detour and Kym & Alli are doing the massages. Jim & Misti are at the clue and not U-Turning anyone, so Kym & Alli have a chance!!!!

Brooke & Robbie find the clue. They then see Amy & Maya and tell them they didn’t find it there, so they keep moving on! This definitely gives Kym & Alli a chance! Brooke & Robbie check-in with Phil and are Team #2. Jim & Misti find the clue and they had to Pit Stop. Kym & Alli head out and picked the right one to go to, at the same time Amy & Maya determine that Brooke & Robbie lied to them! Now it is a race to that lion!!!

Jim & Misti check-in with Phil and are Team #3 and get to go home with their Save! It is now a race to the finish line, as Amy & Maya check-in with Phil and are Team #4! That means Kym & Alli are the last team and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 25 tonight! Ugh, they were my favorite team!

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