We get a chance to see Bethany show us tonight that she is amazing and can do things with one arm on The Amazing Race 2014 that I couldn’t do with two arms (and the other teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 back me up on that)! She takes on a challenge that has the other teams baffled, but she seems to breeze through it, which is so cool to see. Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 15

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams made their way to Morocco and they faced some major drama, especially between Shelley & Nici and Keith & Whitney. The teams faced a Double U-Turn as well, but the only team to use it was Shelley & Nici, who put it on Keith & Whitney and they called it karma. I call it them being evil women, but they will get their own sooner or later and I am hoping sooner happens tonight! The Double U-Turn didn’t matter though, as Keith & Whitney fell way behind all the other teams even without having to do both Detours. They checked in with Phil Keoghan last and were eliminated!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…we have Kym & Alli kick things off and they will be getting a horse and carriage and delivering some hay and then ride the carriage to town and feed their horses an apple and then pick up their car! Shelley & Nici claim they won’t be fighting any more and they don’t want that type of relationship. We’ll see about that one!

The teams struggle to find the carriages, but Bethany & Adam are there first and heading out. Kym & Alli are a little behind them. Tim & Te Jay decided to walk at first and now in a taxi, so they are falling behind! Shelley & Nici and Amy & Maya can’t find the hay and they are all lost. Bethany & Adam, Kym & Alli and Brooke & Robbie get their horses fed and will now drive to a local pottery stand.

Meanwhile, Amy & Maya are lost and start grabbing random hay! Tim & Te Jay keep going and see Shelley & Nici with their hay, so they offer to show them where the carriages are if they tell them where to get the hay. They are working together and Amy & Maya are way lost! They finally find the hay as the other teams get to their carriages.

Kym & Alli get to the pottery stand and it is a Detour: Camp, which has the teams setting up a tent properly and in place, or Cream, they will milk a goat and then churn that milk to make goat butter!

Kym & Alli are milking and they are hilarious! Jim & Misti are doing the tents and we all know how well they did with setting up the parking space before! Bethany & Adam are milking too. And here we go with the mom-daughter and they are driving, so that means fighting. They are trying to be nice, but it is so fake and they are lost again! The teams are struggling with the goats and getting a lot of milk from them. Kym & Alli get started with their churning. They think it will take too long, so they ask and the guy says 45 minutes. They decide to switch to Camp.

Now they are struggling with the tent and both of them are getting frustrated. They decide to switch, yet again, back to the Cream! Amy & Maya decide to do the Cream. We now see Misti & Jim get their tent done and done properly, so they get the next clue and head out to Terres D’Amanar for the next clue.

We then see Tim & Te Jay working on their tent on The Amazing Race 2014. Then we see Shelley & Nici lost….still….and I love every second of it! They finally stop and ask for directions, so now they are headed in the right direction. We see Amy & Maya arrive at the goats. Bethany & Adam get the butter churned big time and head out to the next clue.

Misti & Jim get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, which has them navigating zip lines and bridges and solve a puzzle along the way to avoid getting taken over by the other teams. Misti decides to do it since they have a lead. She is way up in the air and that is some scary stuff! She is moving along the path nicely, but then comes to the puzzle.

Shelley & Nici get to the pottery camp and get their clue. Kym & Alli try their butter, but not enough and have to keep churning. Tim & Te Jay finish their tent and get it approved, so they head way up the leaderboard and are moving to the Road Block now. Misti gets the puzzle done and starts more zip lining! She gets back to Jim and they get the clue, which is to head to Casbah D’If for the Pit Stop!

We see Bethany do the Road Block and how cool to see. She does this with one arm and no fear! She walks across the bridge and zip lines and Adam watches with pride and love. Now we see Kym & Alli, Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie all get their butter churned and are heading out and in come Shelley & Nici.

Tim is good with puzzles, so he does this Road Block, but he is afraid of heights! He gets across and is working on the puzzle after Bethany finishes it. Over at the Pit Stop, in comes Jim & Misti and they have won this leg of the race and take home a trip to Brazil!

Alli arrives at puzzle and her and Tim decide to work together to get out of there quicker. Now we see Amy & Maya lost! If they let Shelley & Nici pass them I am going to scream! Brooke is working the Road Block and Amy & Maya arrive, so this could be an easy loss for the mom and daughter? Now Brooke gets to the puzzle and not even sure what to do! Now Maya comes up and is breezing through the puzzle and Brooke is getting pissed because she is so confused. This is clearly dramatics and the evil team will lose!

Back at the Pit Stop and Bethany & Adam are Team #2. Brooke finally breathes and gets the puzzle together and heads out as Maya continues on the puzzle. Now Kym & Alli check-in with Phil and are Team #3 and Tim & Te Jay are Team #4.

We have yet to see the mom and daughter as Maya finish the puzzle and they head out, but they suck at directions! Now we see Shelley start the Road Block, but it is looking a little darker out, huh? Now Brooke & Robbie check-in with Phil as Team #5 and then Amy & Maya are Team #6.

We now see Shelley finish the Road Block and they check-in with Phil as the last team tonight and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight! I guess karma got them a week late!

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