The dentists on The Amazing Race 2014 have been shining their way through the first few legs of the race (winning two of the first three legs on The Amazing Race Season 25) and picked up The Save, but will they be needing it tonight on The Amazing Race 25? It looks like they may be in some trouble and could be facing elimination on The Amazing Race Season 25! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams made their way to the Shetland Islands and rounded up sheep and built some torches along the way. The leg started with an injury though, as Scott tripped on the air and hurt his ankle, which ended up swollen and all black and blue! He kept going on though, but they were in the back of the pack all night long. They got a lead over Tim & Te Jay heading to the Pit Stop, but Scott & Michael got bad directions and ended up being the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were sent home and that is probably a good thing for Scott’s ankle!

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Here we go…the teams will take a 13-hour ferry ride and then a flight to head to Copenhagen, Denmark, for the next clue. Star with Jim & Misti and mentioning that Save, so I think they might be in trouble tonight. So, there is no travel agency and Jim & Misti did research and purchased flight tickets online and will arrive at 4pm. The other teams wait until after the ferry ride to get to the travel agency.

The teams get off the ferry ride and Kym & Alli (2 pm arrival), Tim & Te Jay (5:15 pm arrival) and Robbie & Brooke (5:10 pm arrival) all head right to the airport and get flights, but three different flights. Jim & Misti have their flight booked for 4pm online. The other teams wait outside the travel agency to open at 9am.

The travel agency opens and Shelley & Nici have a 5:20pm arrival and Amy & Maya, Bethany & Adam and Keith & Whitney all get a 5:10pm arrival. So, that is a lot of times and flights, but it looks like Shelley & Nici will be last time to arrive.

The teams are taking off for their flights and Tim & Te Jay have a flight delay to 5:35pm and Shelley & Nici flight is delayed to 6:20pm!

Kym & Alli land from their flight and get a car to drive to Malmo, Sweden. If they are efficient with their driving and use less then 0.10 of a gallon of gas, then they get their next clue. If they use more than that, then they have to answer a geography question from a local student before getting the next clue!

Kym & Alli drive efficiently and get the next clue, which is a Detour: Parking Space, they will repurpose a parking spot and make it into a living space in 30 minutes, or Wedding Cake, which has them making a traditional Danish wedding cake and then deliver it to a restaurant in one pice on a bike! Of course, the cyclists take on the Wedding Cake challenge!

They arrive and start building their cake. Jim & Misti use too much gas, so now much search on foot for a map and the student. The other teams arrive, besides Shelley & Nici, have arrived and in their cars. Jim & Misti get the question right and will do Parking Space. Kym & Alli get the cake down and get their receipt and now head to the restaurant to deliver their cake on a bike! Yeah, the bikes are odd and long and the cyclists are struggling!

Brooke & Robbie drove too fast and must answer the question. Keith & Whitney drive correct and Bethany & Adam and Amy & Maya drove inefficiently and they are both doing a mixture of both detours. Shelley & Nici start their drama, as they land and can’t find the cars! Nici is being rude and Shelley said she still owes her an apology! Meanwhile, Kym & Alli deliver their cake, but do not have the receipt and they need that!

They had out on the streets and find the receipt! They go back to the restaurant and get it signed and then back to the baker and they get the next clue, which is to head to Ida Davidsen restaurant for the next clue on The Amazing Race 2014! Jim & Misti start building their garden scene and they are so precise and this will be easy for them, so they say!

Tim & Te Jay do not drive efficiently and answer their question and do Parking Spaces. Shelley & Nici drive correctly and will be doing Parking Spaces. Kym & Alli get to the restaurant and the clue is a Road Block. They have a ton of sandwiches at this restaurant, so they will serve as servers and have to take four sandwich orders and then remember all the ingredients in them correctly for the next clue.

Brooke & Robbie and Bethany & Adam start on their bikes and are struggling. Bethany & Adam drop the cake and they want to switch. Keith & Whitney are struggling too, so they switch! Jim & Misti try their parking space and fail on their first attempt, so they must move it to the next spot. Kym struggles with the sandwiches and remembering everything, but she gets it right finally and will now head to VM Houses for the Pit Stop!!!

Brooke & Robbie are still holding strong on their bikes, but she is moaning and making rough noises along the way because she is holding the cake on her own with those muscles! Meanwhile, Keith & Whitney and Bethany & Adam start working on their parking space. Brooke & Robbie get to the restaurant and their cake is correct, so they head back to the baker and Robbie wants to eat the cake!

Amy & Maya get their space correct on the first attempt and now head to the restaurant. Bethany & Adam fail on their attempt. Keith & Whitney pass with their attempt. The living room is easier and the others are missing the number of flower petals on the flower pot! Jim & Misti wrong again!

Jim & Misti decide to switch Detours and will try the Wedding Cake. Robbie is doing the sandwiches and no clue. Tim & Te Jay and then Shelley & Nici start doing the parking spaces. Tim & Te Jay are doing the garden one and Shelley & Nici are doing the living room, so they might make up some time with that room. Jim & Misti think the cake is so much easier, but then start riding the bike and big fail and they drop a flag along the way!

We see that Kym & Alli check-in with Phil as the first team and win this leg of the race and get one of the Ford cars they were driving!!!

Maya gets the sandwiches correct after a few attempts. Robbie gets it correct and said he is a successful waitress now and wants to eat the sandwiches! Whitney is correct and they head out. Meanwhile, Adam finally figures out the petal issue and they get the space correct. Tim & Te Jay notice it too and they get their space approved! Then Jim & Misti turn in their cake, but it is not correct and don’t get approval for that missing flag!!!

They realize they dropped a flag along the way and now have to go back to the bakery and get one! Brooke & Robbie check-in as the second team, Keith & Whitney check-in as the third team and then Amy & Maya are fourth team. It is a big mess, as they rush through the final challenges and teams. Te Jay gets the sandwiches correct and head out. Adam and Misti are both incorrect with their first attempt and now Nici joins them. Adam is correct the second time and they head out.

Now Tim & Te Jay are the fifth team. Nici is correct and they head out and Misti is incorrect again, so it looks like that Save is coming out!!! Shelley & Nici are not talking and angry with each other and bad directions! It took nine attempts and Misti finally remembers to say the sandwich numbers and gets it correct. Shelley & Nici have some major communication issues and check-in with Phil and Nici has a major meltdown! They have to figure it out, but are the sixth team. Then Adam & Bethany are the seventh team. Misti & Jim are the last team and Jim hands over The Save, but Phil gives it back to them! It is a non-elimination leg of the race, so they are safe without The Save and get to keep it for future use. They will have to do a Speed Bump next week to make up for this non-elimination leg!

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