Who is in the mood for a good meltdown on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight? It looks like it could happen when Luke does not do well in one of the challenges tonight on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 and his answer to his frustrations: slam the glasses down and make a bigger mess of it all on The Amazing Race Season 24! Watch it go down with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 24, the teams left China and headed to Malaysia. It was time for some crazy weather conditions as the teams tried to race down the rapids in homemade rafts! Brendon & Rachel were not having fun and fell in the water a couple times, but they still survived the crazy rapids and checked in second to last with Phil Keoghan. We saw Joey & Meghan make a big mistake at one of the challenges and let their taxi go! This lead to them walking and waiting on a taxi for too long and they were the last team to check-in with Phil and were eliminated from The Amazing Race 2014!

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Here we go…things kick off tonight with Dave & Connor leading the pack with the first clue, which is to head to Prince Philip Park. Their taxi driver is lost, so Jet & Cord get ahead of them and get the clue, which is a Road Block. They will jumping on this apparatus with locals and have to jump up and grab a flag! Jet tries, but fails twice and Connor goes and gets the flag! They get the clue, which is to head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the next clue and fly there, but seating is limited!

Jet is still struggling and Leo is also, but he gets that flag first and they head out as Dave & Connor get the first flight booked. Leo & Jamal get the first flight, but only room for one other team can get that flight. Two other flights will follow. It took 47 jumps, but Jet finally got that flag and they head out and get the last spot on the first flight as Luke starts jumping for the flag!

Luke gets the flag and Big Easy does it easily, so they get to airport and are both on second flight. Jen took some time to get the rhythm, but she gets it and grabs the flag and they get second flight. Jessica is jumping now and she cannot get the rhythm on the bamboo. Jen took some time to get the rhythm, but she gets it and grabs the flag and they get second flight. Jessica is jumping now and she cannot get the rhythm on the bamboo. Jessica is tearing up her feet on the bamboo and has blisters and blood and hoping it does not cost them The Amazing Race 2014! She gets them cleaned up and gets that flag and now Rachel is the final one jumping. For some reason, she is wearing panty hose and slipping. She takes them off and gets the flag!

At the airport on The Amazing Race 2014, the second flight gets delayed 50 minutes, so pretty much the second and third flight are leaving at the same time! They are all in flight to Malaysia now!

The first team to the intersection is Leo & Jamal and it is a Detour: Mix Master, they will choose a scratch master and learn how to deejay or Master Mix, which is to pour a seven colored drinks properly. Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord and Dave & Connor are all doing Master Mix because they have no rhythm!

First attempt for Leo & Jamal is a bust, as they mix colors of the drinks. The other teams all make it to the airport and it is fight for taxis and vans. None of them are getting the drinks right. It looks like Jen & Caroline, Flight Time & Big Easy and Jessica & John will be mixing music, but everyone else is mixing the drinks.

Leo & Jamal give up on the drinks and head over to mix music instead! On their tenth attempt, Jet & Cord get the drinks poured perfectly and will now head to Batu Caves for this leg’s Pit Stop!

Rachel thinks she can do this challenge, as she used to be a cocktail waitress. It took 12 attempts, but Dave & Connor finally get it! Leo & Jamal are struggling with the music mixing now and the other teams arrive and they think they are screwed!

Flight Time & Big Easy think they have it, so they go and try to do the music. They screw up and now Leo & Jamal give it a shot. They were feeling the music and I am liking the Afghanimals this season! They get all seven tracks done and head to the Pit Stop!

At the Pit Stop, Jet & Cord check-in with Phil Keoghan as the first team and have won a trip to London! Dave & Connor follow them and are Team #2.

We have Luke & Margie and Brendon & Rachel struggling on the drinks and Flight Time & Big Easy and Jessica & John struggling with the music. Luke is getting pissed and Margie told him to shake it off. Everyone is struggling, but Jen & Caroline try the deejay and get ti right! Then Leo & Jamal check-in as Team #3! Jessica & John then get the music right!

Flight Tim & Big Easy finally get the music right and move on! We have Brendon & Rachel on their 28th attempt and Luke & Margie on their 24th attempt and the drinks are not treating them well! Luke fails and gets pissed, so he flings down the glasses in anger!

Very cool to see, as Margie makes Luke clean up the mess and then Rachel & Brendon come over and cheer on Luke and cheer him on to boost his spirits. They know they are the last two teams and help cheering him on…very cool!

Jen & Caroline are Team #4, Jessica & John are Team #5, Flight Time & Big are Team #6 and then with encouragement of Rachel, Luke calms down and they get the drinks done right! They check-in with Phil as Team #7. Brendon and Rachel pray it out and finally get it done and check-in with Phil as the last team, but it is a non-elimination leg of the race and they are safe tonight on Amazing Race All Stars 2014! They will have a Speed Bump to complete next week, but are still alive in the race. Good karma for helping calm down Luke?

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