While the teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 will be heading to Scotland tonight, it looks like one of the teams may be suffering an injury that could end their run on The Amazing Race 2014! Yup, it is the last thing any player on the show would want, but a bum ankle could be the end to anyone’s game! Will that be the case tonight on The Amazing race 25? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams headed to London and faced a difficult task of recreating the steps in the changing of the guards! Most of the teams thought it would be pretty easy, but it almost was the downfall for Brooke & Robbie, but they got it together and finished strong. Bethany & Adam kicked some major butt on this leg of the race and not only finished in first place, but they also walked away with the Express Pass. Meanwhile, it came down to Dennis & Isabella and Shelley & Nici for the last spot, both of whom struggled while punting down the river! It was Shelley & Nici that checked in as the ninth team, which meant Dennis & Isabelle were last and Phil Keoghan said they were eliminated from the race!

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Here we go…things kick off with Adam & Bethany and they’ll be traveling through land and sea to the Shetland Islands and find a Puffin for the next clue, which is a cutie! They decide to pair up with Misti & Jim and work together, but we’ll see how long that lasts. They get to the train station and have to wait for the morning for the train, so the teams hang out and Alli & Kym head to a pub and do some dancing. Scott just tripped and hurt his ankle!

Everyone is on the train and headed out in the morning. They get into their Ford Focuses now and are heading to the ferry. On the ferry, Scott’s ankle is swollen and all black and blue! How he is walking on it is beyond me! He said he trusts Michael with his life, so he has to trust him know to carry him along.

The teams get to the Puffin and get the next clue, which has them heading to Scalloway Castle. They are driving in their cars there! Keith & Whitney get to the castle and they see skeletons and it is scary, but they get the clue and it is a detour: Pony Up, which has them digging sand and delivering it with a Shetland pony, or Light My Fire, which has them building a proper torch with the knights.

Tim & Te Jay are completely lost and have to stop and ask for directions. Misti & Tim are doing the Pony and think the physical challenges are harder, but quicker if done properly. He claims he can push through it, but the other teams are struggling. Amy & Maya were struggling to cut the dirt, but they figured out how to work the tool and are moving along now.

Robbie & Brooke wanted to do Pony Up, but they got lost and ended up at the Light My Fire and doing that now. Misti & Jim get some of their dirt and deliver it, which climbing up that hill looks extremely hard, especially with the pony.They got up and the second trip was so much harder, as their pony was having none of it! The sword building is very hard and each step gets harder. Kym & Alli are moving quickly through it, but Keith & Whitney is right behind them.

While the torch is tough, but the ponies are not friendly either. We then see Misti & Jim finish and get their clue and head out to Berry Farm. Shelley & Nici are right behind them. Brooke & Robbie are not building the torch very well and everyone is moving on without them! Now they claim it is a relief being the only one there.

Despite being late to the torch-building, Tim & Te Jay make up some major ground and are in fifth place moving on to Berry farm. Misti & Jim get to Berry Farm first and they will be flocking the sheep together into their little pen and once they are contained they get the next clue on The Amazing Race 2014!

All the teams are done with the Detour except Brooke & Robbie, who finally have approval for their torch and now need to start some fires! They all think the sheep will be easy, but they are quicker then they think! Misti & Jim get it done and get a pin-type thing and are told to find out where this was made. It is at St. Ninian’s Isle, which is the Pit Stop for Week 3 on The Amazing Race Season 25.

We see Misti & Jim get to the Pit Stop and they are the first team and have won a trip to Dubai! Amy & Maya kicked some major butt on the sheep and have them all in the cage and are moving on to the Pit Stop. Bethany & Adam finally figure out the sheep and are moving on to the Pit Stop. Keith & Whitney and Shelley & Nici are moving on as well. All the remaining teams are at the sheep now, so it is a race to who can finish first.

Back at the Pit Stop and Bethany & Adam are Team #2. Amy & Maya are scientists, but can’t figure out where this pin was built! Keith & Whitney check-in and are Team #3! Tim & Te Jay are struggling with the sheep and try building a clothes fence as a barrier. The sheep sneak underneath it and jump over that fence very easily! Scott is ready to quit and take the penalty, but Michael said it is too early and they can do this, but can they????

Good thing they listened to Michael, as they get those sheep herded and are moving on. Back at the Pit Stop, Shelley & Nici are Team #4 and Amy & Maya are Team #5. Tim & Te Jay have the sheep together and are moving on, so who can get to the Pit Stop first???

Brooke & Robbie check-in as Team #6 and Kym & Alli check-in as Team #7. Meanwhile, Michael & Scott are going all voer the place to find out where to go for the Pit Stop. Tim & Te Jay go to the museum and find out right away. At the Pit Stop, we see Tim & Te Jay check-in as Team #8 and are safe. Michael & Scott got bad directions and were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and have been eliminated. I liked them, but this is best for Scott and that ankle!

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