Week 1 was a battle for The Save on The Amazing Race 2014 and now Week 2 will be a battle for the Express Pass on The Amazing Race Season 25! Yup, I didn’t think Phil Keoghan would be handing out the Express Pass this season, especially with new twist and The Save in place. I was wrong! The team winning tonight’s leg of the race will win an Express Pass to help them later in the season! Who wins it? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams started the 25th season from where it all began during Season 1: Times Square. They then headed to the Virgin Islands and the real fun began. They all knew The Save was up for grabs and they wanted that safety for future legs of the race. The Road Block stumped all of the teams and how to properly use the compass and then find the hidden treasure in the sand. The final three teams worked into the darkness and gave up, so they made a pact to all give up and take the penalty and race to the finish line to see who would be eliminated. Karma is a bitch, as we saw Lisa & Michelle eliminated from the race!

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Things kick off in The Virgin Islands and Misti & Jim start with the first clue, which is having them head to London, England. Six teams will get the first flight and four on the second flight. They have The Save, so they are happy. They get to airport and everything is closed, so that lead might be thrown out the door. Tim & Te Jay and Kym & Alli take off and share a cab to the airport. The pro wrestlers are telling us how smart they are. Adam & Bethany tell us how in love they are. Amy & Maya are the sixth team, so will they all get that first flight? They do and Bethany lost a shoe on the first leg, so Amy has the same size shoes and gives her an extra pair, so lots of generosity this week so far!

The other four teams arrive at the airport and both flights are heading to London. The first flight lands and the teams head to Tower Bridge and get the next clue, which is a Detour: About Face, which has the teams performing a routine changing of the guards, or Pancake Race, which they will dress up as chefs and make an amazing pancake and then flip and race the pancake around a course in 1:15 without dropping it. About Face is a popular choice, as all the teams have arrived in London now.

Misti & Jim are there first and are learning the steps of the guards. Everyone is doing the guards, but Bethany & Adam are doing the pancake race and they get their pancakes successfully made and start the race. They nailed it the first time and are moving on to the next clue, which is to head to Oxford for the next clue and they are in first place! I guess the other teams should be doing pancakes, huh?

Misti & Jim try their changing of the guards and fail. Kym & Alli are next and they fail. We finally see the other teams get to the clue and the second batch of teams all seem to be doing Pancake Race, except Shelley & Nici. This could make them gain some major ground. Meanwhile, Misti & Jim get the march correct and moving on to Oxford. Kym & Alli are correct in their second attempt. All the teams are at the guards, so the first flight is feeling nervous now.

Keith & Whitney, Michael & Scott and Dennis & Isabelle are all making their pancakes now. Keith & Whitney make good pancakes, but they do not complete the course in 1:15 and must start completely over. Michael & Scott make bad pancakes, but Dennis & Isabelle are good with their pancakes.

Tim & Te Jay and Brooke & Robbie are failing at the guards. Shelley & Nici were in the military and feel they are prepared for this, but fail the first attempt. They keep talking about being superfans, but they just need to march! Now we hear about Dennis & Isabelle and how they are superfans and studying the show. However, they failed on the course and must start over. Tim & Te Jay, Amy & Maya and Shelley & Nici all complete the guards and the pro wrestlers are the last team there! Keith & Whitney complete the race, but Michael & Scott drop their pancake on their first attempt.

Back to Bethany & Adam and they arrive in Oxford and will do some punting, as they must ride a boat around a course with one of them guiding it along. Michael & Scott did not flip their pancake enough, so they failed. Dennis & Isabella were successful. Everyone is on the train to Oxford, so we have the wrestlers trying to change the guard and the firefighters flipping pancakes. Michael & Scott are successful on their fourth attempt and Brooke & Robbie are successful on their sixth attempt and both are heading out.

Bethany & Adam complete the punt and head to Christ Church College for the next clue on The Amazing Race 2014! Misti & Jim complete the course, but Jim was punting from the front and he needed to be in the back and they have to go back and do it again. Kym & Alli are coming in when they leave are punting wrong too and will have to go back. All the teams are on the river now and bumping into each other!

Bethany & Adam get to the college and they have the option of going for the Express Pass or heading to the Pit Stop. They opt for the Express Pass option in case she can’t do a challenge later on. We now see Misti & Jim and Kym & Alli complete their punting. Michael & Scott are last ones in the water, but they are big guys and flying through that water!

We see Bethany & Adam successfully get the Express Pass, which will come in handy later on The Amazing Race Season 25! They now head to the Pit Stop, which is at Blenheim Palace. Misti & Jim get to the clue and think Bethany & Adam went for it, so they head to Pit Stop, as do Kym & Alli.

Back in the water and everyone is falling off, but Nici has to go to the bathroom, so she just sits over the edge and lets it go! At the Pit Stop, Bethany & Adam are first to check-in with Phil Keoghan and they win a trip to Sweden and the Express Pass! Misti & Jim check-in with Phil as Team #2 and then Kym & Alli are Team #3.

It is down to Shelley & Nici and Dennis & Isabelle on the river and both are struggling big time! The current is taking them in crazy directions and both the superfans are getting emotional and don’t want to go home! They both finally get it together and head out.

Keith & Whitney are Team #4. Tim & Te Jay are Team #5. Michael & Scott are Team #6. Brooke & Robbie are Team #7. Amy & Maya are Team #8. Now we see the final two teams running the streets and neither of them want to run and are tired. They are both in a cab to the Pit Stop and tears from both teams. Shelley & Nici get their first and check-in with Phil as Team #9. Dennis & Isabelle are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and have been eliminated!

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