We have seen a lot of challenges on The Amazing Race 2014 over the 25 seasons, but it looks like we will see one again, as the Switchback Challenge on The Amazing Race Season 25 takes place tonight and it will be bringing back the famous ox plow challenge from Season 5! The final four teams on Amazing Race 2014 will be heading to Philippines, but which teams will move on to being one step closer to being named the winners of The Amazing Race Season 25? Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoiler - Week 10 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, after all your shopping for Black Friday was done we got to see the teams head to Singapore and it was an interesting trip. Kym & Alli were first in the bunch of three to get there first and they decided to try the Fast Forward, which had them doing some surfing. They were worried, but attempted and were soon met there by Soul Surfers Bethany & Adam! They got it done first, which left Kym & Alli behind all the other teams. They fought back and almost caught up, but unfortunately my girls were last to check-in with Phil Keoghan and they were eliminated!!!!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…we see Bethany & Adam kick things off and the teams are heading to the Philippines to Manila to find a flower vendor for the next clue. They head to the travel agent to get their flight and Brooke & Robbie do the same and appear to get the same flight. Jim & Misti head to the airport to get their flight. Amy & Maya are calling a travel agency while in a taxi to the airport. I am confused on all of these flights!

We see the confrontation between The Wrestlers and Candy Scientists and The Wrestlers play off their lie from the week before, but I don’t think Amy & Maya believe them. It appears that Jim & Misti got a later flight, but the other three teams are all headed to Philippines.

The first three teams land and head out to the flower vendor, but of course, they don’t open until 6:30am and all the teams will start at the same time. I hate all the flights and waiting to keep everyone on the same page! The next morning comes and they get the clue, which has them ehading to Roasrio Municipal Plaza for the next clue and they are taking mini buses to the plaza!

During their trip over, apparently the city doesn’t smell too good and the were all complaining! They get the clue, which is a detour: Catch, which is wading in the bay and use a bucket to fill it with wish, or Coach, which has them assembling a sidecar and attach it to a motorcycle! The Wrestlers do Catch, but the others are doing Coach. They have to ride a tricycle-type vehicle there, but Amy & Maya miss that part of the clue and walk there since it is right around the corner!

They realize they didn’t read the clue, so they head back to get a tricycle. We see Brooke & Robbie head in to get the fish and there are some major waves on that one! Bethany & Adam and Jim & Misti are working on their sidecars and the men are taking over and loving it. Brooke & Robbie come back with their first bucket and Robbie is a big baby with those fish and not wanting to touch them. This is too funny! Now Amy & Maya start on their sidecar.

The Wrestlers are struggling with the fish and having to make a few trips to get their buckets full. The fish are cutting them up! Jim & Misti try to turn in their bike, but it is not correct and they must keep on working. The rain is coming down now and that makes the water conditions even worse for Brooke & Robbie!

They work through it and get all three buckets filled and get their clue, which is to head to the Naic Rice Fields for the next clue and they are in first place! Bethany & Adam get their motorcycle done and correct, so they head out to the rice fields on The Amazing Race 2014! Jim & Misti try again and not correct, as they have the shocks not on correct. He can’t figure it out and Jim is not happy!

He does finally notice the error, so they start working on the shocks. Brooke & Robbie get to the next clue ant it is the Switchback Challenge, as “My Ox Is Broken” is back and they will use an ox to plow through some muck to find the next clue! Robbie is scared of animals, so this should be drama-filled!

Now we see Jim & Misti get it correct, finally, and they head out. Bethany & Adam start plowing in the muck and this is beyond disgusting! Amy & Maya get their sidecar done and head out to the next clue. Will they all be plowing muck at the same time???

Yup, all four teams are now in with their ox! Who will find the clue first on The Amazing Race Season 25??? Of course, Jim & Misti find the clue first and it is to find Phil Keoghan on foot for the Pit Stop in the rice field. Amy & Maya find it right behind them and it is a race to Phil! Jim & Misti are there first, so they win this leg of the race and win a trip to Vietnam! Amy & May are Team #2.

Of course, both The Wrestlers and Soul Surfers find the clue at the same time and it is another foot race to the finish line! Bethany & Adam get their as Team #3 and Brooke & Robbie are the last team, but of course, it is a non-elimination leg of the race and no one is going home! I saw this one coming from a mile away! The Wrestlers will face a Speed Bump next week.

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight?

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