It is a new season and new teams on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight, including a new night for the long-running CBS show, but with each new season comes new twists. With this new twists comes an awesome advantage, so all the new teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 will be fighting to win this first leg of the race! Would it be a battle to the finish line tonight on The Amazing Race 2014 premiere? Watch it with us tonight during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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For this new season, the teams will be traveling to across the world in hopes of winning the $1 million prize! There will be an added twist to this season: The Save! The team that wins the first leg of the race will earn The Save, which allows them to save themselves throughout the season if they are ever the last team to check-in with host Phil Keoghan and in danger of going home. The teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 will be fighting for that one!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…it all started 25 seasons ago and it started at Times Square, so we are back there for Season 25. Phil Keoghan is there and here come the new teams, including Adam & Bethany (who is the inspiration for the movie Soul Surfer). Some food scientists that test ice cream. Some pro wrestlers and a couple that met on Survivor, so I guess the shows are sharing people this season.

They are all in place and Phil tells them they will earn The Save if they win this first leg of the race. They will be able to save themselves from elimination and continue on in the race and they can use it up until the NINTH leg of the race, so that is HUGE!

The teams get their clues and now they will head out to The Globe at Flushing Meadows Park. The Soul Surfers get to the clue first and will now head to the Virgin Islands and only five spots available on the first flight. Adam & Bethany are first to airport, but they are at the wrong gate! They end up being third team, so still get the first flight with Tim & Te Jay, Dennis & Isabella, Misti & Jim and Kym & Alli. The other teams are about 40 minutes behind on the second flight.

First flight lands and they head out to Vendor’s Plaza for the next clue. They must signup for a sea flight and two teams go at a time. Tim & Te Jay and Adam & Bethany get the first flight. Dennis & Isabelle get the third flight, so will they have to wait for another team from the second airplane to get on a sea flight???

Misti & Jim and their white teeth are annoying me! Dennis & Isabelle did not have to wait, as they are flying and the other teams just landed in Virgin Islands. The other teams are fighting for a spot on that board and it gets ugly and it looks like some of the girls bumped down the firefighters and not playing fair already!

They get to the next clue and will be climbing some huge rocks and then jumping from the top and swimming out to get the next clue on The Amazing Race 2014. Tim & Te Jay are off to an early lead and get the next clue, which is to now ride a boat to the next clue. Adam & Bethany are right behind them.

ROAD BLOCK: The next clue is a Road Block and they will use a compass, shovel and their own coordinates to find a hidden treasure in the sand. Tim and Adam are struggling with the compass, as it is backwards from other normal compasses. Alli and Jim start digging and Jim helps Adam figure out the compass properly. Alli is supposed to use an anchor for her starting point, but she thinks a bell is an anchor. Tim asks Jim for help with the compass and he helps, which shocks me! They annoy me, but Jim gets the treasure chest and they are headed to the Pit Stop at Fort Christian and looks like they’ll be getting The Save, huh?

There are too many teams digging right now, but we see Misti & Jim get to the check-in with Phil and they are Team #1, so they have won this leg of the race and get The Save!

The wrestlers are struggling with their boat, but now all the teams are digging and trying to find their chest. Besides being cheaters, we also see that The Realtors aren’t that smart either and don’t know where the sun sets and rises. Tim finds the chest and they are headed out. The Wrestlers are last team to start searching, but they find the chest and are in third place.

Back the Pit Stop and Tim & Te Jay check-in with Phil as Team #2. Back at the beach, The Firefighters, Realtors and Keith & Whitney are the only teams still searching. Kym & Alli are Team #3, Brooke & Robbie are Team #4 and Adam & Bethany are Team #5. Now we see Amy & Maya are Team #6.

The sun is setting and the teams on the beach are going to have an even harder time finding this chest and Keith is ready to pass out and quit! Dennis & Isabelle are Team #7 and Shelley & Nici are Team #8 (I think I may like them).

The remaining three teams have given up and they all decide to take the four hour penalty! Now it is a race between the three teams and Keith & Whitney get the cab first. Michael & Scott get a cab and Lisa & Michelle try to get in, but The Firefighters say no thanks and push them aside. They were nice and let them get away with cheating earlier, but not this time. Karma is a bitch and it just bit the realtors and I sit and laugh! They are the last team to check-in with Phil and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight. They try playing the “poor me” card and say they wanted to play with integrity, but I guess the others didn’t when they pushed her. She forgot about the cheating, huh?

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