Our The Amazing Race 2012 recap kicks off this week in Tanzania with Dave and Rachel in the lead following their first place finish in the previous episode. This week’s “Let Them Drink Their Haterade” episode has plenty of drama waiting for Dave and Rachel, along with the rest of the contestants, in this leg of the race.


The Amazing Race 2012 teams set out to descend 6000 feet on a safari into a beautiful crater and then on to find their first clue at the Hillary Clinton Shop. In a nod to the title of this week’s episode, former Big Brother alumni Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas talk about how they are aware the other teams dislike them, but that ‘the more the haters hate them, the stronger they will be.’

Many of the contestants are distracted by the fabulous scenery and wildlife they see on this leg of the journey. We won’t cover all their ooing and awing in our The Amazing Race 2012 recap, but it is easy to see why they are so impressed by all the amazing stuff they were seeing. Mark and Bopper reach the first clue and find a Detour. The teams have to choose between ‘water supply’ and ‘air supply’ and participate in the experience of dealing with issues regarding these for those living in Tanzania.

The ‘air supply’ challenge involves working with a local to fix a punctured tire. When they are given approval of the repair, they are handed the clue and get to move on to the next part of the race. The ‘water supply’ challenge requires helping the locals to fill up enough water for their home needs at the area communal well. Many homes in Tanzania do not have basic plumbing.

Mark and Bopper are the first The Amazing Race 2012 team to finish in the ‘air supply’ challenge and lead off the race to the next stop. Rachel and Dave also choose to do ‘air supply’. Art and JJ choose to do the ‘water supply’ challenge. Rachel and Brendon go for the ‘air supply’, as do Nary and Jamie. Vanessa and Ralph are the last to find the Hillary Clinton Shop and wander right past it several times. Finally they do end up in the right place and they choose to do ‘air supply’ as well.

Bopper and Mark, in the lead, make it to the next stop, Jack Stelzer’s Pub. They receive a message warning them of a U-turn. Dave and Rachel are following in second.

Bopper and Mark are the first ones to make it to the U-turn. They choose not to U-turn anyone. Rachel and Dave, right behind them, also decide not to U-turn anyone either. This turns out to be the cause of some serious drama because Dave and Rachel made a deal previously with Art and JJ that if they reached a Double U-Turn first, they would use it against Brendon and Rachel. Dave and Rachel, however, decide not to honor this deal because they dont’ want to create any more drama. (Like betraying a deal they made with Art and JJ isn’t going to cause drama…)

Art and JJ are the next to reach the U-turn and they think no one has been there yet because it has not been used. So they decide to use the U-turn on Brendon and Rachel. When Brendon and Rachel arrive at the Pub, they in turn decide to U-turn Vanessa and Ralph.

Mark and Bopper reach the next clue and they have to do a Roadblock. Their task is to get in a beekeeper suit and collect honey form the bees. Back at the Detour, Nary and Jamie are still working on their ‘air supply’ challenge and Vanessa and Ralph have just started their ‘water supply’ challenge.

Art and JJ are hoping that Dave and Rachel kept their deal and used the U-turn against Brendon and Rachel. They are angry when they find out that Dave and Rachel did not use the U-turn.

The first to arrive at the Pit Stop in this week’s The Amazing Race 2012 are Mark and Bopper. They win a fabulous trip for two to Hawaii. Racel and Dave are the second team to reach the Pit Stop. Art and JJ arrive third.

Finally making it to the Pit Stop in the fourth position are Big Brother alumni Rachel and Brendon. They are followed in fifth by their catfighting rivals, Vanessa and Ralph.

Nary and Jamie are the last to arrive at the Pit Stop and this time around, there are no second chances. Jamie and Nary have been eliminated.

That’s the end of our The Amazing Race 2012 recap for episode 9. Be sure to check back with us next week for more of The Amazing Race!

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