The teams head to Bangladesh tonight on The Amazing Race 2012 and it looks like things get a little intense. The teams are running around the city in an attempt to not be the last team to cross the finish line, but who was eliminated from The Amazing Race Season 21? We haven’t had a elimination-free week yet this season, so I am thinking we are due for one tonight. Find out in my The Amazing Race 2012 Live Recap tonight!


Last week on The Amazing Race Season 21, it was time for a Double U-Turn and most of the teams passed on sending any of their competition back to do the other task, but Rob and Kelley weren’t feeling confident on getting back before everyone else and they knew Gary and Will were behind them, so they U-Turned them and put the last place team even further behind. That didn’t matter as Caitlin and Brittany could not get a driver who knew where they were going and drove around Indonesia forever and that allowed Gary and Will to finish in 8th place and be safe for another week and the girls headed home.

Tonight we will see the teams take on Bangaldesh and we might see some tempers flare as the Monster Truck-driving couple Rob and Kelley seem to not be too happy with one of the residents. We will see some funky monkeys and it looks like some painting or cleaning of vans? Who knows but you won’t want to miss a thing, so come check it out and watch with me tonight during my The Amazing Race Season 21 live recap!

Abbie and Ryan start off first as they make their way to Bangladesh, where they will head to a bus repair shop to get their next clue. Trey and Lexi get to the travel agent at the same time and their is only one flight to Bangladesh at 10am the next morning, so all the teams are on the same flight and the early start did nothing for Abbie and Ryan on The Amazing Race 21.

The teams all land on the plane and they all head out to find a taxi, but Rob and Kelley buy a ticket from the taxi stand and they get off to an early lead. The teams are overwhelmed by Bangladesh, as it is a lot of people and men and chaos everywhere. Meanwhile, Lexi and Trey’s taxi driver stops for gas…no big rush for him! Abbie describes the city as smelling like Funky Money.

Abbie and Ryan get to the bus repair shop first and this Road Block requires them to repair one of more than 15,000 that do battle on the streets. The teams will fill in the damage on the bus and then sand them and get them ready for painting. They will also need to remove three of the seats and deliver them to the refurbishing area and that is where they will get their next clue.

The teams on The Amazing Race 2012 had to mix the putty together and then color to the spot they are fixing. James had issues with even opening the can. Rob does it for them and he is confident because they do this on their monster trucks all the time. James and Abba get to the bus station in fifth place and decide to do the Fast Forward, which is to help a pest control agent and each person must help collect a bag full of dead rats in three different locations…I’m puking in my mouth watching it! Once the streets have been eradicated they can go directly to the next pit stop!

All the other teams do the Road Block and are working on the buses while James and Abba run out to get rats, which they don’t seem phased at all to have to go catch rats. Meanwhile Ryan gets approval on his bus and is moving on to removing seats, but asks Jaymes and James to help out and they help other, which shows off their alliance. Rob gets approval next on his bus, while James and Abba are struggling with the rats. Nadiya gets approval for her bus, but James is struggling and getting angry!

James has to scrape it all off and start over, which he wants to punch the bus. Abbie calms him down and he starts over again. Trey doesn’t get approval and he starts scraping it off. Natalie is screaming and rooting on Nadiya and everyone is over it. “Come on, twinnie.” Everyone is annoyed, but it is rooting her on. Ryan finishes the sanding and then heads inside for the seats, which look very heavy.

Rob finished the sanding and now he goes to the seats. Ryan takes one at a time, but Rob grabs two and is heading to turn them in. Ryan gets all the seats turned in and they get their next clue, which is to head to Kawran Bazar Shootkir Market and they will search through a bag of smelly, dry fish and try to find one with color. Once they do, they turn it in and get their next clue on The Amazing Race 2012.

Rob and Kelly finish the bus next followed by Natalie and Nadiya. Josh and James both move on to sanding as Trey and Gary are struggling with the putty. James and Abba are at their second stop for the rats. Josh is now on to the seats and James is right behind them. Trey starts on sanding and Gary is right behind him. James and Jaymes are heading to the market now and have arrived.

There are a lot of bags of fish, but Abbie and Ryan find it quickly and move on to the Detour, where they must pound out two essential products in Bangladesh: metal or cotton. In Pound The Metal, they will use sledgehammers to pound the metal into a sharp-pointed tool. Once they get the spike completed they will get their next clue. In Pound The Cotton, they use bamboo rods to pound cotton and make mattress.

Abbie and Ryan start pounding some cotton as Natalie and Nadiya start looking for their fish and find it and move on and Rob and Kelley follow behind them. Abbie and Ryan get their cotton pounded and then Abbie knows a trick to get all the cotton into the mattress and she starts sewing, as Ryan is chanting “one year in fashion school is paying off.” The twins and Rob and Kelley are pounding the metal.

James and Abba collect all their rats and turn them in and they get the clue for the Pit Stop, which is at Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. Trey gets done with the sanding and Gary is still sanding and they are in last place yet again. Gary starts on the seays as Trey finishes up and then Gary gets the seats down and they are both headed to the market. Trey and Lexi’s taxi is dead, so Gary and Will might survive again.

James and Abba check in and are team number one this week…the Fast Forward paid off on The Amazing Race Season 21. Things are all chaotic and teams are everywhere and I am over it. Trey and Lexi get their fish and then Will and Gary do, as they start pounding. Ryan and Abbie get on the boat to go to the pit stop and as it is heading out Nadiya and Natalie get on it, so it will be a battle between them two! Josh and Brent and Jaymes and James are working on the mattress and Josh and Brent get it done and head out.

Lexi and Trey get done with pounding the steel then Jaymes and James finish their mattress, so it looks like Gary and Will might be last. The twins and Abbie and Ryan both get to Phil Keoghan at the same time and Abbie and Ryan are second and the twins are third. Rob and Kelley get to Phil next, but they took the wrong boat to get to him and must complete the course properly, so he can not check them in!!!

Rob is now pissed at the boat driver and said he brought them to the wrong place. Josh and Brent check in fourth. Lexi and Trey get to Swarighat, but they were dropped off by taxi and must get there by the boat. Lexi and Trey head back to where they were supposed to check in and then head back. Rob and Kelley fix their error and check in again and are team five. James and Jaymes come in next and are team number six. Trey and Lexi head in and are team number seven. Gary and Will do it wrong also and they must go to the right check in.

Gary and Will finally arrive to Phil to check in and they are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from The Amazing Race 21. They may have been super fans, but they sucked it up while being on the show. Who do you want to win this season?

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